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kindle ueen Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen #1

Download ueen Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen #1 kindle ¹ 190 pages ✓ Joely Sue Burkhart ï [Reading] ➯ ueen Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen #1 ➷ Joely Sue Burkhart – A lost virgin vampire ueen Two vampire knights sworn to protectKnights Their Epub #223 A lost virgin vampire ueen Two vampire knights sworn to protect herIt's about to get very hot and bloodyEver since her mother was murdered by monsters five years ago Shara Isador has been on the run Alone scared and exhausted she's finally cornered ueen Takes PDF or in Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen Kindle Eureka Sprin “You’re my ueen You’re so far beyond alpha that if you ordered me to cease breathing I’d die trying” This is a Reverse Harem book ie One girl many guys Why should you have one if you can have them allSo I have read my fair share of MMF MFM and generally ménage books because you know love is love and passion is passion no matter the numbers and the combinations etc I basically can read anything that it is written well and it can defend what it states BUT I honestly don’t understand what is the difference between ménage books and Reverse Harem books besides the cuter and catchier titleAnyway Shara is a simple nice girl who keeps running away from the monsters in the dark who possibly want to kill her like they killed her mother and father She changes towns jobs rooms She is very careful not to bleed and always uses salt to seal her room when she tries to be protected and a bit relaxedUnfortunately one night the monsters manage to find her and two good looking menknightsprotectors will appear and rescue her These will be her first Bloods and Shara will realize that she is truly a vampire ueen and in order to survive her enemies she needs to gathercallfind her harem of Bloods men devoted to their ueen who offer blood and sex continuously and freely The key word here is “continuously” so if you don’t like too much blood in your books better do not start this book Besides a few scenes that were too much even for me generally it was not a bad book It has an interesting twist in the vampire myth and I have already started book 2 in which Bloods will find their ueen The the merrier

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Gs Arkansas Out of hope with nowhere else to turn she's ready to end it all when two men come to her rescueThey say she's a lost ueen descended from Isis and they're her Blood vampire knights sworn to protect her It Takes Knights Their PDF #10003 all seems like a crazy nightmare until the alpha offers his blood Then she realizes she's never wante You'll all be relieved to know that swords were crossed Oddly enough though I found myself not all that tingled by the crossing of said swords It was kind of perfunctory rather than erotic #sadRik and Daire are really into their newly found vampire ueen who is also a virgin for about 25 milliseconds which I guess makes sense since she's the new component to their relationship but still Nevertheless Burkhart did a good job representing them as bisexual They live to serve their ueen love her and would do anything to protect her but they also love each other and all three are into it so kudos on that front As much as they are all horned up for one another and they are this story is story driven rather than being erotica Urban fantasy fans will enjoy this especially those partial to vamps Shara Rik and Daire are vamps with the boys being classified as Blood of their ueen Burkhart does a great job building this world adding in Egyptian facets right alongside Midwestern America details with a hefty dose of vampire politics that will likely play a larger role as the series progresses While the vamps or Aima as they're referred to are at the forefront the Blood have the ability to shift into other beings and there are other paranormal supernatural and mythical beings mentioned who will likely appear in future installmentsAll in all ueen Takes Knights is a good introduction to a series I'm intrigued enough to want to continue with it though I should warn those that are averse to polyamory will probably not enjoy it These vamps share blood between each other OFTEN bread messy bloody sex; it's what gives them power Sex and blood are symbiotic and Shara needs Blood to both ensure her safety as well as increase her power so odds are she will be adding partners to her bed with regularityI keep waffling between 3 and 35 stars I might come back and alter the stars after finishing the trilogy Regardless I would recommend this to urban fantasy paranormal andor MMFMFM romance fans

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ueen Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen #1D anything Except maybe his body and his friend's tooBut they're not the only ones searching for a lost ueen Shara must learn how to wield her Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen Kindle new powers uickly and conuer her fears if she intends to keep them all aliveThis is a MMFFM polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one whychoo Good Gross and WTF moments ueen Takes Knights was interesting Gross but interesting Yes at one point I threw up in my mouth IN MY MOUTH PEOPLE I totally get that vampires love blood and shit but ew PERIOD BLOOD #no #neverAlso comparing blood to wine or vice versa #NONONONONONONONONONO That will never be a thing don't make that a thingOther than that yuckfest the smut was good The story was interesting and kept me engaged I just did not like all the blood talk Oh and the My ueen shit That needs to stop because it was getting annoying as fuck reading that If I wanted to waste my day away I could've counted the amount of times that phrase was used but since I don't want to do that ever Idgaf I just don't want to see the words My ueen ever againHer name is Shara people SHARA I get that she's a ueen but she has a name Use it I liked her and the two guys but other than that I'm just kind of waiting for fresh blood No pun intendedOverall I came for the smut