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Free doc É reader Tyrant King #2 ¹ 9781512273991 ¿ T.M. Frazier ¿ ❰Reading❯ ➸ Tyrant King #2 Author T.M. Frazier – I Remember EverythingOnly now I wish I didn'tWhen the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum the truth that I Remember EverythingOnly now I wish I didn'tWhen the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum the truth that has been beyond my reach for months finally reveals itselfBut the relief I thought I would feel never comes and I'm afraid now than I was the mor 5 Stars After reading King I was not so patiently waiting for the seuel It ended in one heck of a cliffhanger and I was than ready to find out what happens next The first thing I thought after finishing this book was WOW I was completely wow’d by this story It takes a lot for me to be completely and utterly shocked and surprised in a book and I love that this book shocked me The first half of the book was great but the second half is when the story really shined I was blown away by what was going on and how these things came to light Secrets came out and when the big revelation was made I got goosebumps My heart stopped I had to go back and re read a few pages because that surely couldn’t be right I’m so glad I had friends who had read this story because you will need someone to talk to once you hit that moment I don’t want to divulge anything that could elude to the unforeseen moment and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read King so I won’t talk about the plot at all You need to experience this epic story for yourself Doe was not a frightened heroine in this story She wanted answers about her life and she was willing to do whatever she had to to find them She’s trying to fit in the life that was once hers while being her new self It’s hard to balance the two but ultimately she knows she can’t go back to who she was She can only be herself and who she is now And that person belongs to King Whether he’s with her or not King has sacrificed everything and would continue to do so for the few people in his life that he loves Doe is one of those people King still isn’t your normal hero He’s ruthless and he does what he has to do to not only survive but protect those he loves He’s not a good guy but he’s also not a bad guy He’s a complex character and no matter how much we learn about him I always want to know I love his protective and possessive nature towards Doe There was a wild part of me that flourished when I was with King I liked who I was with him I knew who I was with him That part the part that couldn't be controlled belonged to King and no matter where I was or what either of us were doing no one could ever take that from me TM Frazier is an exceptional author When it comes to the dark gritty and raw stories she excels With all that she still manages to make me feel and makes her characters relatable and real And there is always romance involved as well This series really does have it all Even though King and Pup’s story concluded in Tyrant I’m sure we’ll see of them in Bear’s book I can’t wait for that one “You and me we’re a forever kind of thing”

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Ning I woke up handcuffed in King's bedBecause with the truth comes dark secrets I was never meant to knowI will put the lives of those I love most at risk if I let on that my memory has returned or if I seek help from the heavily tattooed felon who owns me body and soulI d 5 AMAZINGBRILLIANT STARS My captor my tormentor my lover my friend my worldI don't know where to beginFirst of all I have to say how amazing this book isSecondly how much I loved these characters I ached for them and I wanted to finally have their happy ending because they deserve itThis book starts where the previous left us but this time I can say that I was nervous to see what really would happenThe first book was amazing but this one was much betterI loved King so much he is so Alpha maleHe is protectivepossessivepassionate and so hotBut apart from this he is also a good manI said it from the first book and I'm saying it again that Doe is one of my favorite and best heroinesShe is smartsassy and a fighterI respect her and I relate with herI couldn't imagine them to be apart Doe and King are so perfect for each otherThey are intensepassionate and they have a connection like no other coupleThey have a powerful relationshipBear is also one of my favorite heroes and I'm so excited that we finally have his storyTM Frazier is such a talented author her stories are brilliant and captivateI need book of herCheck this series definitely it's one of my favorites

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Tyrant King #2On't know if I'm strong enough to resist the magnetic pull toward King that grows stronger every dayHe's already saved me in ways than one Now it's my turn to do whatever it takes to save himEven if that means marrying someone elseTyrant is a full length novel at 80000 word 5 “Calm your clit” stars Doe finds out that she is Ramie Price aka Ray Miss Teen Mom America and comes from a life so different than the one she chooses to live today The family she was born into is nothing short of a nightmare masked by money and luxury She'd give anything to have her family backbut if she does go back it means leaving behind a piece of her Oh Pup I'm pretty sure even death couldn't keep me from you King wants blood they took what was his and now they must pay But it seems that he has than one battle on his hands needing to take out the latest threat he must leave his Pup where she is to keep her safe so he can do what he needs to do to bring her home Staying away though doesn't mean not reminding her who she belongs too and it's something he doesn't mind reminding her over and over again You did not take what was mine and not expect to pay in blood sweat or pussy He took my girl He wanted to take my life His payment would be in blood There has to be a way to blend her past and her present creating a future that is built up of her own choice with the people that means most too her In order to do that though she must remember the past In time she realizes that her mind was protecting her by taking her memories away for the truth is too much to bear luckily for her she isn't the same girl she once was; she is stronger and fierce unwilling to go down without a fight With King I was the me I wanted to be The me I was supposed to be And that girl belonged to King Body and soul Tyrant is the highly anticipated follow up and finale of Doe and King's story With King ending the way it did I felt crazed not knowing what was going to happen next knowing that whatever it would be wouldn't be pretty wouldn't be fun and just as wild and fierce as the couple themselves King did not disappoint he came at all threats full of his bad assery I still get the shivers every time I think of the way he handled his business Doe was lost in her past and unsure about her future the only thing that stayed the same was the love she feels for King wanting nothing than to start a family with him It was a crazy roller coaster of a ride with lots of twist and turns and moments of shock and awe I loved the flow the flashbacks and the series of events that lead us to the end It pulled so much emotion out of me and when things got to heavy a lightness was thrown in making me smile My heart was heavy and full by the end of it I loved the journey and I wished it was longer even though I know that I'd have to spend time in some not so nice events This is an over the top story so just go with it but know this isn't for the faint of heart I can't wait for Bear's story his demon's are far greater than most and will make for one hell of a ride ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication