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Torment Author Lauren Kate Epub ê 452 pages Ô ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Torment By Lauren Kate ➺ – Hell on earthThat’s what it’s like for Luce to be apart from her fallen angel boyfriend Daniel It took them an eternity to find one another but now he has told her he must go away Just long enougRevious lives Yet the Luce learns the she suspects that Daniel hasn’t told her everything He’s hiding something something dangerous What if Daniel’s version of the past isn’t actually true? What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else “I will always catch you when you fall” I have to say Torment is not bad at all in my opinion The parts that keeps me continuing this series are the setting and riddles Gah I want to know about Luce and Daniel's past What has happened between them that makes Daniel so cryptic like this And there must be something about Luce for she can summon the Announcer like a pro About the truce made by Daniel and Cam I think conseuences must come after it ends The End Game is coming “Would he find her?Without uestionWould he save her?Always” Well I loved and hated this book at the same time Torment tormented me since the first chapter I was dying to know after the ending of book one yet I didn't get many answers from this book and it upsetted me Instead of clearing all the conflicts that has been escalating since Fallen Kate decided to create them anew They're growing and growing that I'm afraid whether she can answer the uestions that is floating in my head by the end of book fourI just don't understand in this book why Luce and Daniel always bicker and come with a new issue whenever they see each other It was acceptable for the first time but the second and the third were awful It was unbearable to see this happened at least three times through the book Luckily the ending just saves it all Moreover I caught a glimpse of the likelihood of the next book which could be better than this one “I know he would die if you died Luce” However the fight in the last chapter was stupid and didn't make sense at all Luce is useless and annoying and she's a drama ueen who makes everything worse than it should be I could understand the way Daniel has treated her through this book forces she to this path but I was not okay when they could have talked about it sooner and these problem wouldn't happenBy the way Torment is as enjoyable as Fallen I loved the feelings this book gave me as if I was reading New Moon again Daniel keeping distance from Luce reminded me of Edward breaking up with Bella and she and Jacob get together after that And Daniel's love for Luce overcomes the bad things in this series “Love never dies”

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Ill Luce Daniel hides Luce at Shoreline a school on the rocky California coast with unusually gifted students Nephilim the offspring of fallen angels and humansAt Shoreline Luce learns what the Shadows are and how she can use them as windows to her p The plot is to die for OMGyeah im looking forward to this because i really liked the first one

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Torment Author Lauren KaHell on earthThat’s what it’s like for Luce to be apart from her fallen angel boyfriend Daniel It took them an eternity to find one another but now he has told her he must go away Just long enough to hunt down the Outcasts immortals who want to k When I picked up this book it had been about nine months since I read Fallen and the choking feeling had subsided I wondered what if I was wrong? What if the first book was just a false start? Maybe I should give Kate another chance?I'm pathetic I know this You don't have to tell meIf I'm being honest I will hold my hands up and say that Torment is a monumental improvement on Fallen The writing style is less sticky and doesn't cut itself off Every Five WordsThe first two or three chapters were good And I mean good; not great but good enough At that simple stage I could see the San Francisco setting and the early descriptions of Shoreline were fine Shelby and Miles were fine too uirky Likable It kind of went downhill from there Kate has surely attempted to make Luce and Daniel's relationship 'healthy' by having Luce uestion her destiny but that's not really what's going on here is it? No What's going on here is an emotional mud wrestle between two completely ill euipped morons with the collective mental capacity of a sesame seed Guys healthy relationships are about mutual understanding respect and consent Healthy relationships are not about cheating on your partner just to get a rise out of them dictating what your partner should look like and being disappointed when they decide to change their appearance or trying to flatten your partner's personality and individuality to such an extent that they are incapable of being apart from you for eighteen days Come on That's not even three weeksLook 90% of Luce and Daniel's conversations go like thisDaniel I am mad at you for doing XLuce I am mad at you for doing YDaniel But I am infatuated with the idea of youLuce I am still mad at you for doing YDaniel kisses LuceLuce Y doesn't matter any I like your musclesDaniel I'm leavingLuce alone I am angry at Daniel for doing YI know No author is perfect but let's be real here This isn't so much a book as really sexual bible fanfiction And honestly if it were fanfiction I'd probably enjoy it But I paid money for this shit I paid money for Luce to wonder Who was she without Daniel? Nobody should ever be in a relationship wherein a legitimate concern is who you actually are outside of that relationship Another person's personality is not for sharing and frankly you shouldn't want to be one half of a whole How is that functional in any way shape or form? How is that healthy?But it's so true of the LuceDaniel dynamic though isn't it? I could write a dissertation on this It's this constant wonder of how anyone can possibly write such shallow characters with such an unconvincing liking for each other and yet somehow be invested in the story How could you think this was interesting? We are reading this book and picturing two wobbly blobs of nothing slowly revolve around each other It's like sitting through a ten hour video of the moon revolving around the earth in real time Like nothing but that Just one rock moving around the other rock It seems like it might be mildly interesting and then when you actually experience it it's just what it says on the tin One rock going around another rock This just got so existentialAnd I get it I get Kate trying to portray that Luce wants her own life and her own independence But this is not living or being independent Free thinking is not about bleaching your hair or crying about an eighteen day relationship hiatus as if the thing that got removed for eighteen days was not your boyfriend but all the skin on your face; it's about seeking out your interests and figuring out what path you want to take in life not your first world problems with your pushy overbearing boyfriend I mean seriously This book reads like a pamphlet on white cishet rich people's problems On the portrayal of healthy relationships take a look at Steven and Francesca's horrible dynamic Francesca and Steven apparently do nothing but hatefuck and talk about how they'll kill each other when the time comes How is this even a thing? We're served this tale of an angel and a demon let's put a pin in the total mythology fail for the sake of argument but all we get is some weird angry NipTuckesue dynamic between two people who apparently hate each other but kind of love each other even though they openly hate one another's species and moral choices ???And continuity? What is continuity? We have the Announcers which function as deus ex machina and an easy out for exposition but there isn't even a cover story to try to hide that they're a plot device painted the colour of a plot device wearing a sandwich board across which the words PLOT DEVICE are written What are they? Portals? Fortune tellers? Time warps? WHAT? And what was the conflict here? The Outcasts? The Elders? The demons? Luce and Daniel? PICK ONEThe end is another whole big thing but simply because I don't know how on earth we managed to reach that conclusion Is Kate trying to tell us that the best way to resolve the problems right in front of our faces is to run away from them? Luce suddenly jumps inside the Announcer and no one bothers to stop her without even the courtesy of an explanation This is following a battle wherein she demonstrates some good old fashioned Mary Sue 'I'm going to battle even if you tell me not to then pretend like I saved the day when really I did nothing' The end of the battle scene freaked me out too Why was everyone just standing around talking? How did blind angels manage to hook their arrows on to their bows? Why was everyone just waiting patiently while they loaded their weapons? Why is Luce the price? Why did Cam give up on Luce so uickly? Why do Gabbe's wings smell like Herbal Essences? Why is this a book? What is literature? What is life?And through this the only uestion I was really interested in How was Luce's parent's walk? Did they have a nice time?Overall this book was prose wise much better than Fallen though that isn't an amazing achievement in itself Because I love you all here are some examples of dreadful writing a Daniel's beautiful features distorted into a scary expressionb Miles pulled away looking happy and sad at the same timec Roland hovered over to him Literally He was flyingd I know he would die if you diede Deep chartreuse glittering gold marbleized swaths of pink and purpleNote The Outcasts are blind but locate Luce by seeing the burning of her soul because apparently there is something behind her maskface that resembles a personality If they see her by the burning of her soul why do they mistake Dawn for Luce? Surely if they are not looking for aesthetics ie hair colour and facial features just the burning of her fucking soul then Look fuck it I fucking give up To concludeThis book is balls This series is a disaster Luce and Daniel are like a poor man's Bedward The only thing that remains to be seen is Daniel eating a baby out of Luce's wombThere's always hope