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Download The Innocent's Surrender Book ↠ 192 pages î Sara craven  ❮PDF❯ ✸ The Innocent's Surrender ✍ Author Sara Craven – Natasha Kirby had long been saddened by her family's feud with the Mandrakis mennow she's caught in its savage cross fire Bling fear turns to traitorous shivers of desire By rights she should The Innocent's Epubdespise him but slowly she finds herself wishing that her bittersweet seduction could last forever I'd heard a lot of negative comments about this book before reading it but thought perhaps the people condemning it were newbies to category romance horrors and exaggerating how awful it is No there really is a rape by the hero in this one and a particularly cold blooded rape at that What can seem relatively harmless in an intense chock full of crazy book from the seventies is a lot nastier when it's presented today in a completely passionless mannerI'm honestly not sure why I didn't throw this at the wall but I did find the story kind of interesting

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Natasha Kirby had long been saddened by her family's feud with the Mandrakis mennow she's caught in its savage cross fire The family business has fallen into the hands of merciless tycoon I enjoyed this for the crazy train HP it was I never fail to get a kick out of the outrageous things these Greek tycoons will do for revenge and to get their woman I also never fail to wonder exactly how many private Greek islands are off the coast of Greece There must be thousands because every Greek tycoon hn hero has one Plus with all the Greek bazillionaire tycoons you'd think Greece would be the world's greatest financial power Anyway back to the story The h is a British girl who was orphaned as a child Her father had a Greek tycoon friend who stepped in and swept the little girl off to Greece and raised her as his ownCut to the h's early twenties Her Greek foster father had died several years before and she returned to England and has her own small business and a boyfriend she is thinking of giving her virginity to Then her foster brothers call and the crazy train boards thereview spoilerThe brothers say there's a serious business issue she must fly to Greece for foster father had given her a share in their shipping company When she gets there they talk her into signing a betrothal agreement to another Greek tycoon the hero whom she had seen once at a party and never spoken to although she'd subconsciously lusted after him ever since The H is her foster family's arch enemy however due to reasons no one will disclose Anyway the bros have this seemingly bizarre and out of left field plan to get a loan for their failing business by proposing a marriage in the guise of a peace offering to end the feud But actually they believe the appearance of an alliance with the incredibly wealthy H will make a bank likely to approve their loan Then once they get the cash they'll break the engagement and continue a feudin' Yee HawHer brothers assure her the H will know they are just using him to get a loan and won't take the betrothal seriously and she has no reason to think this gorgeous international playboy would want to marry her The brothers claim they just hope to keep up the appearance long enough to get their loan The h just wanted to get back to England her boyfriend and her business as soon as possible so she gives in and allows herself to be guilt trippedharassed into signing the betrothal agreement along with a bunch of other papers she didn't even bother to readShe goes back to England where she suddenly and mysteriously feels distant from her bf Then her bros call again and say she must come to Greece immediatelyASAPNOW She goes and the chauffeur who meets her at the airport is the H's not her brother'sBasically H kidnaps the heroine and locks her in his bedroom He's pissed because the betrothal agreement was broken AND she didn't plan to follow through on another letter she'd unknowingly signed in which she offered to do all sorts of kinky things with him So the brothers didn't get the money and the H now owns the family business and home for revenge He decides he'll also get a piece of the h as well since she's obviously a dirty slut judging from the contents of the letter she supposedly wrote It's ok to rape a slut obviously rolls eyesThe rape isn't violent and no one ever calls it that but come on You lock a woman in your bedroom and tell her you're going to have her whether she wants it or not She's scared and there are guards outside the door who won't let her get away even if she can get past the lock She passively goes along because she knows she has no chance against this big strong virile male That's still called rapeSo he discovers she's a virgin and becomes somewhat kinder Then proceeds to blackmail her into being his mistress so that her foster family can stay in their home He does ask her to marry him shortly after she agrees to the blackmail scheme but she just thinks he's doing it out of guilt and turns him down Cue her being kept essentially a prisoner on the island All sorts of sexy times misunderstandings ensue Neither will admit their feelings for fear of rejection so they fight and act distant in turnsThe h finally succeeds in escaping him and returning to England because she thinks he doesn't love her the way she loves him and can't bear it anyAnyway the hero comes after her Admits he loves her desperately and that he had taken the initial betrothal offer seriously because after he'd seen her at the party years before he'd asked for permission to court her and was turned down by the foster father The h never knew this but the brother's apparently did hence their brilliant plan That's why he was SOOOO pissed about the broken betrothal agreement and nastykinky letter He'd loved her at first sight and was terribly disappointed to find out she was a lying scheming slut Then once he found out she was innocent he proposed marriage and was turned down so he was determined to hide his real feelingsHugs kisses tears HEA hide spoiler

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The Innocent's SurrenderAlex Mandrakis Summoned to his bedroom Natasha is given an impossible ultimatum sacrifice her virginity or he will destroy her familyCaptive on Alex's luxury yacht Natasha finds her trem I'm mildly ashamed to admit that I liked this book lolFirst things first let's get the major point of contention out of the wayTheir first sexual encounter if not strictly rape was most definitely dubious consent Honestly I'm leaning towards the rape designation as seen in my keywords He doesn't physically force her but when a man tells you to get naked and get in the bed or else he'll have his men come and forcibly undress you that's rape So Ick and yetI still liked the book hangs head in shame It was nice to find out that while Alex hadn't been a saint that a lot of his previous reputation was exaggerated and it was plain to see that he was actually devoted to Natasha Of course it earned a spot on my notorious oh noes u saw me nekkid shelf which is as some of you may know a pet peeve of mine I can't stand when a hero sees a heroine naked without her knowledge or consent drives me bonkers but it seems to be so popular in romances for some reason Get a clue authors that's not sexyclears throat Er Sorry Soapbox issue and all thatAnyway Natasha earned a place on the TSTL shelf because she actually went along with her brothers' scheme to begin with facepalm Yeah sooooo wouldn't have happened in real life but hey it's an HP that's why we read them trueAnd yeah I guessed what the sister's deal was waaaaaaaay back in the beginning though I didn't have the specifics uite worked out in my headYes it was contrived Yes it was melodramatic and yes the ending was way too neat and pretty but that's all part of being an HP You wouldn't read them if you didn't enjoy a bit of a literary soap opera now would you DSo despite all the negatives I have to say that overall it was an enjoyable read 4 Stars