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Download The Privileges Ebook Û 258 pages õ Jonathan dee  [Reading] ➿ The Privileges By Jonathan Dee – Smart socially gifted and chronically impatient Adam and Cynthia Morey are so perfect for each other that united they become a kind of fortress against the world In theA choice that will test how much he is willing to risk to ensure his family's happiness and to recapture the sense that the only acceptable life is one of infinite possibility The Privileges is an odyssey of a couple touched by fortune changed by time and guided above all else by their epic love for each other Lyrical provocative and brilliantly imagined this is a timely meditation on wealth family and what it means to leave the world richer than you found The rich get rich and the poor get poorer Ain't we got fun?Warning Spoiler AlertThere is an Antarctic chill that permeates this novel It is not a physical chill like that I feel when I read the best of the Scandinavian noir thrillers but an awareness of the chilling lack of empathy that oozes from the principal characters Adam and Cynthia Morey The book opens with the wedding of the golden couple Adam and Cynthia and it is a delicious razor sharp analysis of the perfect wedding from several points of view The perfect bride ‘walks in ahead of her own entourage like a prizefighter in the dress the makeup the veil and gloves the full regalia Masha and Ruth together make a gasping sound ’ They are the perfect couple and they are in a big hurry to shed their past their inconvenient families and to get on with the process of making suillions of dollars producing two eually perfect kids who ‘could model They look like a Ralph Lauren catalogue’ and establishing themselves at the pinnacle of power and influence in New York We as readers follow the couple through the decades as they set about making their dreams come true As a young mother Cynthia is over protective over indulgent nervous and unsure of herself No surprises there However I did roll my eyes at her conviction that her children would need counselling for PTSD after a brief separation from their mother on the subway in New York Meanwhile Adam goes about his goal of making obscene amounts of money in the shortest possible time and his foray into the world of insider trading is not unexpected and makes for interesting readingThere are many many delicious uotes in this book that has a barely perceptible ironic undertone Jonathon Dee is a superb writer and his prose is elegant and lucid Kudos to him for inspiring me to continue reading about two characters whose morality and behaviour I regarded as abhorrent I admire the way that Dee avoided the pitfall of having his male protagonist comply to a stereotypical model of hard living drug taking alcohol abusing Type A unfaithful male When the attractive waitress as a function wrote her phone number on Adam’s hand I thought ‘here we go’ but Adam wasn’t interested his love for his wife remained paramountIt was interesting the way Dee played with readers expecting a possible epiphany in the main characters Were we as readers meant to feel some kind of redemption taking place in Cynthia as she snuggled up against her dying father? Was this woman finally allowing some of her past to reach out and touch her icy self awareness? Or is it as she stated that she is simply tired of riding shotgun by the bedside and needs to lie down and the bed is better than a cold hospital floor? Needs must? I suspect it is the latter Some critics have complained about the ending to Dee’s novel and I think that although it works the ending would it have benefitted from a few explanatory paragraphs Abrupt shifts in chronological time have been used before specifically between Chapters Three and Four This confused me At first I thought I must have nodded off and missed a great chunk of the book and had to backtrack But no Dee moved straight from the preceding chapter where Cynthia is consoling her husband on the imminent collapse of his insider trading scam to several years later where Adam now heads his own investment firm and Cynthia is chair of several extremely wealthy philanthropic charity funds There has been no comeuppance for the Moreys throughout this novel no being held account for their actions and this is the way their lives will continue I foresee that Jonas will recover embrace the riches that are his by birthright and continue down the same path as his parents April will either be reborn by her experiences in China or head down a Lohanesue path to oblivion and Adam and Cynthia will continue with their uber rich life bereft of any kind of moral compass

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Smart socially gifted and chronically impatient Adam and Cynthia Morey are so perfect for each other that united they become a kind of fortress against the world In their hurry to start a new life they marry young and have two children before Cynthia reaches the age of twenty five Adam is a rising star in the world of private euity and becomes his boss's protégé With a beautiful home in the upper class precincts of Manhattan gorgeous children and plenty o 1 I believe that whatever disasters strike this small blue planet of ours global warming a new pandemic whatever the rich will not only sail though unaffected they’ll hardly notice what’s killing the rest of us They’ll be somewhat put out when they have to replace their domestic staff freuently because the staff they have keep dying from bird flu or lack of clean water or whatever But that’s all The rich are in the process of spinning off into their own sealed world where nothing no revolutions no catastrophes no diseases can touch them any They live longer than us they’re taller they’re intelligent and obviously beautiful If they’re not they fix it Everything can be fixed They’ll begin cloning themselves soon Homo superior We’ll see it in our lifetimes They’re already cloning their pets2 This novel was like a whirlwind romance – I’d never heard of Jonathan Dee until a couple of weeks ago I thought his novel was so pretty so funny so fascinating I hung on its every word By page 50 I was in love Well it seemed like love I called it love But then well I suppose you would just say that we got to know each other a little better By page 200 I was avoiding its phone calls and when we were together I couldn’t meet its eyes When it left me suddenly on page 297 you know what? I was relieved And it had all started so brilliantly3 The first chapter of this novel is absolutely wonderful Let the record show It describes a wedding of a golden couple You’ve seen your Altman your opening of Godfather 1 Rachel Getting Married – all great wedding scenes This is another Now if the rest of the book was like that it would be my book of the year no uestion 4 Our story is what happens to the golden couple which is Adam the husband is a financial whiz and they get gigantically rich and buy shit And they have perfect children and the children buy shit 5 Everything is tickety boo Cynthia that’s the wife has a little wobble you know I’m so brilliant and I’m stuck at home in this drop dead apartment overlooking the Planet would I lie to you arium and I’m all suicidal because my great potential is unfulfilled by only having a suillion bucks and only having gorgeous kids and only having a gorgeous hubby who shags me so well Where is the Drano? I must drink a whole bottle right now Oh I do not know where the Drano is because I am so rich I never see cleaning products But she gets better so that’s okay6 Then the kids grow up and there’s a bit about the daughter April’s slightly Lohanistic shenanigans and there’s a long long bit about the son Jonas’s foray into the world of outsider art you know the art made by certifiably mad people and autists very a la mode and I had a problem with this section big time Becausea it read way way too much like a straight lift from Junebug which is a rather lovely movie made in 2005 about a rich arty type trying to get her hands on an outsider art hillbilly crazy guy; andb it also read way way WAY too much like Jonathan Dee had made his own foray into the world of outsider art dealing the academics and the gallery types the exhibitions the revered artists and he’d gone to a particular outsider art show and basically tipped what could have been an article for Penthouse or G lock stock and barrel into his novel and it shows – after all this bland stuff about the richness of rich lives you suddenly get detail upon detail insight upon insight regarding this arcane sub sub sub world – and in a novel this is like seeing the mike boom waving into the frame – you’re not supposed to see it it’s all supposed to be seamless Compared with the outsider art details the descriptions of Adam’s financial brilliance is so featureless and skirted over that I could have written it and what I know about investment banking could be written on half a grain of rice and still have room for an outsider artist to fanatically draw a tiny street map of lower Manhattan7 Then there’s a tiresome long section about Cynthia’s estranged father dying Suddenly she has emotions Suddenly she has vast emotions about her father who she hasn’t been in contact with for years Maybe people are really like that 8 So it kind of looks as though Mr Dee is working towards saying that you may be rich but you can’t avoid emptiness Lohanism madness and death But no – I think he’s really saying that with a modicum of intelligent application sufficient wealth will enable you to avoid all of that and 9 This novel coulda been a contender It just needed a couple of sessions with a novel guidance counsellor But it wasn’t to be

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The PrivilegesF money they are by any reasonable standard successfulBut the Moreys' standards are not the same as other people's The future in which they have always believed for themselves and their children a life of almost boundless privilege in which any desire can be acted upon and any ambition made real is still out there but it is not arriving fast enough to suit them As Cynthia at home with the kids day after identical day begins to drift Adam is confronted with Even though it is only November 19th 2009; I'm going to go on record and say that this book is the best book of 2010 Maybe I will be proven wrong and I hope that I am because that other book will be absolutely fucking amazing if it is better than this Since none of my fellow goodreaders to date have given this five stars is baffling to me that some even gave it three stars makes wonder what is wrong with them I will not judge though I hate writing reviews of books I love I'd much rather tear into some piece of shit It's so much easier And I always get votes for those reviews Why this book is amazing1 The first chapter This might be one the most amazing pieces of fiction writing ever It is so perfect in it's pacing in it's scope in it's language So many details are caught about so many different events and characters in a mere 25 pages that it's astounding The chapter works on different levels and it all functions so smoothly Even if you don't care to read about rich people do yourself a favor and read this chapter It is everything that the minimalism of the 1980's could have been if it had been done with a non minimalist scope 2 It's easy to look down on the remaining 225 pages of the book because they don't live up to the first chapter The scope is narrowed down the jarring movement from character to character is slowed down; and the reader finds him or herself now confronted with the day to day story after the dizzy excitement of the first chapter wedding The stylistic difference between the first chapter and the rest of the book is subtle but it works in a temporal way it mirrors life and the experience of the difference between living an exciting moment and living day to day as the book goes on there are subtle shifts in the pacing of the book that reflect the way that I at least have changed in the experience of time as one gets older 3 The subject matter The characters of this book are the people who people like me hate We are the tattooed hipster girl that the drunk hedge fund guys are trying to pick up at one point in the book when one of the guys tells another but you know she fucking hates you right? ok not an exact uote the book is no longer in my possession Karen don't worry it's at work I should hate these people Dad is an alpha male no worries lucky bastard who everything falls into his lap The Mom is a woman who's biggest problem in life is trying to figure out what to do with all her free time and money Their kids well I won't say much about them since that will give away some of the story They have everything they want of nothing the world is theirs One should hate these people They are easy targets for literary types Show their superficiality make them idiots show their moral depravity etc Or for the non literary but dreamy bookreader make them picture perfect and what everyone wants to aspire to make them like a family out of a harleuin romance Or make them a thinly veiled disguise for what you wish you were using these rich assholes as a stepping stone in your own attempt to occupy the space they live in I'm thinking Devil Wears Prada Nanny Diaries any of those other 'expose' New York chick lit novels or maybe even Jay McInerny or Bret Eaton Ellis This novel though takes a different route He gives us a picture of these people that doesn't let them off scotch free but doesn't paint them as morally depraved morons either I don't know how to really put it into words think of what someone like Richard Yates or Jonathan Franzen have done for the dysfunctional suburban family Dee does for the happy mega rich family 4 I have things I want to write about There are so many interesting and subtle little things Dee does in this book but they compromise the story too much so I will be silent about them This review is probably a failure in convincing anyone that this book should be read but I hope I passed along at least a little bit of the excitement I'm feeling for this book Even though I read it already as an ARC I'm really considering buying the hardcover as soon as it comes out just to be able to read it again or at least read the first chapter over and over again