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The Girl with the Silver EyesKatie Welker is used to with the eBook #184 being alone She would rather read a book than deal with other people Other people don't have silver eyes The Girl ePUB #241 Other people can't make things This was one of my favorite books for a long time I reread it at regular intervals and never ceased to thrill every time Katie learned to use her powers in a different and spectacular way I identified strongly with Katie I think because I was also an extremely precocious child whom grownups found intimidating and inscrutable and I valued anyone who treated me like a real person instead of a freak or a genius

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doc Ü The Girl with the Silver Eyes Paperback read ☆ ❰Read❯ ➵ The Girl with the Silver Eyes Author Willo Davis Roberts – Katie Welker is used to being alone She would rather read a book than deal with other people Other people don't have silver eyes Other people can't make thS never done anything to hurt anyone so why is everyone afraid of her Maybe there are other kids out there who have the same silver eyes and the same talents and maybe they'll be willing to help her Updated reviewRereading a childhood favorite is risky Yet this is one of those books that I remembered so fondly that I had to give it another try once I realized it's back in print Or still in print Luckily that gamble paid off The story may not be perfect and the ending left me wanting but I had such a good time reading it The characters came to life on the page and Katie is still a girl I'd want to be my best friend As an adult and an author I love how Willo Davis Roberts writes from a child's perspective without infantilizing the character Katie doesn't think she needs an adult to look after her and she doesn't mind telling people what she thinks The book holds up well even as it shows the ways childhood was different in the 1980s whether you had silver eyes or not Original review I admit I haven't read this book in at least 20 years probably 4th or 5th grade but I loved it back thenI think most kids adults too relate to stories where the protagonist is 'different' but discovers that not only are the differences a good thing super powers but that they may someday find others who are like themI'm tempted to pick up this book again but I have such good memories that I'm not sure I want to chance rereading it with grown up eyes

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Happen just by thinking about them But these special powers make Katie unusual and it's hard to make friends when Girl with the PDFEPUB #192 you're unusual Katie knows that she's different but she' The little one said it perfectly as we neared the end of the book But like it hasn't even started yetWhile well written with likable characters it felt like the first 78 of the book was just setting up the story and then the climax kind of just plopped out like cold Beefaroni into a dirty bowl Perhaps we've been spoiled with all the decent paranormal and superhero fiction available nowadays but we sort of expected from a tale about a young girl with telekinesis