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The Council kindle ☆ eBook Witchs Ambitions Trilogy #1 ☆ Kayla Krantz ☆ ✼ The Council (Witchs Ambitions Trilogy #1) Epub ✿ Author Kayla Krantz – The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—Omes outWhen the Council learns what she can do she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth everything she’s learned about the Land of Five herself included have been nothing but liesWinner of the Fiction Fantasy Pencraft Award of Literary Excellen The Council is filled with magic and adventure A story that is riveting from the very first few pages and when we are introduced to the very strong willed and persevering character of Lilith Lace I love the fact that Miss Krantz has written a not so normal heroine and it certainly did her justice You were routing for her throughout the twists and turns and downfalls that she faced With romance that really leapt from the page and the magic that sizzled in a world that was mightily descriptive and truly engrossing I cannot wait for the second instalment And behind it all I love the message that is sent to push on through adversary even though it may push you back down Kayla Krantz is definitely an author to keep an eye out for in the future she has a real flair with words and a magic of story telling Keep up the great work I cannot wait for the seuel I highly recommend this as a great fantasy book with some real crackers of characters that you can't help but love or hate

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Ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis the Coven of the Mind She's terrified of it unsure who she can trust Her best friends Helena and Clio are hot and cold about what she can do leaving Lilith even unsure about her futureAt her Arcane Ceremony the truth c A novel full of mystery and suspenseI am not an avid reader of fantasy or YA but I would say I loved Lilith the main character The best part is that Kayla focused on character building rather than creation of hot steamy sex scenes

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The Council Witchs Ambitions Trilogy #1The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five a region entirely inhabited and split apart by witches with varying powers Lilith Lace a witch thought to be born powerless happily resides in Ignis the Coven of Fire until she suddenly develops telekinesis an We start at 5 starsPlus 1 star Witches Fairies Covens Magic unusual abilities 1 star Original world plucky heroine 1 star Worldbuilding actually happened and had uite a result 1 star Nice cover Minus 1 star Divergent vibes 1 star Some stupid decisions being done all the time Appointing people to Council by force by tricking people into it What for Would people really do a good job of it this way 1 star Nonsensical dialogues Like all the parents interaction was a bit a lot hamfisted 1 star Witches burning witches for the hell of witch burning it seems 1 star Simplistic much Character development didn't feel to have happened enough A lot of 'mwa ha ha' factor All the Elemental Coven and all the elements covens A lot of stuff not explained enough including the Alchemy secrecy or whatever that was thing that they are obliged to swear“There are things in this life that you must face alone Birth is one of them—death is another Sometimes things won’t appear to you until it is the right time for you to know” cFOR THE REST of the conversation with The Sage I nod along but don’t hear a single word she says From what I can tell she’s offering me cryptic phrases with a depth to them that even the top ranked philosophers would have a difficult time decoding After her confession I can’t imagine a universe where I should even care what she has to sayc“Courage is what really matters” cThe treaty made the Covens weaker—my travels with Crowe have proved thatAens Ignis and Mentis face a drought that causes them to have a dependence on The Council for water Auais is unable to plant crops and must depend on The Council for food while Alchemy is forced to split from their family and friends to never return for the purpose of confidentiality though it’s a well known fact that many of them do anyway c