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Snowflake Kisses reader ó Kindle Edition ↠ jennie bennett ↠ ❤ Snowflake Kisses pdf ⚣ Author Jennie Bennett – BESTSELLER It’s crazy to fall in love so fast Vee was too sensible to believe in love at first sight Attractive guys and great personalities were not mBESTSELLER It’s crazy to fall in love so fast Vee was too sensible to believe in love at first sight Attractive guys and great personalities were not mutually exclusiveuntil she met Yangbin Maybe it was his dimples o This was a lightweight teen romance I got a free copy from the author who is part of a Korean drama discussion group I'm inFirst off I was uite impressed by the author ability to write dialogue Bad dialogue can really bring a book down uickly but she handled it realistically and wellThe teen plot teenager discovers that boy at her school is both rich AND in a band was nice and not too unrealistic It could happen However I think the combination of modern American teens and the Korean chaebol romance plot rich guy falls in love with poor girl but they can never be together because of his family just doesn't work in American society uite frankly dating isn't so socially stratified in American society and the ability to ruin or pay off someone to keep them away from your kid doesn't work like that hereHowever the plot line of meeting in a neutral zone on vacation in a hotel for instance does work very well I'd have loved to see that romance back in the real world of school and work Kind of like in Grease when the summer romance turns into the school romanceSo if you are interested on pop music and teen romance with a dash of Korean flair this would be for you I'd say it would work for pre to younger teens who like to daydream about kpop idols

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Er saw him again but when he showed up working at the hotel where Vee was spending Christmas vacation she couldn't help but think fate had played a part She still didn't want to believe in love but life had other plans Well this book was interesting Lol my boyfriend hates when I say that because usually to him means I hate something or not like it Well with this it wasn't that I didn't enjoy it or that it wasn't funthere was just alot of representation between Korean and Egyptian people which was fun as well as Down Syndrome represention which doesnt happen often However there wasnt enough of the special needs represention only like one conflict with is a blip and I hated the main character though she had moments where it was relatable to me there were unrealistic things that happened and the cheese that occurred 😫 happened often than I wanted Also at least to me if you advertise k pop romance put k pop scenes dont just put two scenes and call it a k pop romance Iol also there were several editing errors in the kindle version such as repeating words and spelling errors of important places Because of this I have to give this a 3 out of 5 stars this is a great goofy novella if thats what you want but if you want an epic contemporary k pop romance this is not

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Snowflake Kisses R his broad shoulders or maybe it was his self confidence Whatever it was Yangbin stood out to Vee like no one ever had She tried to brush him off Forget about their one meeting and pretend she wouldn't care if she nev I wanted to love this so much but I was really disappointed by the uality of the writing There were typos everywhere which really distracted from the story Grammar issues as well and the characterization and plot didn't capture me either I'm reading the second one just to give this series one chance and the writing seems to be a bit better so far