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Download Sysco Author Rebecca McNutt Mobi ´ 438 pages ì Rebecca mcnutt è ❮EPUB❯ ❀ Sysco ✻ Author Rebecca McNutt – Syndrome E meets Marianne Dreams but Smog City incorporates Cape Breton's industrial past with super 8 found footage which putSyndrome E meets Marianne Dreams but Smog City incorporates Cape Breton's industrial past with super found footage which puts it in a class all its own Google Blogs Smog City is a Canadian novel written by teenage author Rebecca McNutt in and published in It tells the story of a misfit but nonetheless average girl who has a friendship with the personification of a hazardous waste site in Sydney an industrial steeltown of Atlantic Canada from the 's to The year is and there's a surreal number of events hidden in plain sight Digital is in and traditional is out the world is rapidly changing and yet everything is subtly falling apart Mandy Valems is eighteen planning to go t Even thought the idiots outnumber most people these days there are still enough intelligent people to fight against it I received a free PDF from the author in exchange for an honest review Thanks Rebecca I have a sudden urge to buy a Polaroid camera after reading this bookI liked Smog City I liked it uite a bit It is certainly a highly unusual yet very intriguing novel I wouldn't recommend it for the faint of heart considering that some scenes are uite eerie and disturbing It's the first book regarding pollution I've read that takes the opposite side of the argument Fascinating It must've taken some guts to write a book like this I applaud thee Rebecca McNutt I applaud thee I had several doubts before reading this book The primary reason being that I am perfectly ignorant of Canadian culture but this thankfully turned out to be irrelevant I had also heard that this book was incredibly disturbing so being the sueamish teenage girl that I am I waited several months before starting on this book When will I learn that hesitation and procrastination are senseless Actually come to think of itcollege isn't too far away I'll learn then Smog City takes place in a meager yet eminently industrial town in Nova Scotia Canada and follows the story of Mandy Valems an antisocial eighteen year old girl who hopes to earn a career in photojournalism and spends her free time capturing photos a toxic waste site called the Sydney Tar Ponds After Mandy's older brother dies in a car accident her family begins to tear itself apart Several months after the accident Mandy meets Alecto a dreary teenager who she feels a strange connection to but no one else seems to acknowledge his existence After saving Mandy from a lifetime in prison for the murder of her neighbor Alecto tells her that he's a personification of the Sydney Tar Ponds At first I had a little trouble getting into Smog City because I couldn't necessarily connect with Mandy Valems I pitied her when Jud died and her parents no longer cared about her but I didn't feel any connection to her She just seemed too generic I suppose This usually wouldn't be much of an issue but considering that there's really only three recurring characters I like to be able to relate with at least one of them Now that being said I don't think Mandy was a bad protagonist As her mental state gradually deteriorates throughout the novel she uits her job her family practically renounces her and she becomes a hermit Pretty realistic considering that her best friend is literally pollution I think Mandy is supposed to be a sort of personification for modern day society and perhaps that's why she doesn't have a very distinct personality Still a fairly interesting character though Alecto gave me the heebie jeebies I felt so unbelievably bad for him He's depressed has a pretty serious case of Stockholm Syndrome and view spoilerattempts suicide multiple times hide spoiler

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Might be the most real friend she's ever had in the world The trouble is he's got the promise of certain death looming over him unless Mandy can do something to help Traveling through shocking VHS found footage and nostalgic memories of the past her confusing life gets out of control and she begins to uestion society in general and whether or not the rapid and thoughtless conversion of everything to digital technology is dooming the world Smog City takes Cape Breton's extensive industrial past and th century nostalgia to a whole different level one where pollution has emotion and two friends try their best to survive in a world where everything including life is disposable This is an intriguing book and I was transported very uickly to the tar ponds site – I love the smell of tar assuming the STP smells the same as I know The story line is uniue; the personification of a hazardous waste site befriending a human being This is a fast paced book snappy dialogue and believable characters I lamented along with Mandy at the demise of proper photography and the analogue world now all but buried under the ubiuitous and homogenising ‘digital age’For me a good book is one where life is an irritating interruption to my reading of it This was such a book and I enjoyed reading it very much The book itself I read borrowed a copy from a friend was wonderfully uirky – I always knew what page I was on thanks to the big page numbers and if I read correctly the excellent art work was done in MS Paint; no mean featThis book is well worth reading and I recommend it

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Sysco Author Rebecca McNuO college soon with dreams of being a photojournalist but the sudden unexplained death of her older brother has left her emotionally scarred She's also living on Cape Breton Island a small but very industrial place in Atlantic Canada during the environmental movement and the Sydney Tar Ponds case and her best friend Wendy and her grieving parents aren't much help either then one day Mandy meets an assumed imaginary friend who is a super film enthusiast and as she gets older she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into something dangerous involving a dark secret between pollution and nature She's too old to have an imaginary friend at least she thinks so but her friend The writing style reminds me of Faulkner Clear precise and to the point This is a story of a girl whom feels miscast in a place that has become mobilized by technology Surrounded by new technology she wonders what was wrong with the old If I is not broken don't fix it I tend to agree with her I just recently got a cell phone just to use in case of an emergency last year I enjoy older music to new older shows were better and thought provoking old film to digital may have taken longer but what a thrill seeing it develop slowly like a flower blooms I could go on but she better explains in the book After a family tragedy and feeling alone she befriends a personification of a pollution site of course this wins her no favor and pushes her to the outside than in which is fine with her Sadness loss friendship trying to find a place to belong and many themes this book takes form She lends her hand and walks you in her shoes and hometown seamlessly I can only say positive things about this book For something different and a page turner give this book a read