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Free Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater reader ã doc 9780545123266 ¶ [PDF / Epub] ★ Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater – For years Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house One yellow eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can't seem to live withoutMeanwhile Sam has liIn winter the frozen woods the protection of the pack and the silent company of a fearless girl In summer a few precious months of being human until the cold makes him shift back againNo Stuck at home Got some time on your hands Want to start a long series But you don't want a dudCheck out this booktube video all about which series are worth your time and which ones aren't Here's the Written Review 25 Stars To summarize Boy loves girl Girl loves wolf Possible bestiality new edgy YA twistWolf is actually boy who loves girlWolf turns into boy Girl loves boy Kisses Many kisses I stood on my toes and stole a soft kiss from his lips Surprise attack I saidSam leaned down and kissed me back his mouth lingering on mine teeth grazing my lower lip making me shiver Surprise attack backSneaky I said my voice breathier than I intended This book wasn't bad per seit was just very very very very VERY heavy on the insta love His lips tasted cool and sharp peppermint winter but his hands soft on the back of my neck promised long days and summer and forever It wasn't even the totally terrible lovey dovey levelsit was just a lot to cram into one book and 25 year old me did get a little eye rolly over this It is possible to be in love with you just because of who you are Yes believe it or not young teenagers you can love a person for their personalityAnd as someone who prefers SOME sort of plot I did get a little bored of all the cutesy moments of their relationship So much of the page space was absolutely devoted to Girl protecting Boy from secrets or Boy protecting Girl from secrets Sigh It's a huge pet peeve of mine whenever the plot of the entire book could disappear merely if the two main characters talk to each otherAnd the book did get a little fake philosophical which induced further eye rolling I'd found heaven and grabbed it as tightly as I could but it was unraveling an insubstantial thread sliding between my fingers too fine to hold It's likeI get that Girl's been pining over Wolf for six yearsbut jeez louisethat's a lot of kisses “Grace” I said very softly “Say something”Sam” she said and I crushed her to me And let's not even get into the reason behind the werewolfism Suffice to say that there were holes than a fishnetUltimately I did enjoy parts of the book but good lawd These kids need a cold showerThough I did love their love for books Books are real when you read them outside YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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W Grace meets a yellow eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away It's her wolf It has to be But as winter nears Sam must fight to stay human or risk losing himself and Grace forev read 4 | 2020Reading this book is like being swallowed whole by winter It always brings back so many memories and I just 🥺 I leave with a lot of feelings Sam's sweet softness will never stop breaking me into pieces and just the themes of holding onto yourself your humanity being shaped by circumstance and being a product of your environment are intricately explored I fully love it It is so slow and thoughtful and loving And the sensory elements It has me craving winter and peppermint and woodsmoke and sweatersI also listened to the audio this time and really loved both the narrators On 2 x the speed because my brain needs things fast 😌Reading older YA does make me wince with the occasional problematic word choices of course I'm definitely glad Stiefvater's later books have grownread 3 | 2018So I hadn't read this inwoah 4 years Which means my sieve brain and I remembered next to nothing I didn't even remember how Sam and Grace finally met THERE WAS BLOOD SO ROMANTIC and overall reading this was just like coming home to a really warm and cosy chair with soft blankets and the warmest hot chocolate and I justI have so many feelings I absolutely love ALL Stiefvater books and every time I reread I remember why She just has a way of totally drawing you into the story I was just absorbed by werewolves and book lovers and grief and wanting and the excitement of life and the fear of lose And it was so so beautifully writtenAlso Sam is the softest and I love himAnd shout out to the food scenes which I didn't pay attention to until this time But there is so much food And it's all so symbolic in how it's portrayed Sam and Grace having candies and peppermint hot chocolates together as their first real date vs Sam as a baby werewolf learning to kill rabbits and crying Grace cooking for herself in a lonely cold house vs Sam making Grace porridge And that WHOLE SCENE where they peel back Isabel's ice princess snarly sharp walls and she has fun making mushroom omelettes with them Let's just say food is important here and I love love these scenesread 2 | 2014I read it first about say 2 years ago nowand I've just read Sinner so I wanted to reread Shiver because I miss them I'll be honest mostly Isabel and Colebut I do love Sam and Grace Second time round my thoughts I noticed compared to Maggie Stiefvater's writing now Shiver was a lot thicker on description and action less prose The description still has the beautiful woah moments but not as often as say The Raven Boys or The Scorpio Races And I also noticed that Sam and Grace literally ran into their relationship They knew of each other but not really each other Sam is so sweet and unassuming And Grace is so black and white and Vulcan Plus they have the best banter in the world I want to read the second two again now Ah if I had to answer the uestion what's your guilty pleasure reading it'd probably be rereading this series I thoroughly enjoyed it and was only skimming a few pages because I wanted to get back to the dialogue It's definitely the strongest part The characters all just shine in this book Like even the briefest mentions of Isabel she's already popping with personality even before she comes over to make uiche The only characters who lacked actually ironically were Grace's two BFF Olivia and Rachel They felt like cookie cutters the introvert and the extrovert and Grace's need to make them stickbut she forgets that in her need for Sam's wolfish musk But hey it's Sam It's understandable

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Shiver by Maggie StiefvatFor years Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house One yellow eyed wolf her wolf is a chilling presence she can't seem to live withoutMeanwhile Sam has lived two lives I started reading this book and a curious thing happened Suddenly my house was sparkling clean my bills were filed away I started playing Farm Story and reached level 13 in one day I did my tax I spent two hours chatting to the chatbott JabberwockyAnything and I mean ANYTHING to avoid the boredom of reading Shiver Shiver the story of a girl drastically into beastiality only to find out her wolf lover was really a boy As I read this book I had the strange urge to lock up my German sheppard should Grace ever decide to visit my home because she really does fall in love with a dog for YEARS before she ever finds out it's a boy or that things like werewolves exist I can't even begin to express how creepy her obsession with a wolf isI get the whole eternal love thing Perhaps Stiefvater was trying to show that Sam and Grace's connection transcends all the things love actually isn't supposed to transcend Maybe I'm just weird and completely unromantic but I've never looked at Fido and found a kindred spirit I never passed a dog down the street and found that I couldn't be attracted to men because they just weren't going to cut it for me anySo other than the fact that this book disturbed the fucking hell out of me bored me to death and dragged on like a visit to the old folk's home it was also poorly edited The writing wasn't TOO bad Some of the poems were down right rubbish and some of the others were alright Grace and Sam's voices were near identical Oh and another thing Sam was annoyingly chaste for way too long Where were all of these careful thoughtful boys when I was in high school It's a disturbing trend really Edward Cullen Sam Roth Daniel Gregori they all came pre pussy whipped and I'm kind of wondering what the attraction isMaybe I'm just a sucker for bad boys Maybe I like boys that I COULDN'T imagine comfortably playing bridge with my 80 year old grandma not to mention enjoying it What is with the sudden need to keep us women in line If I read one paranormal male hunk refuse the supposed love of his life who is literally flinging her naked body onto him then I think I'm going to start a convention a Ball Replacement ConventionC'mon Stiefvater Give the boy his balls back please He complained that a jacket made him look bulky He wrote a poem about a leaking womb What teenage boy doesn't shudder at the thought of menstrual blood What next Chipped nail PMS cramps Is he going to stamp his foot and mutter Drat I can't believe Jennifer is wearing the same dress as me I think I might just dieLook I know I'm being incredibly sexist After all it was kind of nice to read about a stoic female character and an emotional gentle male character But Sam felt and read far too much like a middle aged woman and not like a teenage boy I didn't feel like he was well characterized or fleshed out enoughSo all in all I can't muster the energy to rant about this book It was REALLY boring It was average on the writing scale It's secondary characterization was pretty good but the main characters didn't do it for me The plot was SLOWHer parents were stupid I could complain that they were unrealistic but I've met some fucked up parents over my life so I'll buy that they really could be that moronic What I will complain about is where they get this amazing and varied social life in a small town It never explains why Sam's fate is mysteriously different to Jack's Maybe I'm just stupid No I don't buy that Was it because he was out in the freezing cold so it kept his temperature reasonable Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of giving him a crazy ass fever Was it actually because he processed it as a wolf Well that doesn't make sense because Grace never changedAnd what's with the dramatic ending Really He gets cured and goes home and gets dressed and reads a few books checks his mail gives himself a mani and a pedi goes on a diet waits for his skin to clear up buys the perfect set of shoes and THEN tracks down the love of his life who he thought he'd never see again I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO How about stumbling through the forest naked and desperately arriving in Grace's backyard because he can't believe the complete miracle of his cure and can't wait to have the love of his life back in his arms Yeah that ending makes so much senseI don't get why this is popular But then I don't get why Fallen is popular either It's just all beyond me Now I'm off to see if I can cram the word balls into this review anyBalls balls balls Oh my goodness she fell in love with a dog BallsBallsThis review can also be found on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog