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T parents or means forced to experience hardship romance and heartbreak all in the hopes of achieving love and lasting happiness COLLECTING Sense Sensibility #1 Ok so I'm not a big graphic novel fan However my 12 year old is a huge one So she challenged me to try this version of one of my favorites to see if I liked it And I actually DID like it The artwork was great and so was the story obviously because it's Sense and Sensibility Now I'm off to read Pride and Prejudice

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Sense & Sensibility Award winning writer Nancy Butler adapter of Marvel's best selling adaptation of PRIDE PREJUDICE returns to Marvel with another Jane Austen classic SENSE SENSIB Confession I haven't read the actual book only watched the 1995 film and the TV miniseries While I know the basic plotline and cast of characters I can'twon't comment on the accuracy of the adaptations That being saidI uite enjoyed this The art might seem cartoonish to some; I found it whimsical and lovely The costumes houses and landscapes like the moors were beautifully done too I really appreciated the visuals since the names got confusing at times Cleveland Berkeley Street etc And I didn't know that Elinor and Marianne were teens 19 and 16 in the novel So that threw me for a loop especially with the constant talk of marriage the church and having children Yes I understand this is regency fiction and I am probably judging too much from a 2020 lens I do adore Austen's humor and sharp observations of English society and always will I am thankful that people are retelling her stories even now with an inclusive and critical perspectiveBook #2 for the Graphics A Thon

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PDF ☆ BOOK Sense & Sensibility FREE ç ❰Reading❯ ➸ Sense & Sensibility Author Nancy Butler – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Award winning writer Nancy Butler adapter of Marvel's best selling adaptation of PRIDE PREJUDICE returns to Marvel with another Jane Austen classic SENSE SENSIBILITY Alongside incrediblILITY Alongside incredible artist Sonny Liew MY FAITH IN FRANKIE WONDERLAND Butler brings to life the world of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood two daughters withou I was blown out of my swivel chair by “Sense and Sensibility” the Marvel graphic novel The thing is just adorable It’s done in pinks and pastels and tasteful little doll like characters that warmed up my heart like a toaster For any fan of the book or for any person with a beating heart this book is a must impulse buy It’s an excellent adaptation that is surprisingly thorough by Nancy Butler and so much money in the bank for artist Sonny LiewSeriously Sonny Liew’s artwork makes the entire adaptation work If you haven’t heard of him before I recommend a large dose of Googling to preview some of his characters The faces and features for all of the characters in “Sense and Sensibility” really stand out and match the personalities in the book; and bonus you can recognize the characters immediately on every page The last Marvel adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” has been a disappointment for me in the illustration department; with its 70’s tastic purple lipped ladies with menacing eyes and bosoms strewn hither and tither I think Marvel got it right with Liew who deeply understands that a sweet story needs pretty picturesThe story of the Dashwood sisters by Austen is endearing on its own with the romantic twists and the “coming of age” for all its characters Just like other Austen stories the many adaptations and films have embedded their ups and downs in our lovey dovey psyche I think Marvel’s take is a worthy read or buy if anything to remind you of how complex and rich the original story isSonny Liew I’m begging you adaptations pleaseThe EZ Read Staffer Jenifer