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Download Ruthlessly Bedded Forcibly Wedded kindle ✓ 192 pages ò [PDF / Epub] ☀ Ruthlessly Bedded Forcibly Wedded By Abby Green – Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister's downfall He sought her out to make her pay He seduced her reEaled his identity and cruelly discarded herBut Cara has done no wrong She's shocked and mortified that she gave her virginity so willingly to the ru This inhabits the same shelves as uite a number of my guilty pleasure HPs The plot on the surface is also very familiarGreek or Italian tycoon hero believes heroine andor heroine's family are responsible for the death of a family member He tracks her down seduces her out of her virginity and then drops the bomb that it was just hate sex to satisfy the HP tycoon Gods of family honor vengeance yada yada Heroine turns up pregnant and the tycoon then forces her to marry him through some sort of blackmail scheme Enough said We all know the scoreThis was essentially that but it had depth I didn't just enjoy it because of the OTT craziness of it all I actually teared up a few times something I rarely if ever do when reading an HP I don't want to spoil it all but suffice it to say that this was different The hero though arrogant and powerful had some depth and seemed human For one thing he didn't set out to seduce the heroine Sometimes that doesn't even make sense beyond the sheer naughtykinkiness of it His plan was to meet her feel her out then reveal his identity and force her to spill the entire story of how she and her dead brother had set out to fleece his sister and were both responsible for her death He just wanted someone to lash out at He wanted someone to admit responsibility for the death of his sister There really was no big complicated sexy scheme of revenge Problem was Vincenzo found himself very attracted to Cara They both were in pain and grieving so they tried to lose themselves in a night of passion It was only afterwards disgusted with himself for sleeping with the enemy that he told her his full name and how much he hated herLike I said we all know the score on the rest of the plot but be prepared for some surprises and some genuine angstemotion Highly recommended if you enjoy the revenge HPs

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Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister's downfall He sought her out to make her pay He seduced her rev Abby Green does it againA fantastic revenge story with gorgeous and passionate characters and beautiful settingsVincenzo Valentini gorgeous Sicilian heartbroken by his sister’s death Cara Brosnan is the sister of the man who caused Vicenzo’s sister’s death Vicenzo believes that Cara is responsibility for his loss and decides to take revenge on her by seducing her After taking her virginity he cruelly tells her why he slept with her and what a slut she really is And then takes off without a backward glanceTwo months later Cara discovers that she’s pregnant and old Vicenzo is soon on the scenehe marries her because she’s carrying his heir and for nothing else But slowly he finds that Cara is nothing like he thought she was Uh IdiotOkay so both have a lot of baggage and they have to sort that out if they are ever to find happiness togetherNaturally we know that in the endI think I may have liked this book even the second time I read it

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Ruthlessly Bedded Forcibly WeddedThless Vincenzo To make matters worse she's just discovered she's expecting and now the dark hearted Italian is claiming her once this time as his wi Guilty pleasure satisfied Innocent sweetheart falling in love with a hard hearted cruel vengeful bastard at first sight to the point of having a one night stand before everything comes crashing around her as tells her why he seduced her in the first place she got to walk away without a scratch in that same car crash which killed his little sister and her good for nothing drunk driving brother and he wants to teach her a lesson Only in romance land would this involve a nice romp in the sack But I like how the characters developed and and how he slowly realises how wrong he is about her I got caught up with their angst and drama without going Oh puhleeess Nice read when you have to stay indoors on a stormy weekend