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That announces the success of his plan doesn't feel half as satisfying as Zara did beneath Roccanti's Marriage PDF or his touchZara Blake is shattered by the public expose of the night Roccanti's Marriage Revenge is the story of Zara and VitalePleasantly not badIn this book the hero hatches an intricate revenge plan to punish the heroine's father by seducing the seemingly ditzy heroine out of her recent engagement Things go very wrong when instead of feeling distant he gets obsessed with the heroineand she gets pregnant with his babyWhat I enjoyed about this book was that the hero did not wait till the very end to explain his nefarious scheme he tells the heroine head on what his intentions were she too informs him immediately when she realizes that they're having a kid Both have tragic pasts but they get over their issues to make a good marriage and preparing for their babyGood one time readSafe35

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Roccanti's Marriage RevengeShe risked it all and lost She betrayed her father and his plans for her marriage for one chance at passion But that's nothing compared to the headline that will come in nine month's ti Now that I think of it there was NO grovel whatsoever apart from bonding with MTV addict bunnySo 25 stars rounded downYes he was a nice guy yes he was celibate This the 2 starsBut he was no better than heroine’s father He almost destroyed her for someone else’s sin and turns out that someone else was a coward yes but never committed the sinSo the hero wrongly punished the heroine for her fathers “supposed” crime and didn’t even suffer emotionallyNope no suffering because he knew heroine cared he had a wedding night AND he get to still hide stuff from her and tell her to back offDo not only there was no grovelling guy learned nothingadditional comments bunny needs therapyShe might go into MTV withdrawal at any point of time and also has irrational fear of the unfairer sex

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Free Roccanti's Marriage Revenge kindle æ eBook 9780263890464 ✓ eyltransferservices È ❰Epub❯ ➛ Roccanti's Marriage Revenge Author Lynne Graham – Engaged heiress risks all with mystery manVitale Roccanti's plan was simple sleep witEngaged heiress risks all with mystery manVitale Roccanti's plan was simple sleep with the daughter to get to the father What could go wrong But staring at the black and white headline ACT I Hh meetTHE CATALYST Heroine’s evil father was somehow responsible for the hero’s sister’s death 16 years beforeREVENGE – break up the heroine’s engagement of convenience to a rich Greek so the heroine’s father won’t get financing to bail him outMETHOD – invite the garden designer heroine to his villa in Italy to design a garden Make sure the paparazzi sees them together in a compromising positionFALLOUT – heroine is kicked of her house and is pregnant after her first sexual encounter everACT II The Hero's GuiltNEW PROBLEMS – Heroine’s bunny can’t stay in her new flat Hero must care for Fluffy who only likes MTVHero wants access to his childHeroine’s father slaps her when he finds out she’s pregnantHERO’S SOLUTION – let’s get married and move to Italyview spoiler ACT III Married LifeNEW PROBLEMS – hero won’t talk about his childhoodHero visits a woman every Friday night and refuses to tell the heroine about itSOLUTION – Heroine visits the woman when hero has a business trip abroadIt’s his mom who was a drug addict for 30 years She had asked him to keep her a secretBy now the emotionally shut down hero has bonded with the bunny has forgiven his drug addict mother has cleared up the mystery of his sister's death and has fallen in love with the heroine His character arc is complete HEA hide spoiler