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Recommended for You N’t even read But somehow his sales start to rival hers Jake may be cute really cute and he may be an eligible Jewish single hard to find south of Atlanta but he’s also the enemy and Shoshanna is ready to take him downBut as the competition intensifies Jake and Shoshanna grow closer and realize they might be on the same page than either expec Trigger warnings view spoilerparents fights mention of divorce absentee parent hide spoiler

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Etering on the brink of death the store has become a welcome escapeWhen her boss announces a holiday bonus to the person who sells the most books Shoshanna sees an opportunity to at least fix her car if none of her other problems The only person standing in her way? New hire Jake KaplanJake is an affront to everything Shoshanna stands for He does A book about a teen bookseller?? SOLD

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Recommended for You Reader ✓ Ô Eyltransferservices ↠ ➹ [Read] ➵ Recommended for You By Laura Silverman ➼ – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets You’ve Got Mail in this charming and hilarious rom com following two teen booksellers whose rivalry is taTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets You’ve Got Mail in this charming and hilarious rom com following two teen booksellers whose rivalry is taken to the next level as they compete for the top bookseller bonusShoshanna Greenberg loves working at Once Upon her favorite local bookstore And with her moms fighting at home and her beloved car te 35 stars I have super mixed feelings about this book For one Shoshanna is not that much of a likable characters She's judgmental and meddles in everyone's business because she thinks she knows what's best In the beginning I was pretty annoyed with Shoshanna and how juvenile she acted She was extremely judgmental when it came to Jake and how he wasn't a reader but was the new hire in the bookstore However as the book went on I had to remember Shoshanna was just a teen and she was going through some pretty tough things at home with her moms constantly fighting and she actually became endearing to me by the end This book takes place the week before Christmas and it gave me all of the holiday feels I love books that revolve around books and this setting was perfect for Shoshanna and Jake's romance They definitely started off on the wrong foot and it was cute watching them being forced to work with each other while competing to see the most books to win a Christmas bonus I do think the writing became a bit too much at times and was trying to hard especially when it came to Shoshanna's voice I did appreciate the inclusivity of diverse characters from Shoshanna's moms to her boss who was in a wheelchair This really was a great cast of characters and a cute holiday romance