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PDF ↠ BOOK The Shrike Pretty Deadly #1 FREE Ë EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ¹ ➿ [Download] ➽ The Shrike Pretty Deadly #1 By Kelly Sue DeConnick ➵ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Kelly Sue DeConnick Avengers Assemble Captain Marvel and Emma Rios Dr Strange Osborn present the collected openingTural cast of tough as nails women who all fight for their own honor and this is a series to watch out for BooklistIt's ambitious and challenging two ualities that are not often valued but that probably should be under a façade of violence and sacrifice Rio's art is lush and detailed and is than capable of keeping up with the far reaching story PW OK seriouslywhat the fuck was that?So Ms DeConnick what exactly were you hoping to accomplish here? Did you have a plot or plan for this to make sense? Was there a reason for things? I see Butterfly and a dead bunny? Care to elaborate on the symbolism you've used here for our narrators? Sothat's a no then? MMMkay Moving right alongcan you explain to us the origins of Johnny Coyote and how he fits in with Big Alice Ginny Sissy and Death? OK Sorryguess it's a secret Do you plan to continue the series in the same manner with no character development but lots of intense fight scenes?Ah Indeed So pretty much you're just wingin' it and letting Rios' art carry your random musings?Swell It's been a pleasure All the best in your future endeavors Get this review and at

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Kelly Sue DeConnick Avengers Assemble Captain Marvel and Emma Rios Dr Strange Osborn present the collected opening arc of their surprise hit series that marries the magical realism of Sandman with the western brutality of Preacher Death's daughter rides the wind on a horse made of smoke and her face bears the skull marks of her father Her origin st I wanted to like it but the story was all over the place and the art was very confusing for me in a lot of panels Maybe it was because I read it digitally but some of the action scenes were just too hard to understandMy overall impression was that the whole thing was cluttered with feathersIf you like metaphorical shit and your stories don't need to make sense?This will be your jamI mean the issues are narrated by a dead rabbit and his BFF the butterfly Because?I don't fucking knowWhat's this about?Some woo woo mythology shit about a death god set in the wild wild west Sorta My problem with stuff like this is that I feel as though the author doesn't really know what story they are trying to tell so they just toss some ideas out on the page and hope that the reader is pretentious enough to not call them on their bullshitThe emperor has no clothesOr maybe I'm just stupid and need to be spoon fed everythingNot my cuppa

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The Shrike Pretty Deadly #1Ory is a tale of retribution as beautifully lush as it is unflinchingly savage It's a perfect match for the gorgeous dizzying artwork in a sumptuous palette overlaid panels add intricate choreography to fight scenes and detailed whirling splash pages beg for long lingering looks Couple that along with a handful of Eisner nominations with a multicul Pretty Deadly reinvents the spaghetti western as feminist artsy often experimental surreal metaphorically charged sub genre that is a far cry from your typical contemporary superhero story It’s a uniue reading experience unnecessarily difficult in places though it did not feel pretentious to me but also rewarding in poetic and subversive ways that are a rare treat in popular culture Oh and the collaboration between writer Kelly Sue DeConnick artist Emma Rios is officially the most organic congenial comic book team up this side of BrubakerPhillips territory Recommended to fans of the challenging kind of revisionist genre fiction