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Where the Shadows LieAmid Iceland's wild volcanic landscape rumours swirl of an eight hundred year old manuscript inscribed with a long lost saga about a ring of terrible powerA rediscovered saga alone would be worth a fortune but if the rumours can be believed there is something much valuable about this one Something worth killing for Something that will cost Pro Lord of the Rings fans read this book I just finished this adult mystery set in Iceland and I really enjoyed all the information about the Icelandic sagas and folklore as well as the descriptions of life in Iceland It's amazing to think of such a small country where everyone really sort of knows everyone else Yes I realize this is a work of fiction but I still felt like I got a sense of life in Iceland I'm not going to say a whole lot about the plot except it involves a Boston PD Magnus Jonson with Icelandic roots who returns to his homeland to hide from an enemy I found this plot line annoying and unnecessary I guess it had to serve to get him across the ocean but every time the book jumped to the gangsters after Magnus I just wanted it to get back to the real storyand assist the local police with the increase in crime caused by the economic downturn He ends up investigating a murder with ties to some fascinating folklore I really enjoyed this for all it had to offer

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kindle ¾ Where the Shadows Lie Ø Paperback ´ michael ridpath ´ ❮PDF❯ ✯ Where the Shadows Lie ⚣ Author Michael Ridpath – Amid Iceland's wild volcanic landscape rumours swirl of an eight hundred year old manuscript inscribed with a long lost sE in nearly two decades the unsolved murder of his fatherAnd as Magnus is about to discover the past casts a long shadow in IcelandBinding Iceland's landscape and history secrets and superstitions in a strikingly original plot that will span several volumes Where the Shadows Lie is the first in a thrilling new series from an established master Hats off to Michael Ridpath for coming up with this idea for a crime novel He proposes that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings wasn't inspired by Wagner's Ring Cycle but by the original Icelandic saga that also inspired the composer but than that Tolkien had access to an unpublished saga held by one family sworn to secrecy about its existence because not only does it tell of a terrible ring of power it confirms that the ring still exists and is hidden somewhere in Iceland Magnus a Boston detective in witness protection is relocated to Iceland temporarily seconded to their police force because he was born on the island and speaks the language This is a very good read indeed The location on Iceland is authentic and fascinating Great characterisation and an intriguing mystery combined with solid writing I am very glad this is the first in a seriesI'm 40% in and loving it I'll update when doneFinished I highly recommend this to anyone who likes non gory well written crime novels with authentic locations I particularly liked the blending of the sagas and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings It was well done view spoilerThe ring is found Everyone coming into contact with it suffers But there's nothing spooky or supernatural about this in Ridpath's novel unless you want to read it that way People always misuote the old adage Money is the root of all evil It's not The love of money is the root of all evil which is an entirely different thing This is very much what Ridpath is saying about the ring of power His characters are destroyed by avarice not superstition hide spoiler

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Fessor Agnar Haraldsson his lifeUntangling murder from myth is Iceland born Boston raised homicide detective Magnus Jonson Seconded to the Icelandic Police Force for his own protection after he runs afoul of a drug cartel back in Where the PDFEPUBBoston Magnus also has his own reasons for returning to the country of his birth for the first tim I was interested in reading this because it took place in Iceland I'm interested in Iceland though I've never been thereThis is a murder mystery Who killed the professor The main cop is an American although he was born in Iceland I think I would have liked it better if he had just been Icelandic but having an American gave us some comparisons I didn't really like him though He didn't grow on meThe story at the end got pretty crazy and a bit unbelievable but I think that's how books like this go I'll try book 2 see if Magnus grows on me