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Tilting the Balance Read & Download ↠ 104 î ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Tilting the Balance Author Harry Turtledove – Eyltransferservices.co.uk NO ONE COULD STOP THEM NOT STALIN NOT TOGO NOT CHURCHILL NOT ROOSEVELT The invaders had cut the United States virtually in half at the Mississippi vaporized Washington DC devastated Nemy's captured radar in England or battling house to house on the streets of Chicago humankind would never give upYet no one could say when the hellish inferno of death would stop being a war of conuest and turn into a war of survival the very survival of the plan. This was my first book that I've read from Turtledove and I'm really impressed He creates a very detail alternative world set during World War II He makes use of many real life people to intertwine between his rich other characters People are thrown into tough war situations where they are battling for their lives Yet in between the struggle to carry on their lives the best they can Since this is the 2nd in the series I look forward to going back and reading the 1st and continuing with the rest of the series

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NO ONE COULD STOP THEM NOT STALIN NOT TOGO NOT CHURCHILL NOT ROOSEVELT The invaders had cut the United States virtually in half at the Mississippi vaporized Washington DC devastated Tilting the PDF much of Europe and held large parts of the Soviet Union under thei. Yeah I know if you read my 2 star rating for the first in this series you probably wonder why I tried the second I said it there It's a great ideaunfortunately they just aren't very good books I wish they were The idea of a group of long lived slowly changing aliens their civilization has changed little in 50000 years arriving expecting to find mounted horse warriors but instead finding the world in the middle of WWII is inspired It could have been so good Instead we get a soap opera This idea could make a great book maybe someday someone will write oneI weep

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Tilting the BalanceR thumbBut humanity would not give up so easily The new world allies were ruthless at finding their foe's weaknesses and exploiting themWhether delivering supplies in tiny biplanes to partisans across the vast steppes of Russia working furiously to understand the e. Review of the First and Second booksThis series I imagine is self consciously styled after Tolstoy's War and PeaceAlso it is not the sort of series where a book can stand alone and provide any sort of meaningful conclusion The Balance is just one big book broken for length not plotThe Balance is the story of a war drawn out across several years and numerous characters The war is WWII with the added twist of an alien invasion midway through So it is an alternate history novel with a science fiction twistThis bears repeating the science fiction component is just a twist The aliens psychology is anthropomorphic and they even look uite humanoid despite being egg laying lizard like beings The realization of technical details is a little shoddy Also the historical development of technology is mixed up in certain places Things get shoddier as the series advances tooOne example of shoddy technological history I think is the conspicuous use of audio recording as a plot device in the first and second books This is historically inaccurate as the first audio tapes were developed in Nazi Germany toward the end of WWII and used to record Hitler then broadcast his speeches so he wouldn't have to be at the radio station Later they were adopted by US radio stations Before that audio recording uality was sub par and uite recognizably not liveThe characterization is good but not outstanding and a few characters are practically interchangeable More variety here would have been welcomeIn the second book characterizations gets derailed even Worse luckThe pace is rather slow drawn out really even stretched thin in certain parts Every now and then skipping a few pages representing one character's PoV is uite OK The situation is even worse in the second bookOverall OK I think I'll need to read before forming a definitive judgement; like War and Peace this is really one giant novel split apart for convenience Unlike War and Peace which I'd never read I think this one gets old and crappy rather uickly