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The War on Normal People Audible Audio Edition: Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang, Hachette Audio: Audible Audiobooks Summary Õ 9 Ú ❰Ebook❯ ➨ The War on Normal People Audible Audio Edition: Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang, Hachette AudUnemployment what will happen to American society In The War on Normal People Andrew Yang paints a dire portrait of War on Normal Kindle #211 the American economy Rapidly advancing technologies like artificial intelligence robotics and automation software are making millions of Americans livelihoods irrelevant The conseuences of these trends are already being felt across our communities in the form of political unrest drug use and other social ills The future looks dire but is it unavoidable In The War on Normal War on Normal People Audible EpubPeople Yang imagines a differen. This is a disturbing portrait of America as it is in 2018 and an even disturbing portrait of what America will look like in 10 yearsMany people blame the current political catastrophe in America on the malignant narcissist in the Whitehouse They assume that he was put there by ignorant racists living in a post fact universe This ignores what Trump supporters actually say about why they voted that way They have their reasons The daily scandals surrounding POTUS are distracting us from the fact that the American economy is being hollowed out an effect felt precisely in the flyover states that tipped the balance in favor of TrumpThe collapse of the American ability to find jobs for everyone is absolutely real and accelerating Populist dictators ride the rising tide of panic felt by normal people as they see their hopes for the future replaced by a daily scramble to survive Looking back to the 2016 election we can see that Bernie Sanders had his hair on fire over pretty much the same issues that elected Trump The media focus on Trump seduces us into thinking that all will be well if we just get rid of this one man All would have been well if they could have just fired the captain of the TitanicYang is at his best when he is showing how automation not bad trade deals is stripping out jobs from the American economy He shines at simple statistical analysis and deep understanding of the nature of the actual jobs people do Those jobs are vanishing That s the problem What to do In this book Yang outlines the true nature of the problems facing America One may agree with the prognosis but it s a good idea to seek a second opinion on the proposed treatment which in this case includes Universal Basic Income 1000 per month to all adult citizens and a single payer health care system Yang s crisp defense of these measures is not helped by his rambling proposals to fix the educational system and introduce a federal time bank system and trigger a moral revival He runs the risk of being seen as another loony utopianYang seems to be innocent of political history and the blood sport of American politics To cite one example his euation of Marxism with socialism would be shocking to anyone but an American Marxism he claims has been tried and failed That ignores awkward details such as the fact that Marxism has never been tried in an industrial state that is assumed by Marx In fact we still need to answer the uestion Marx raised Who will own the means of production To Marx the answer was obvious the workers But what if there are no workers What if there are no jobs That is the uestion Yang is asking but in brushing aside Marx he fails to directly address the core issue Yang is similarly gung ho on capitalism failing to come to grips with its current version finance capitalism which he sees in terms of criminal behavior by a bunch of bankersYang ignores the dynamic of American politics in assuming that all he needs to do is persuade people to do the rational thing This is the mindset of the Democratic elite as seen by the conservative opposition To many Americans Yang will be seen as just another leftie or God forbid a socialist In fact many of his ideas have already been adopted by the Liberal governments in Canada and Europe Yang will not understand that this is not an argument in favor of these policies in the minds of many For example Canadian style medical care was not a term of praise in the debate over Obamacare The word LIberal refers to the Government of Canada but in America it is a curse to be avoided at all costsThe ship is sinking Fast Do we fire the captain Do we replace the crew Do we hand out oars

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From entrepreneur Andrew Yang the on Normal PDF #205 founder of Venture for America an eye opening look at how new technologies are erasing millions of jobs before our eyes and a rallying cry for the urgent steps America must take including Universal Basic Income to stabilize our economy The shift toward automation is about to create a tsunami of The War Epubunemployment Not in the distant future now One recent estimate predicts million American workers will lose their jobs within the next seven years jobs that won t be replaced In a future marked by restlessness and chronic. Canadians This book is not just an American election issue It is a Canadian one too The debate over implementing a Canadian Universal Basic Income is stalled by Canadian politicians being afraid of drawing fire from American corporations launching legal attacks under our Free Trade agreements with the US Government We will never get a much needed Canadian UBI without something similar happening in the StatesYang s rational arguments for replacing a confusing and ineffective social support system with a simplified and effective UBI not only applies to Canada but we have little hope of electing politicians brave enough to go it alone without a UBI at least getting some political traction in the USThis book is a good read prior to the Canadian election as it discusses a potential point of conflict during trade negotiations Do we want to trade our social support system in trade negotiations dominated by the interests of giant American corporations Should we assume that US politics will swing back from it s current social extremes or do we need to elect a government willing to take bold measures in Canada for the benefit of Canadians without consideration of US political extremesThis book gives some insight into the American problems that will inevitably have an impact on Canada I recommend it to all Canadians who intend to vote in the next election

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The War on Normal People Audible Audio Edition Andrew Yang Andrew Yang Hachette Audio Amazon ca Audible AudiobooksT future one in which having a job is distinct from the capacity to prosper and seek fulfillment At this War on Normal People Audible Epubvision s core is Universal Basic Income the concept of providing all citizens with a guaranteed income and one that is rapidly gaining popularity among forward thinking politicians and economists Yang proposes that UBI is an essential step toward a new durable kind of economy one he calls human capitalism PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the aud. Andrew Yang deeply understands the incredibly bleak future for normal people that our economy is driving us toward and explains it in a clear and entertaining way By the end of this book you will have a hard time disagreeing with the bleak picture he paints for average people or the solutions he proposes on how we can make that picture better It s all based on factual data and he s seen it all happen up closeWhen I first heard about Andrew Yang I dismissed him as a fringe candidate who was a little bit crazy The I learned about him and the I listened to what he was saying the convinced I became that the vision of the future he was presenting was the most optimistic logical and inspiring of any I had heardI ve never had someone running for office make me feel optimistic about the future than Mr Yang I m confident that even if he doesn t win in 2020 he will successfully make the 4th Industrial Revolution part of the mainstream conversation and force us to think about how we can build an economy that actually works for normal people