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Survival In Auschwitz If This Is a ManSurvival in Auschwitz If This Is a Man is a book written by the Italian author Primo Levi It describes his experiences in the concentration camp at Auschwitz during the Second World War L Survival in AuschwitzPrimo LeviWith a poet’s skill for detail and evocative illustration Primo Levi describes what happens to men when their humanity is systematically denied them Published in Italy in 1958 as If This is a Man the English title Survival in Auschwitz was a publisher’s decision The original title maintains the suggestive issue behind the book Title aside Levi’s book is perhaps the best book written about the existential experience of living in Auschwitz It is also as clear a statement possible about how fragile is our humanity and how easily ideological driven differences within a society can transform common citizens into sadistsLevi understood the camps to be a science experiment designed to eliminate the niceties that gird and enable individual and collective human co existence Hence when the Jews arrived at the camps the Germans separated the fathers the mothers and their children from each other They took away their clothes cut off their hair replaced their names with a number and talked about them as if they were objects stück A couple hours after arriving in Auschwitz all which remained of their humanity was their bodies Their bodies would soon all look and smell like the living skeletons we associate with the concentration campsAlmost everyone who was not immediately killed was to put to this test You are unconditionally alone You will receive a minimum amount of food the clothes we supply you are not meant to keep you warm your shoes will rub your feet raw and the sores will get infected you will get up at dawn and work throughout the day and every day will be the same until we decide you must go to the chimneysMoreover no human kindness will be shown you We do not consider you a human being You will uickly learn to trust no one Leave your spoon or bowl unguarded for a second and it will disappear Sharing and caring for anyone but your self is a fool’s project; “eat your own bread and if you can that of your neighbor” For the Jews Auschwitz was not a punishment but a manner of living assigned to them by the SS Life was reduced to “primordial mechanism”The conseuences of this treatment and how it plays out are superbly recounted by Levi He writes that few prisoners consciously resigned themselves to their fate Rather they sank into the “opaue torpor of beasts broken in by blows whom the blows no longer hurt” They had lost their selves become hollow reduced to suffering and needs fraternized in a uniform of internal desolationThose who followed the rules were usually dead within three months Only men with one of three ualities survived 1 Those that they were physically powerful 2 those who were ruthless and brutal and 3 those that had a skill the Germans needed In such a condition Levi asks if there any meaning to ‘good’ or ‘evil’ ‘just’ and ‘unjust’? Certainly our moral world could not survive If that goes so goes our humanityLevi survived He was lucky At the beginning of his second winter in the camp the Germans opened a lab and needed Chemists He was one and proved it Inside the chemistry lab Levi had two things going for him He was insulated from the winter and he could steal euipment from the lab and sell it for food Nonetheless he had got to the point as he said where “I am not even alive enough to know how to kill myself” He had been brought to the bottom made hollow Born 31 July 1919 Levi died 11 April 1987This is a great book Read it

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Camps alive The average life expectancy of a new entrant was three monthsThis truly amazing story offers a revealing glimpse into the realities of the Holocaust and its effects on our wor A very keenly priced second hand book that I expected would be a little scruffy or worn and that may have previous owners comments or marks on the pages but it was so heavily annotated in bright turuoise highlighter and purple pen as to be almost impossible to read The first half particularly so

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FREE DOC Ø READER Survival In Auschwitz If This Is a Man Ä EYLTRANSFERSERVICES Ø [Reading] ➻ Survival In Auschwitz : If This Is a Man By Join or create book clubs – Survival in Auschwitz If This Is a Man is a book written by the Italian author Primo LEvi then a 25 year old chemist spent 10 months in Auschwitz before the camp was liberated by the Red Army Of the 650 Italian Jews in his shipment Levi was one of only twenty who left the Levi was one of 2000 Jewish Italians captured in Rome and sent to concentration camps He was one of only 14 who survived and this book is his attempt to describe the horrors and deal with his guilt at having survived why him?Levi is a clear writer who wrote Christ stopped at Eboli when he was banished in the 30s to a very very poor village in the southHe wasn't a religious Jew a thoughtful philosopher and interested in politics and Italy's identity