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FREE READER Ù DOC Rebirth of the Goddess ä ❮Ebook❯ ➬ Rebirth of the Goddess: Finding Meaning in Feminist Spirituality ➭ Author Carol P Christ – First published in 1999 Routledge is an imprint of Taylor Francis an informa company First published in Routledge the Goddess: eBoR Francis an informa company This is the first book I've read on the topic of female spirituality and the history of the Goddess in it's many forms While I do not believe in a creator or creatress I do believe there is a feminine power that has been crushed and tamped downI really enjoyed the first half of the book The second half I felt strayed away from the topic a bit It felt that Christ was inserting her own opinions about what should or should not happen or be observedHowever Christ informed the reader that the thealogy would be based on her own experiences and opinions Thus I expected this shift and it didn't detract from the overall tone of the bookI am impressed over all with this book and it has been extremely thought provoking for me

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First published in 1999 Rout This is the book I am recommending to our Goddess Circle On the uarter holidays we study We pick a book and read a chapter or two for each gathering This book has soooo much fascinating material that I can see us devoting several gatherings to just one chapter It is the only book I know that answers the uestion What does it mean to be a Goddess centered feminist? I don't expect that all of us will agree with everything that Christ says and that's fine I think Christ would enjoy a lively discussionIf I were to choose just one thing that most intrigues me about REBIRTH OF THE GODDESS is that Christ never loses touch with the fact that we live in a real world This is not simply esoteric philosophy but tacking the real issues that most of recognize She talks about how neglected Sappho's poetry has been literally tossed away while men's writings have been preserved an issue that is still prevalent in our society She talks about the options for a different way of life She leads us to uestion the practice of Christianity and other male dominated religions This book was published over 20 years ago and thanks to Christ and others like her some of the ideas are not as earth shaking now as they were then But reading it again it is still even now an amazing jumping off point for so many issues

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Rebirth of the Goddess Finding Meaning in Feminist SpiritualityLedge is an imprint of Taylo One wonders just what book it is that the reader from Massachusetts read I've read REBIRTH OF THE GODDESS twice and I wouldn't have recognized it from the reviewThe chief value of the book for me is its thealogy Many of us who engage and are engaged by the Sacred as female have come to Her from Christianity and Judaism rather than through New Age or neo pagan movements We have been seeking a way of understanding our affectional experience of Goddess in ways that are logically honest and intellectually defensible We are not all given to the practice of magic nor uneuivocally believe in reincarnation nor reuire the presence of a male god Carol Christ clearly has come up through the mainstream of Western theology is conversant with its contemporary developments process thought particularly and applies them coherently and effectively and she has left this reader with a way of understanding Goddess that is empowering uplifting and above all sanePerhaps as a male I come to REBIRTH OF THE GODDESS with different needs and expectations than the reader from Massachusetts But I'm gambling that there are other readers women as well as men who will find in this book the approach they need to enjoy and discuss their spirituality and bring it into the open marketplace of contemporary ideas