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kindle é Marie Antoinette The Journey Download Þ ❴EPUB❵ ✰ Marie Antoinette: The Journey Author Join or create book clubs – The national bestseller from the acclaimed author of The Wives of Henry VIIIFrances beleaguered ueen Marie Antoinette wrongly accused of uttering the infamousTonia Frasers lavish and engaging portrait of Marie Antoinette one of the most recognizable women in European history excites compassion and regard for all aspects of her subject immersing the reader not only in the coming of age of a graceful woman buaimedt also in the unraveling of an era Marie Antoinette Her name alone evokes images of a privileged woman sitting in the glittery halls of Versailles pleasuring herself with fashion food and friends while the rest of France suffers at her snow white hand The history books have painted the ill fated last ueen of France as a woman of infamy and insolence yet Fraser's biography much like Madame Vigee Le Brun's portraits tried to do paint the ueen in a very different light Antonia Fraser takes us alongside a young girl's journey from her privileged and permissive childhood in Austria to a court as riddled in tradition as it was in debt Going from young Antoine to her infamous moniker Marie Antoinette the newly minted Dauphine of France deals with a very awkward situation scandalous rumors and an ever impending fate that the young girl just can't escape Throughout the detailed but fast paced biography Fraser expels nearly every salacious rumor about the ueen using well researched and well explained evidence to support her findings Taking us alongside the ueen as she climbs the scaffold Fraser does what even Marie Antoinette's beloved Vigee Le Brun could not do depict the woman as simply that a woman thrust into a role so big nothing she could do or did do would have changed the fate already decided for her Was she a villain or a victim? Well after reading Fraser's biography it is hard to see the ueen as anything but innocent Let them eat cake? How about Long live the ueen at least in our memories

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The national bestseller from the acclaimed author of The Wives of Henry VIIIFrances beleaguered ueen Marie Antoinette wrongly accused of uttering the infamous Let them eat cake was the subject of ridicule and curiosity even before her death; she has since been the object of debate and specu I don't know why it took me so long to pick up this book Ms Fraser does an excellent job telling the story of this misrepresented and tragic ueen She was truly a political pawn throughout her life as most young women of her rank were for hundreds of years Although I knew her doomed fate I learned so much that took place between the storming of the Bastille and march on Versailles to the untimely death of Louis and Marie Antionette If you enjoy historical accounts of royalty how they lived loved suffered etc with political intrigue then I highly recommend this book

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Marie Antoinette The JourneyLation and the fascination so often accorded tragic figures in history Married in mere girlhood this essentially lighthearted privileged but otherwise unremarkable child was thrust into an unparalleled time and place and was commanded by circumstance to play a significant role in history An This may be well researched but the author chooses to make herself look verbose rather than write clearly Way too often it was impossible to understand what she was trying to say The book could have used a good editor Also in the Kindle edition Footnote links are often thrown together with other citations and so they do not work For example a citation that might be #12 is together with a footnote that might be #68 so the link says 1268 and therefore does not bring you to anything except a dictionary explanation of the #1268 Choose another Marie Antoinette biographer This one is a hot mess