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Downriver is a brilliant London novel by its foremost chronicler Iain SinclairWINNER OF THE ENCORE AWARD AND THE JAMES TAIT BLACK MEMORIAL PRIZEThe Thames runs through Downriver like an open wound draining the pain and filth of London and its mercurial inhabitants Commissioned to document the shifting embankments of industry and rampant property speculation a film crew of magpie scavengers high rent lowlife broken criminals and reborn l. “What does Eliot say ‘ We are born with the dead See they return and bring us with them The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew tree Are of eual duration’ Everything we say parrots words that have already been spoken We speak in uotations” Downriver is evenly the book of the dead and the book of the living It is a surrealistic Gothic tale of the present and the past where sinking of Princess Alice Jack the Ripper and Rodinsky’s abandoned room are the recurring nightmaresLife is macabre Life is dangerous Life is like a trip down the gloomy tunnel“follow me down that slow incline The tunnel drips with warnings Do Not Stop Seal your windows Hold your breath This is not reassuring to the pedestrian who wobbles along a thin strip of paving fearing to let go of the tiled wall working the grime into his icy hand Your heart fills your mouth like a shelled and pulsing crab Why are there no other walkers Traffic scrapes so narrowly past the drivers are mean faced and locked into sadistic fantasies White abattoir walls solicit vivid splashes of blood You feel the brain stem ineluctably dying releasing at its margins dim and flaccid hallucinations”The writing is so dense that the novel seems to be thrice as long and it is so thick with allusions and reminiscences that one may easily get lost thereThe stale air is fraught with whispers susurrations tintinnabulations and the voices of the dead Reality is bleak and blurred“Trees lost their leaves Black clouds revolved like a diorama unwound to plunge headlong into the silver smokestack ‘Here’ could not shift it was incorruptible We slid sideways backwards ahead – futile as wasps animated by the false sun of autumn”To find the Heart of Darkness you needn’t to travel far the Heart of Darkness is right here“History doesn’t come cheap”So we always pay for the past the present and the future

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DownriverUnatics picks over the rivers detritus They examine the wound hoping to expose the cause of the city's affliction 'Remarkable part apocalyptic documentary part moth eaten ghost story part detective story Inventive and stylish Sinclair is one of the most interesting of contemporary novelists' Sunday Times'One of those idiosyncratic literary texts that revivify the language so darn uotable as to be the reader's delight and the reviewer's. Insane bizarre flowing nightmare of book Goes from bizarre reporting to freak out Blakeian visions as it documents London and its people The past future and the present flow freely into one another as Sinclair delivers his freak dream logic in some of the most visceral and strange prose being written today Fans of Burroughs Moorcock and Angela Carterfind her review of it also need to find this exasperating but brilliant book

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Free read Downriver 107 ´ [Download] ➾ Downriver Author Iain Sinclair – Downriver is a brilliant London novel by its foremost chronicler Iain SinclairWINNER OF THE ENCORE AWARD AND THE JAMES TAIT BLACK MEMORIAL PRIZEThe Thames runs through Downriver like an open wound dra Downriver is a brilliant London novel by its foremost chNightmare' Guardian 'Crazy dangerous prophetic' Angela CarterIain Sinclair is the author of Downriver winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the Encore Award Landor's Tower White Chappell Scarlet Tracings Lights Out for the Territory Lud Heat Rodinsky's Room with Rachel Lichtenstein Radon Daughters London Orbital Dining on Stones Hackney that Rose Red Empire and Ghost Milk He is also the editor of London City of Disappearance. Prose poetry and not in a good way I couldn’t make head nor bleedin’ tail of it as one of Sinclair’s own characters might say The majority of reviewers seem to think Downriver is some sort of stylistic tour de force so maybe it simply went over my head Either way there was nothing in the first hundred pages or so that gave me the slightest inclination to keep reading and I uickly abandoned it to flee back into the comforting arms of John le Carré