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FREE DOWNLOAD Al aeda The True Story of Radical Islam ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Al aeda The True Story of Radical Islam By Jason Burke – Award winning reporter Jason Burke shows how the threat from Islamic terrorism comes not from a single crimLitics societies and history of the Islamic world Using hundreds Al aeda MOBI #190 of interviews and thousands of documents Burke shows how Al aeda is a convenient label applied misleadingly to a diverse disorganized global movement dedicated aeda The True Sto. Read this yonks ago but never got around to reviewing it actually had to reread bits of it recently to remind myselfMy edition is the 2007 volume so it covers the 77 bombings but obviously came out before Osama Bin Laden's assassination the Arab Spring it's arguable failure continued conflict in Afghanistan and Ira and recent violence in Boston and Woolwich Nonetheless the book is still highly relevantBurke's central premise is that perceiving al aeda as a gang of evil doers a group with a single leader a hierarchical structure a disciplined cadre of international networks and sleeper cells is to fail to understand the nature and causes of what is less an organisation as an ideology In failing to understand this the West will continue to fail to effectively address radicalised Islam The closest al aeda came to that what might loosely me the called the Bin Laden network only existed and effectively operated between 1996 and 2001; and even in this sense is better compared to a wealthy university handing out grants a sort of venture capital firm of Jihad That is something worth remembering when you read this morning's headlines about al aeda capturing Fallujah actually ISISThe false al aeda label is easier to grasp makes better news and continues to be used by repressive regimes and democracies to take off the gloves to suppress local Muslim communities and breach privacy and personal freedomsBurke looks broadly at the the nature of Islamic radicalism tracing its path from colonialism Arab nationalism and the post cold war environment He argues that al aeda's extreme form of Wahhabis Islam millenarian violent nihilistic and mythic can be seen as a reaction to the failure of Political Islamism to address key issues of social justice within Islamic society It is the doctrine of Islam under threatInevitably much of the book does focus on Bin Laden's rise to notoriety from duteous anti soviet Mujahideen financier to icon of evil or hero to martyrdom Particularly interesting are some of the Wests failed attempts at suppression that simply drove his rise to success The Clinton administration's cynical on the back of the Lewinsky scandal poorly conceived response to the US embassy bombings of 1998 Kenya and Tanzania is notable The subseuent cruise missile attacks Operation Infinite Reach were key in raising Bin Laden's status from a dubiousrich boy minor player in radicalised Islam to a credible figure Burke analyses the difficult initial relationship between al aeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and highlights their remarkable ideological differences The Shiek with a vision of global jihad and an end of days struggle with the Kufr the Mullahs parochial neo traditionalist and seeking a rural idyll The Taliban had in fact struck a deal with Saudi Intelligence to hand Bin Laden to them and remarkably banned opium production in an effort to seek recognition by the west in the Afghan civil war period By the UN imposing sanctions on Afghanistan in 1999against the advice of it's own drug agency they effectively pushed the disparate parties togetherIt's a incredibly detailed and well researched book Burke's conclusion is that the mainstream appeal of al aeda as doctorine is that it relates to personal experience and offers an action to theory Effectively that the autonomous nature of the doctrine is that you are in al aeda if you say so Sadly the book will be relevant for a very long time for the same reason

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Ry of eBook #183 to fighting a cosmic battle with the West This is the definitive account of the mysterious organization retelling its story from scratch and challenging many myths that aeda The True MOBI #242 threaten the very foundations of the War on Terror. I wanted to learn about the religious terrorism our world faces today and literally googled best book on islamic terrorism to find thisOverall it was a good read Easy enough for a layman yet definitely not watered down at all I came away from it feeling I knew a lot about al aeda than I did before I opened it which was the goal Some readers would probably want to start this book after having some familiarity with the subject As it stands I read the news and I did read the 911 commission report but beyond that didn't have too much knowledge concerning Islam terrorism the previous wars in Afghanistan etc Which definitely made this read challenging for me As a white American keeping track of characters that have names wholly unfamiliar to me was difficult Also there were times where he would be describing a war and I would need some additional information I was born in 1988 So I'm not sure I would suggest it as the FIRST book to come to on the subject That being said this book prompted me to purchase two others on related subjects so I'm hoping it armed me with enough of a foundation to approach the next two and garner a fuller understanding of the subject I would recommend anyone interested pick up Burkes book

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Al aeda The True Story of Radical IslamAward winning reporter Jason The True MOBI #245 Burke shows how the threat from Islamic terrorism comes not from a single criminal mastermind or even from one group In this revealing account he characterizes it is a broad movement with profound roots in the po. After seven years of reading books and articles about al aeda and violent political Islamists I might just now have read the best book of the bunch At least it comes closest to the sense of al aeda that I've arrived at after a lot of library research Burke is knowledgeable fair broad deep and occasionally elouent I didn't learn a lot that I didn't already know partly because Burke's book has been important to every publication on al aeda since Burke appeared but this book and its argument about our mistaken understanding of the nature of al aeda seems spot on If I knew of a military officer being re assigned to Afghanistan or anyplace where al aeda is known to be active I'd make sure he or she added this book to their mandatory reading list There are as well a lot of people in government who would be well served by spending some time with Burke