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Free read à Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives Author Join or create book clubs – This book contains a collecAn be seen simultaneously with another person Some past lives were seen during energy medicine sessions And there Records Case Studies Epub #218 is information about children who spontaneously recall their own past livesThis book is called case studies because data was collected in the same fashion as cultural anthropologists use via researcher observation and utilizing the self reports of the subject. Ummm Read better books on this subject

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This book contains a collection Case Studies PDFEPUB #227 of Akashic Records readings from a variety of subjects who came to Lois Wetzel over the years for past life readings The lifetimes viewed are narrated by Lois and at the end of each client's session is a discussion between Lois and the client about the lives narrated Also noted are the results in the client's life from knowing about these lifet. This self published book is fascinating informative and well worth reading In it author Lois Wetzel gives numerous examples of past life readings she has done for clients over the years describing how the readings have helped them heal from present life emotional and physical issues While Dr Brian Weiss uses past life regressions for a similar effect the author has found that by relaying the information from our guides we can experience similar healing without going through the sometimes extreme trauma of a regression wherein you might relive something pretty terrifying if the hypnotist is not sufficiently skilledI went out on her website afterwards and saw that she has a couple of permutations of these readings I got the past lives with life purpose reading and it was worth every penny A couple of things that came out of it have proved enormously helpful after only a few weeks Other things I learned will continue to percolate and should assist with slow gentle healingRead the book and see what you thinkA final note Even the largest publishing houses seem to have lost their editorial edge; as a professional editor I am often horrified by the mistakes I find in books by firms that presumably employ full time ualified proofreaders and editors One of the great things about and the self publishing industry is that valuable information is no longer being filtered based on the agendas of a handful of editors The downside is that not every person with something wonderful to say is also an editor nor can they always afford editors So as with any self published work there are occasional typos in Lois' books but I do not judge a self published work by the uality of its editing If it is readable and interesting then I am happy to enjoy it anyway And this book is very enjoyable and very readable

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Akashic Records Case Studies of Past LivesImesweeksmonthsor years later One chapter includes a series Akashic Records PDF or of past life readings for one client over a period of about a year and a half All client names descriptions and identifying information have been changed to protect the client's privacyLois explains how she came to have this ability and how and when she stumbled into doing her first reading It is noted that past lives c. This book is a fascinating read If you have ever had a hypnotic past life regression then you are familiar with the typical process Lois sets herself apart from the main stream of past life regressionists inasmuch as she channels the information You are not put in hypnotic trance and Lois brings forth the information from tapping into the Akashic recordsWhether you are a serious student new age curious or simply drawn to the book I do not think you will be disappointed The reading is engaging and informative allowing the reader to journey with Lois and her subjects It is mind expanding sans the drugs My ride with Lois and her subjects was touching frightening loving humorous and interesting Having been taught by my mother that reincarnation is a reality she could recall her past lives makes me want to be a better person each consecutive lifetime I can appreciate the whew moments when we realize we've finally learned our lessons we chose for ourselves each time we step into the earth school as well as the moments we realize we still have a lot of work to be doneI am glad this book did not escape my attention I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in fact I am about to reread it Lois' gifts are pure and we are the fortunate recipients of her talents