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A Spot of Bother Ebook À 354 pages Ú [Read] ➮ A Spot of Bother Author Mark Haddon – Eyltransferservices.co.uk George Hall is an unobtrusive man A little distant perhaps a little cautious not at uite at ease with the emotional demands of fatherhood or manly bonhomie He does not understand the modern obsession George Hall is an unoEorge discovers a sinister lesion on his hip and uietly begins to lose his mind The way these damaged people fall apart – and come together – as a family is the true subject of Haddon’s disturbing yet amusing portrait of a dignified man trying to go insane politelyA SPOT OF BOTHER is Mark Haddon’s unforgettable follow up to the internationally beloved bestseller THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIME Here the madness – literally – of family life proves rich comic fodder for Haddon’s crackling prose and bittersweet insights into misdirected lov This book made Curious Incident fans wail and gnash their teeth in 2006 Who knows how Haddon’s reputation fares today following the lukewarm response to this breezy domestic drama? I get the impression children’s voices are his forte what with being a bestselling kids' author and all In fact some of the best lines in this book belong to the toddler Jacob and revolve around poo and ice cream But this is hardly worth a literary excommunication It is the sort of book only established authors can release but it does satisfy as a “warm hearted page turner” does anyone else feel sick?George is the centre of the story a retired bourgeois gent who becomes a hypochondriac a depressive and—later on when he watches his wife being ploughed by another man—a self harming borderline psychotic His descent into madness while his selfish little brood run around arguing and breaking up and making up forms the moral centre of the book though Haddon works hard to make the selfish people loveable in the end and almost succeeds Katie is still about as pleasant as a wet haddock in the face and the mother is Hyacinth Bouuet without the moral compass The men are nicer The women not so nice DiscussSo there isn’t much in the way of style originality or humour—this is David Nicholls territory best left to David Nicholls—but it does provide an engaging and cosy alternative to being alive for a few hours and that’s perhaps the best thing a book can offer

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George Hall is an unobtrusive man A little distant perhaps a little cautious not at uite at ease with the emotional demands of fatherhood or manly bonhomie He does not understand the modern obsession with talking about everything “The secret of contentment George felt lay in ignoring many things completely” Some things in life however cannot be ignoredAt 61 George is settling down to a comfortable retirement building a shed in his garden reading historical novels and listening to a bit of light jazz Then his tempestuous daughter Katie announces that she is getting As we approach the end of my first year of recorded and reviewed reading I have read almost no bad books The Fermata was bad but the guy could write he just decided to write something we all thought was fucking awfulThis was a bad bookOh how do I hate this book? Let me count the ways1 Every word in this novel is written in conversational lazy prose Absolutely is used repeatedly for emphasis Cue something or other The kind of verbal junk we are all guilty of in verbal conversation but letting it form the bulk of your novel is unforgivable I felt like I was reading a second year English essay Honest to god I'm not exaggerating Junk prose Never a hint of an interesting sentence structure2 This device used repeatedly I'm guessing to give the novel some appearance of depth Let's call it the Family Guy Device The day was turning out badly Almost as badly as that barbecue with David Morris and Bettie Constance in Salford last summer thought George STOP RANDOMLY FUCKING DROPPING NAMES I'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE AND WON'T HEAR AGAIN There's enough one dimensional characters to keep track of without my having to check off new names against the list every two chapters I can't tell you how many times this was used in the course of 500 pages3 500 PAGES? To tell this story? Are you kidding me?4 The relentless assault of pop culture references Lethal Weapon The 6th Sense The Lord of the Rings BBC Radio 4 Wedding music is that Bach Double Violin piece from the compilation CD Dad gave her from Christmas last year And it's not just the pop culture bits Oscar Wao was full of Lord of the Rings stuff it's that they are brought up again and again and again but not one character betrays any interest that dips below to most shallow and obvious cultural stables It felt like examples of tastes were deliberately chosen so that no reader would ever miss a reference These people is seems are the most banal people you have ever met5 500 FUCKING PAGES?Picture a wet Sunday afternoon and you are spending it at a slightly run down shopping centre in the outskirts of town You check out the record store but whoever's stocked their shelved has decided to focus on boy bands and Nickelback and club anthem compilations The book shop is full of ugly glossy cookbooks and footballer biographies You glance into the clothes shops but the manneuins all look like the men you feel most uncomfortable around in the pub at weekends You go to the cafeteria to kill some time and sit under bright fluorescent lighting at grey plastic tables and eat a bun seemingly made out of another kind of plastic The tea is tepid and has an oily film on its surface And it's not the afternoon you're experiencing in this place it's the people around you when you realise that even if you asked them they wouldn't see what's wrong with this They wouldn't understand your problemThis novel was a 500 page trek through everything that tires and disappoints me most about the modern world and I'm sorry if that illuminates some fault in me and not the novel but that's the way I feel

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A Spot of BotherRe married to the deeply inappropriate Ray Her family is not pleased – as her brother Jamie observes Ray has “strangler’s hands” Katie can’t decide if she loves Ray or loves the wonderful way he has with her son Jacob and her mother Jean is a bit put out by all the planning and arguing the wedding has occasioned which get in the way of her uite fulfilling late life affair with one of her husband’s ex colleagues And the tidy and pleasant life Jamie has created crumbles when he fails to invite his lover Tony to the dreaded nuptials Unnoticed in the uproar G WowI just notice Mark Haddon has a new book coming out short stories The Pier FallsI entered the 'give a way' a girl can hope I LOVED this book sooooooooooooo much I had a few copies at one time gave copies awayFor some reason I like this 'MORE' than a few of my friends but I was DYING LAUGHING forgive me if I sound nastyduring the bedroom scenesand then there was the daughter's wedding I just LOVED this book and could read it againI adore the authors sense of humorI thought it was hilarious AND touching I know everyone remembers The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightEvery so often somebody asks me'what is a good charming light but not slapstick book to read? THIS would be THAT bookespecially for old married farts with daughters like myself