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Ugly Love kindle ↠ ↠ colleen hoover ↠ ➸ Ugly Love Free ➮ Author Colleen Hoover – When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer she doesn't think it's love at first sight They wouldn't even go so far as to consider themselves friends The only thing Tate and Miles have in commo WhEct a futureThey think they can handle it but realize almost immediately they can't handle it at allHearts get infiltrated Promises get broken Rules get shatteredLove gets ugly#1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with a new heart wrenching love story 5 Flying in Love stars
 Colleen Hoover has done it again Not that I ever doubted her but I didn’t know what to expect when starting Ugly Love It’s safe to say she never disappoints With her amazing writing style fascinating characters and original story lines I was hooked from the beginning I expected to love this book What I wasn’t expecting was for my heart to be shredded Ugly
Destroyed Me 
This book pulled at my heartstrings I felt so much heartache while reading There were some lighter moments but the majority felt heavy and emotional When Tate decides to move in with her brother for a while she never expects to meet a man like Miles Miles is a pilot like her brother Miles is taciturn He seems flat But there is something about him that intrigues Tate I have no idea what’s going through his head He never smiles He never laughs He doesn’t flirt His face appears as if he keeps a constant veil of armor between his expressions and the rest of the world 
Miles and Tate develop a friendship kind of It’s difficult to be friends with someone who is closed off like Miles is You can just feel the sadness radiating off of him Then it happens Tate feels like she is starting to make progress with this man Miles really likes Tate But the last thing he is looking for is love Their attraction and chemistry is too strong to deny so they go with the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing As long as Tate can follow Mile’s two rules they can be together in that way “Don’t ask about my past” he says firmly  “And never expect a future”   
Tate is so enad with Miles she’ll take him any way she can get him She’s never felt this strongly about a man She feels so much when she’s with him she can’t get enough Miles is the way he is for a good reason The book is in dual pov going back and forth between Tate’s perspective in the present and Miles perspective in the past You get to see as time goes on why Miles has these rules and why he is protecting his heart this way When you get hurt in such an ugly way you want nothing to do with love No matter how beautiful it can be But that doesn’t stop Tate from developing feelings for him Even though she knows they can never be reciprocated Miles is a character that broke my heart At first you see his past and the type of guy he was then you see him so standoffish in the present It makes you wonder what could have happened to make him that way I had my theories all of which were wrong but once I found out I wish I would have been right It was something unimaginable and you can see why he wouldn’t be able to move on from that I loved the chemistry and the slow build between them Even though the feelings were fought most of the book you could still feel them brewing just below the surface I think every book I’ve read by this author has made me cry Even if it’s just a few tears I always cry This book I did than just cry a few tears Oh the tears There were times I couldn’t control the tears They just streamed down my face continually while I read through them It was heart wrenching and so emotional Ugly Love made me Ugly Cry Big time Some parts were worse than others but wow I just FELT so much while reading this I am a huge Colleen Hoover fan and I’ve read every one of her books This one has a little something different than the others Most of her books make me feel strongly and contain a lot of emotional moments and Ugly Love had that for sure but it also had much steam than the others And yes CoHo can write some sexy scenes It’s been a while since I’ve read a paperback book but when I heard this was out early at several bookstores I ran to my local store and picked up a copy along with a mini light so I could read in bed And I did I stayed up way past my bedtime reading this book I went into work the next day sleepy and raw from crying but let me tell you it was worth it Although Hopeless still takes the top spot of my favorite book by this author this will be a close second Colleen Hoover is one of those people who is doing what she was born to do she's sharing her amazing stories with us Her writing style is uniue and incredible Ugly Love is captivating beautiful emotional and devastatingly painful to read but I’ll let you in on a little secret The ending makes every ounce of pain I felt worth it An unforgettable story I highly recommend It’s the beautiful moments like this that make up for the ugly love

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En they realize they have the perfect set up He doesn't want love she doesn't have time for love so that just leaves the sex Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for herNever ask about the past Don't exp 2 UGLY–Stars I know most of my GR friends–in fact most everyone–loved this book so please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me I wish I could say I loved it too but I can't When I read a romance I need to FEEL some semblance of that romance I need to LIKE at least ONE of the characters If that's not possible I need to be able to at least SYMPATHIZE with one them Unfortunately I never once felt the romance and I could neither like nor sympathize with either one of the characters As this story progressed I found it impossible to like the hero or the heroine when I felt neither one of them deserved respect or admiration The hero Miles treated the heroine Tate with such blatant disrespect it was appalling all the while wallowing in self pity and self hate to excuse his behavior It was PATHETIC Then there was the heroine Tate who had so little respect or dignity for herself when it came to the hero that she continually allowed him to use and treat her like a PIECE OF TRASH Again PATHETIC I did have to give her some kudos for the fact she was honest with herself and admitted she allowed him to treat her so abhorrently As for the romance for me it was nonexistent I found it impossible to feel any romance when most of the hero's POV took place six years in the past His POV did give light as to why he was so broken but also focused on how completely madly and hopelessly IN LOVE he was with ANOTHER GIRL So basically the whole book was the hero showing love and respect to his first love while treating the heroine with her blessing like trash I don't care that Miles had a tragic past; the world is full of tragic pasts There is NO EXCUSE for treating another so cruelly It was UGLY which I guess was the point of the story but I certainly did not enjoy reading it Colleen Hoover is a very talented author Her characterizations are consistently outstanding and she has such a beautiful way with words My respect and admiration for her work is the ONLY reason I'm giving this book two stars instead of one Oh well you can't love or even like them all

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Ugly LoveWhen Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer she doesn't think it's love at first sight They wouldn't even go so far as to consider themselves friends The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction Once their desires are out in the op HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER MY HEART IS SO PERFECTLY BROKEN I DON'T THINK I TOOK A BREATH THE WHOLE TIME I READ THIS BOOK WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME COLLEEN HOOVER I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU YOU RUINED ME AND I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH IF YOU CAN'T GUESS IT BY MY NON STOP CAPS THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO THAN SCREAM I LOVED THIS BOOKWOW JUST WOW I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHEN I'LL GET OVER THIS BOOK HANGOVER Ugly Love was nothing like I expected it to be I excepted it too be like a 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction with just a butt ton of thrown together steamy scenes No it wasn't it was so much I knew I was going to like Miles because he sounded so hot but I had no idea that I was going to love him That he was going to have an actual back story That he was going to be actually interesting in a realistic way I had no idea he was going to break my heartAll that being said I have a few bookish confessions to make before I really get into the review I choose to read this book 1 because I heard it was becoming a movie and if there's anything I love nearly as much as reading it's seeing movies 2 because this is who they have playing Miles Yeah I didn't notice the dog at first eitherand 3 I also need to admit that I didn't get what was so appealing about this book that it was actually going to become a movie I get it now I get all the hype and talk surrounding this book I have NEVER EVER EVER cried so hard in a book That's the very last thing I thought this book was going to make me doThe characters in this book felt so real Tate was naive and normally that would make me wanna punch a B in her case it made me love her Unlike most leading ladies she isn't overly sassy or has incredible lol rebuttalsshe was realistic Her brother Corbin OMG CORBIN I loved every single thing about him He has to be one of my favorite sub characters ever He was what I imagined a brother would be and even with him not being a constant character just his presence had me Then there's Miles and he is hands down the star of this book The moment you meet him you hate him He is a mysterious mess and I thought he was going to annoy me fast He won me over once they started going into his back story The further they went into it the I could feel what was coming Yes I knew where this story was going and what was going to happen but in no way shape or form was I actually prepared for it I was a blubbering weeping ball of emotionsThe switch between time and POVs was done flawlessly and revealed the perfect information at the perfect time to keep you hooked and wanting Colleen set up this story so at first you would only like Miles because of his looks which I've already made clear I was guilty of his shirt isn't buttoned I'm staring at his stomach Oh my word he has the V Those beautiful indentations on men that run the length of their outer abdominal muscles disappearing beneath their jeans as if the indentations are pointing to a secret bull's eye And yes he is a looker but by the end I could have cared less about what he looked like He could have worn a bag over his head for the last half of the book and my heart would have still been his The relationship between Tate and Miles is like nothing I have read before It was something else that really surprised me about this book Saying it was complicated would be an understatement I thought that the steamy scenes were going to take up most of this book but it didn't Yeah that's something that would normally make me rank a book lower but the scenes were so well written and again realistic They were well placed and well thought out Just enough to make this book not too much which is what had me falling hard for this read way harder than I anticipated The scenes are hot though like dump a bucket of water on your head hot Miles and Tate's conversations roll so smoothly and the moments between them are so; I don't even know a word for them they're just perfect that word really doesn't do justice Not only is he romantic but he made average things so hot Orange juice is hot rugs are hot scrubs are hot and curtains are so so hot whooshHonestly though the scenes that turned out to be my favorite were just average scenes like when they all go and visit Tate and Corbin's family for Thanksgiving That whole section had to of been my favorite I loved how I thought this story was going to be Tate's but turned out to be Miles' I love how I thought this book was going to be a light sexy read but turned out to be a heartbreaking love story I just loved how everything came together while falling apart Because when all Miles story is finally shown and is laid out in it's fullest I was basically like thisI want to rant and rave even about this book but this is something you really need to read and experience for yourself Ugly Love might just be the biggest surprise read I've had all year I can't express enough how impressive the characters plot and play out of this story areI didn't think that this book was going to be so hard on me And yes it hurt And yes it was a total sobbing fest but that ending Good golly miss molly That ending was perfection I don't know if I can ever forgive Colleen Hoover for what she did to me but God dang it I love her so much for it I didn't see this coming and I've never been so happy to be emotionally slapped in the face like I was reading this