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The Three Colonels Jane Austens Fighting Men #1 Nd their early married lives with three beloved Jane Austen heroines The couples lead tranuil lives until Napoleon escapes from exile While the militar I really enjoyed another book written by this author so I was interested in reading his new story It wasn't until I found out that this story would have the Napoleonic War as its backdrop and would have Colonel Fitzwilliam from Pride and Prejudice as one of the main characters that I sought out the book in earnest Col Fitz is my favorite Jane Austen secondary characterOnce I started reading I was in for several delightful surprises for you see this book is a seuel of sorts for not just one but two Austen novels and it makes mention of characters from others Colonel Fitzwilliam is not the only secondary star to take a prominent role because there is Colonel Brandon and Marianne Lady Catherine Anne deBourgh Caroline Bingley Buford Mary Bennett Tucker Denny and Wickham along with several other original Austen characters including the infamous Willoughby yes Marianne gets her opportunity for closure or something elseThe story has several separate plot threads that come together and part at times so I'm going to do of an update than summary There is Caroline Bingley's story of her turning over a new leaf when confronted with who and what she has become which allows her to gain the notice of a man Colonel Sir John Buford who has his own past to exorcise Then there is the ongoing story of the DecemberMay romance of Colonel Brandon and Marianne They have a beautiful daughter and their life is rich and full of love now The third colonel from the book title is Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam who is confronted by the knowledge that he is in love with his cousin Anne de Bourgh who has secretly been in love with this Fitzwilliam cousin all along These three colonels happen to be good friends and brothers in arms so all these stories weave together at timesMixed with the stories of the three colonels is also a side story that catches up with Wickham who has now made captain and is still discontent with his life which is still with Lydia and their two girls Denny is now a major in the regular army and he gets his story Lady Catherine is still up to her plotting even after losing Darcy to Elizabeth but now her true motives come out Oh Even though she doesn't make a personal appearance Mrs Bennet has the joy of seeing all five of her daughters married and we get to peek in on their lives a few times in the bookOf all the story threads I found John and Caroline's story the most captivating I feel such a traitor to my Col Fitz for saying it though he and Anne's story ran it a close second Watching characters grow into their potential is one of my favorite things and these two did just that They took a marriage of convenience and turned it into a story of redemption partnership and beautiful love affair Sometimes when an author tackles a story with characters created by someone else and drops in an original character it doesn't work I have to say that I loved reading John Buford's story right along with the restThe blend of action and romance along with strengthening ties of family and friendship made this plot an absolute delight from start to finish I found it had the right amount of historical authenticity and explanation combined with story so that the pace didn't bog down The author is careful with the integrity of Jane Austen's characters while making them his own as wellTo conclude I recommend this story to those who enjoy historical romance andor Austenesue seuels

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doc ¾ The Three Colonels ✓ Jane Austens Fighting Men read ´ ❴Read❵ ➫ The Three Colonels (Jane Austens Fighting Men, #1) Author Jack Caldwell – Love reigns supreme for our three brave colonels at the start of this epic tale Colonels Buford Fitzwilliam and Y men set out to meet their destiny on the fields of Waterloo Anne Carolina and Marriane defend their hearts against the fear of losing their loved one The story of Jane Austen's Colonels Fitzwilliam Brandon and new character Buford Telling the tale of their lives courtships and marriages until Napoleon escapes Elba Then to battleI thoroughly enjoyed this story the writing style the history and loved the characters and finished wanting to read Can't wait for the next in the series

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Love reigns supreme for our three brave colonels at the start of this epic tale Colonels Buford Fitzwilliam and Brandon are enjoying their courtships a “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him” G K Chesterton 45 starsI can’t find the words to explain this story It hurts to think about the horrendous effects of war My soul aches as I read of mistakes miscommunication and poor leadership But my heart is encouraged by the acts of heroism by standing strong in the throes of battle remaining stoic in the face of inhuman odds and situations My grandparents lived through WWl my parents WWll my uncles Korea my husband Viet Nam and on and on wars police actions and conflicts are never ending with generations lost Our fighting men and women so deserve our respect and thanks Caldwell gave the readers a glimpse inside the thinking process of the exiled Napoleon as he studied his situation while on Elba The strategies and maniacal planning for his escape and final attempt to regain power The research was extensive as our author described in great detail the battles leading up to Waterloo Caldwell attempted to cushion the reader as he led us through the battle seuences with access to the POV of each of our Colonels He creatively lessened the impact of action at the height of angst and horror by switching scenes and taking us to their loved ones in order to break from the carnage After her wedding we watched Lady Caroline Buford née Bingley grow into her marriage We groaned as she struggled with the language barriers We watched her flounder in her attempt to traverse the world of diplomatic consulates and saw her learn the hard way the ins and outs of diplomacy The men world leaders royalty governmental representatives and high ranking military dealt head on with intrigues secrecy espionage spy networks treachery seductions and endless meetings with military corps packets and mapsThe women wives mistresses and lovers floated about the Vienna ball rooms and parlors in exuisite gowns gathering information in their own way This was a world Caroline did not understand or comprehend A society that had claws and put the London ton to shame While the men fought on the Continent their women fought their own battles at homeAfter Sir John evacuated Caroline back to England she suffered through morning sickness and fears for her husband as she waited to hear from him As the other Austen women surrounded her she tried to keep up a good face when they realized her mail had been misdirected and Sir John had not heard from her in weeks Marianne Brandon had to face down her worst nightmare John Willoughby While her husband fought on the Continent Willoughby came to call with expectations Anne de Bourgh had to fight her own battle against her mother’s wishes for her to marry another Someone of her choosing We have a new Anne in this variation and she was a force to be reckoned with She had her own plans and nothing was going to get in her way including her mother Each couple was given page time and the transitions were smooth and didn’t jump around too much I liked how our author expertly led us through the many scenes There will always be heroes and zeros Wickham was on the Continent and forced to walk a narrow line with a shortened leash thanks to Darcy’s intervention Wickham dammed Darcy at every turn and after a bit it became hilarious to see in what uniue way Darcy held the whip hand over Wickham There were many cameo appearances from other Austen characters Mansfield Park Sense Sensibility Northanger Abbey and Persuasion It was always a joy to see a character mentioned even if in name only Caldwell creatively wove them into the fabric of our story The military featured greatly in Austen’s book and this was in all cases a war story The Austen women came together and supported each other in their time of need It was nice watching friendships develop as they carried on while their men were deployed Only military wives would understand the comradery these women established in order to get through this time in their livesThere was an epilogue of a sort With so many characters there was no way to bring closure to everyone Caldwell hinted at things in dialogue but I wanted Oh well you can’t have everything SPOILER view spoiler’Oh Buford why? I knew when he got drunk that it was not going to go well When he refused to go with Richard I knew what would happen Why? Was it necessary? Could Caroline not have anything? Was Caldwell copying Brontë with her maiming of Rochester for his sins?’ hide spoiler