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Volume featuring three of the members of the American Pack a hierarchical founding family where bloodlines mean everything and each day presents a new thrilling and often deadly challenge For as Clayton grows from a wild child to a clever teen who tests his beloved mentor at eve I absolutely adore Armstrong’s werewolf lore Unlike Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld the men of the Pack can carry a story all on their own Not a drop of smut or estrogen in sight still I was riveted Having fallen in love with the Pack in Bitten I pretty much read any mention of them I can get my mitts on I don’t know what it is but Armstrong dazzles and delights with her wolfy men They are clearly humanized while retaining the very essence of being a wolf Their human form and wolf form are so intricately linked that I scarcely notice when they segway into wolf perspectiveBeing that Clay is my all time favorite Armstrong character I was set to love him here but I wasn’t prepared to love him Little Clay is simply adorable not to mention unintetionally hilarious Despite his noticeable differences as an adult being anti social and all it wasn’t until reading Men of the Otherworld that I understood how truly set apart he is The same applies to Jeremy though I have to say my opinion of him changed for the better and for the worse Prior to this book I saw Jeremy as a sensitive but still very Alpha male Now I know that Jeremy’s Alpha status only exists due to Clay’s unwavering admiration and dedication and his best friendship with Antonio Had it not been for them Jeremy would have been long since dead at the hands of his own father no less Even so Jeremy is undeniably resourceful intelligent and empathetic I was hard pressed not to be in aww of anyone who would take on such a troublesome child as Clay at so early and age and to potential detriment to one’s self Jeremy is a beacon of moral light and it was enlightening to see him through Clay’s eyesThe Pack’s history is nothing short of enthralling I feel as though I know these characters inside out and love them all the for it I hope that Armstrong returns to their world again and uickly

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Men of the OtherworldRy turn he must learn not only to control his animal instincts but to navigate Pack politics including showing his brutal archnemesis Malcolm who the real Alpha isLinks to the individual short stories and novellas on GoodreadsInfusion 1946 Savage 1967 Ascension 1972Kitsunegari 20 I ended up staying up WAY too late just to finish Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong It was worth every bleary eyed short tempered moment I spent at work today This is mostly Clayton's story There is a bit about Jeremy but the focus is on Clayton For everyone who's ever wondered about Clayton's pastyou must go RIGHT NOW TODAY and pick up this book Armstrong has done a fantastic job of making snarly anti social Clayton real; and the story of how he got the way he is will have you grinning sniffling and laughing out loud sometimes all at the same time The story runs from Jeremy's birth which is fascinating all on its own up until just before Clayton and Elena's story begins And the end of the book is I'm pretty sure a build up for an upcoming story about Jeremy and Jaime having to do with the unusual circumstances of Jeremy's birth I can't wait

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mobi ✓ Men of the Otherworld í Hardcover Ø [KINDLE] ❆ Men of the Otherworld Author Kelley Armstrong – As a curious six year old Clayton didn’t resist the bite—he asked for it But surviving as a lone child werewolf was than he could manage—until Jeremy came along and taught him howAs a curious six year old Clayton didn’t resist the bite he asked for it But surviving as a lone child werewolf was than he could manage until Jeremy came along and taught him how to straddle the human werewolf worlds gave him a homeand introduced him to the Pack So begins this I literally cannot get enough of Clay and Jeremy This book is jammed packed with them both Oh my heart couldn't hardly stand reading about young Clay and his survival struggles as a young wolf Expect Clayton fan art soon I think this was some of Kelley Armstrong's best writing how she showed the world through a young Clay's eyes Clay is my favorite character in her books if you hadn't noticed Seconded by Jeremy I do love Elena but I love these two the most of all Reading Jeremy's backstory with his terrible awful father and the difficult life he had trying to navigate around a father who hated him because he was different and trying to follow his grandfather's stipulations Jeremy and Clay were the real family in my opinion I do love the fact that Jeremy and Clay have Antonio and Nick and the other pack to a lesser extent as wellWhile I am a cat person I adore wolves I love reading books about wolf characters It's such poetic writing and it shows the brutal but beautiful natural world at its most elemental The manner in which Armstrong writes her werewolf dynamics is very real world and brutal and shows the ugliness of human nature through the lens of werewolf fiction The idea of a human having a wolf nature is so intriguing to me I continually gravitate back to these booksOne of the smartest things that Armstrong did was to keep Elena out of this book I say that because in the overall story it's about Elena and you don't get a sense of Clayton having a world or life without Elena While it's obvious that she is so centered in his life this book shows who and what Clayton is intrinsically His extreme loyalty and how pragmatic but elemental he is in what he feels and does It was such a pleasure to read about young Clayton and how he grew up into the amazing man that he is Is Clay perfect nope But is he a perfectly fantastic character? Yes Definitely in my top ten of all time favorite characters in literature Jeremy might not make the top ten but he definitely makes the top thirty or forty I think I read this audiobook faster than I've ever read one or if I have there are few that I've read this uickly I was so captivated with it I decided to read No Humans Involved next just for Jeremy time