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The Last Mission Epub ☆ The Secret History of World War II's Final Battle Download » [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Last Mission: The Secret History of World War II's Final Battle ✩ Join or create book clubs – A gripping account of the final American bombing missA gripping account of the final American bombing mission of World War II and how it prevented a military coup that would have kept Japan in the warHow close did the Japanese come to not surrendering to Allied forces on August 15 1945? The Last Mission explores this uestion through two previously neglected strands of lateWorld War II history whose very interconnections could have caused a harrowing shift in the course of the postwar world On the final night of the war as Emperor Hirohito recorded a message of surrender for the Japanese people a band of Japanese rebels commanded by War Minister Anamis elite staff burst into the palace They had plotted a massive coup tha Fabulous book My dad was a B29 crewman on The Last Mission you can look him up I am a junior but knew nothing about the significance of the mission before he passed away in 1996 The bravery of the B29 crews was incredible they were all brave heroes in defeating Japan The B29s were in production while still untested prototypes and the engines routinely caught fire or just failed with complete upgraded designs by different manufacturers being used to replace failed engines that were poorly designed and had failed or burned up For example my dad was on a B29 mission in Puerto Rico when two engines on the same side caught fire While trying to land his plane hit a berm at a drainage ditch on the golf course before the runway and the tail just in front of my father broke off cleanly The three crewman in the tail lived and the six in front died A couple of weeks later my father was assigned to a new crew picked up a new plane at the Wichita factory and took it directly to Guam My father knew that the Final Mission was the last of the war and heard the war was over by radio as they were nearing Guam to land with so little gas that several planes ran out and stopped while taxiing on the runway but in one mission these planes destroyed the last Japanese refineryHe told me that he never saw a Japanese fighter plane and he was the side gunner I'm unsure what he did in a B29B which had the side guns stripped according to the book

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T aimed to destroy the recordings of the Imperial Rescript of surrender and issue false orders forged with the Emperors seal commanding the widely dispersed Japanese military to continue the war If this rebellion had succeeded the military would have proceeded with large scale kamikaze attacks on Allied forces costing huge casualties and just possibly provoking the Americans to drop a third atomic bomb on Japan over Tokyoand continue to dropbombs as Japanese resistance stiffenedMeanwhile in the midst of an end of war celebration on Guam Air Force radio operator Jim Smith and his fellow crewmen received urgent orders for a bombing mission over Japans sole remaining oil This book covers an important time in history with events toward the end of WWII leading up to Japan's surrenderWhat makes the book uniue is the tie in of author Jim Smith's bombing missions with the final events of the war which is interesting in its own rightBut of even interest to me was the coverage of the general events leading to the end of the war While this material is covered in other sources and the author includes a number of references it is material that I was never taught in any high school or college history classes This material is crucial to and generally omitted from the debate about the atomic bombings of JapanIn my college history classes 20 plus years ago there was a definite tilt in what we were taught that Japan was ready to surrender dropping the bombs was unnecessary and it was a pretty mean spirited thing to doThis book shows that many in Japan were uite willing to fight on even despite the atomic bombings The author does a nice job weaving the tale of his final bomb run over Japan with events on the ground and how his mission affected these eventsThere is an earlier version of this story by author Smith The Last Mission An Eye Witness Account by Jim B Smith The B29 Raid that Ended WWII This is essentially the same story but told in first person and including of a personal perspective I also enjoyed this book and would recommend it as well

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The Last Mission The Secret History of World War II's Final BattleRefinery north of Tokyo As a stream of American B 29B bombers approached Tokyo Japanese air defenses fearing the approaching planes signaled the threat of a third atomic bomb ordered a total blackout in Tokyo and the Imperial Palace completely disrupting the rebels plans Smith and his fellow crewmembers completed the mission and a few hours later the Emperor announced the surrender over Japans airwaves dictating the end of the war The Last Mission is an insightful piece of speculative investigation that combines narrative storytelling with historical contingency and explores how two seemingly unrelated events could have profoundly changed the course of modern history This book describes the last bombing mission by the B 29's of the 315th wing of the 20th Air Force This is an important piece of history mainly because this mission took place after the 2nd A bomb was dropped the time most historians claimed the war with Japan ended The research that was done to write this book was done by Jim Smith who was on this mission and knew there was to it than just another raid on Japan's oil refineries What came out of the research and is presented in this book is a story so important that it had to be told What might have happened if this mission had not been flown could have cost the lives of millions of Americans and Japanese In addition to being a good and exciting story this is history that has not been reported before in anywhere near as much detail and with as much accuracy I flew this mission also and have waited nearly 60 years for this story to be told It is done well and with a high concern for accuracy by Smith and McConnell Read it if you care anything about history as it really happened