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READ ´ Sunjata Penguin Classics ð ❮Reading❯ ➷ Sunjata Penguin Classics ➯ Author Bamba Suso – Sunjata Keita was the founder of one of the greatest empires of Western Africa These two epic accounts of his life portray a greedy slow witted child said to have crawled until the age of seven who Sunjata Keita was the founder of one of the greatest empires of Western Africa These two epic accounts of his life portray a greedy slow witted child said to have crawled until the age of seven who grew up as prophecy foretold to becom. So Sunjata is basically the story about the beginnings of the Malian empire in the early 1300s as founded by the great warrior SunjataBamba Suso Banna Kanute were both griots or jalis; griots are West African storytellers Both griots Bamba Suso Banna Kanute were studied in 1970 by Gordon Innes who watchedtranscribedtried to translate the oral story into a printed form Apparently Bamba Suso's style was straightforward direct storytelling while Banna Kanute was of a performer using varied music song styles with each retellingFrom the back of the bookThese stories remain central to the culture of the Mande speaking peoples This book brings together translations of live performances by two leading Gambian jalis or bards Where Banna Kanute's version is all about violent action supernatural forces and the struggle for mastery Bamba Suso uses far dialogue to reveal his insight into human relationshipsI got sidetracked looking up some info trying to understand the griot style how well or not the book translation was going to cover the usual way of the story being toldHere is a little bit about griots Here is a piece of the Sunjata story as it was performed in the 1980s Perhaps this would be a style similar to either Bamba Suso or Banna Kanute though I really don't know And here is a recording of a griot telling the Sunjata story Just a picture w the recording no videoLoved this book found it magnificent as all epic tales tend to be I completely enjoyed reading all the notes info about griots the oral traditions of West Africa heading down rabbit trails reading two different versions of the Sunjata story as presented in this book Well worth your time Drawing of griots as found on wikipedia


Overlords and created the Mali Empire which would last for two centuries Based on events from the early thirteenth century these tales of heroism and magic are still celebrated across West Africa as part of a living epic oral tradition. Like many epics Sunjata praises strength and cunning but the real standouts from both versions make these specific interpretations uniue Bamba Suso’s telling has moments of pleading for mercy and justice and Banna Kannute’s has humor shining through moments of confrontation and violence Both are fascinating and worth a read

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Sunjata Penguin ClassicsE a mighty warrior renowned for his bravery and superhuman strength Sunjata Penguin PDF or They describe how with the help of his sister who seduced their arch enemy Sumanguru into revealing his secret powers Sunjata defeated the Susu. First of all don't skip the footnotes and introduction They make the story much easier to follow and fill in a lot of inferred informationThis book is uite uniue for a Penguin Classics title as there are two separate versions of the Sunjata epic included Unlike other stories like Beowulf there isn't a definitive version of the story of Sunjata so over time different regions across West Africa have developed their own retellings these share the same basic plot but otherwise differ wildlyIt's amazing how polarised the two retellings are The first portrays Sunjata as a sort of traditional hero who defeats his rival and establishes his kingdom The second has much characterisation for chief Sunguru and makes Sunjata of an anti hero mutilating a griot and making him his slave For anyone with even a passing interest in African history I'd strongly recommend tracking a copy of Sunjata down