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In the terrible wake of Hurricane Murder A MOBI #245 Katrina scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand has her hands full getting Memory Mine back in Motif for ePUB #241 business and her relationship with her ex husband Shamus back on its feet But the reconciliation is shattered when. Probably the best one in this series yet though Shamus played a large part in it and I absolutely detest Shamus

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Motif for Murder A Scrapbooking Mystery #4Timental scrapbook of memories and keepsakes What she doesn't realize is that her book holds a clue that could identify the fiend behind the kidnapping and killing And when the murderer finds out that she may be on to him he's going to try to close the book on Carmela once and for a. An interesting mystery light read Love the NewOrleans culture great recipes fun scrap booking tips

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FREE READ Motif for Murder A Scrapbooking Mystery #4 108 ☆ ❮Read❯ ➪ Motif for Murder A Scrapbooking Mystery #4 Author Laura Childs – In the terrible wake of Hurricane Katrina scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand has her hands full getting Memory Mine back in business and her reShamus is kidnapped for Murder A Epub #222 from their home And when Carmela hurries to tell Shamus's Uncle Henry she finds him sitting in his library with a bullet for Murder A Scrapbooking Mystery PDFEPUBthrough his forehead As a memorial to Uncle Henry Carmela puts together a sen. Carmela Bertrand recently reconciled with her estranged husband Shamus Meecham and is living once again in their large home in the Garden District of New Orleans She's lucky in that her scrapbooking shop Memory Mine survived Hurricane Katrina when so many other businesses did not One morning Shamus announces he's going to make breakfast for her with Carmela's misgivings as Shamus is messy and when she hears a crash downstairs she assumes it's him But when she arrives in their kitchen the mess is much larger and includes broken glass because Shamus has been kidnapped After calling the police she runs for help from Shamus's Uncle Henry who lives a few doors down she finds him in his study shot through the head When Carmela's dogs jump on the man he falls over revealing a book stuffed beneath the cushions of the chair which Carmela puts on an end tableThen she calls for police for Henry but they've arrived at her home and before she can get a word in edgewise regarding Henry Shamus's sister runs over screaming about him and passes out Now there's both a kidnapping and a murder And Glory who hates Carmela has just kicked her out of her home and given her five minutes to get outSo Carmela needs to find Shamus since it seems the police aren't making any headway and she also wants to know who killed Henry Even though she's warned to leave it alone Carmela isn't willing to do that Especially when she figures out there's at stake than just the kidnapping It could mean her own life as wellFirst I have to say that while I enjoyed this book I'm pretty sure that Glory couldn't have just kicked Carmela out of the home she'd been living in without serving eviction papers even if it did belong to Glory Carmela was living there with her husband who's missing not dead and if she could just walk up and tell her to leave there'd be a whole lot of nervous people in this country whose relatives don't like them Just sayin' So that kind of threw me I'm pretty sure in Louisiana you have to give at least five days' notice so the police following her around didn't make any sense at allOther than that since this is the fourth in the series I've decided to go back and read them in order and this was the next on my list I thought it was decent in the fact that Carmela is no dummy and can hold her own in a war of wits but she's not very smart when it comes to Shamus I've always felt that he's been keeping her around as eye candy and using her when it's convenient for him Carmela citing that she loves him puts up with his rude behavior toward her Of the first four books this is my least favorite so far It didn't take her long to find Shamus and when she did she allowed him to call people outside by himself What if the kidnappers had seen him and found him Then they'd all be kidnappedAlso it appears when it comes to business neither Glory nor Shamus have any real knowledge of determining character They seem to lend to people they like regardless of whether it makes sense to have that person investigated further before parting with huge amounts of money This also bothered meThe ending I didn't care for at all While everything was resolved the way it normally would be I didn't find it really believable and it was less than satisfying While I may read the next in the series if it isn't up to the standards of the first I probably won't continue This book was heavily disappointing