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Free eBook ✓ ePub Easy Dinners Vegetarian ¶ 9780760769560 Å eyltransferservices · ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Easy Dinners Vegetarian By Carrie Holcomb ✪ – Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater looking to add meatless meals to youThy eating vegetarian style Full color photo of every recipe Complete nutrition analysis for every recipe Timesaving tips Recipes with ingredients familiar to the home co I like this one The recipes are uick and easy Which is good because I am not the most skilled chef

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Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater looking to add meatless meals to your diet this book is for you From eggs and cheese to soups and stews and lots in between y I'm not a vegetarian I used to be but needed the protein in my diet to be healthy and switched back But I still prefer vegetarian meals a lot of the time and enjoy using a variety of cookbooks to create a delicious meatless dish This book was only so so for me and I think it probably would be a good introduction to vegetarian dishes for those who are used to being meat and potatoes peopleEasy Dinners Vegetarian aims at providing uick and simple dishes that don't involve meat There's an introduction to healthful eating that provides a uick overview of what it is to be vegetarian Next we go into the chapters with different recipesThe first chapter is Eggs Cheese This is a uick way to get protein eggs and fat cheese You can be sure that there are frittatas omelets etc in this chapter The Asparagus Potato Scramble was ok but definitely could have used a little seasoning The Vegetable uesadillas were ok they had a good filling that was mostly cheese One of the better recipes in this section was the Cheesy Egg Wedges I enjoyed the use of tomato sauce over the wedge The Olive Potato Frittata was dry but had good flavor The Spinach Feta Frittata was not as dry and had good flavor but would have been made excellent by a little seasoning The same applies to the Curried Eggs with Lentils RiceThe second chapter is Pasta The Ceese Tortellini with Cannellini Bean Sauce wasn't too bad It definitely had a strong beany taste Pasta with Primavera Sauce was ok the sauce just didn't have much of a taste to it Teriyaki Penne suffered from the same lack of flavor as did the Pasta with Three CheesesThe third chapter is Grains Beans Vegetables Spicy Black Beans and Rice just didn't look good as a finished product but it did have a nice flavor to it Mixed Bean Portobello Ragout was ok but didn't inspire a want of seconds One of the better dishes in this chapter was the Couscous Cakes with Black Bean Salsa it was a great way to use up some leftover couscous The Lentil Veggie Tostadas were fun to eat but could have used some spice The Veggie Skillet was pretty good and made a lot that helped to feed me for the whole week as leftoversThe fourth chapter is Soups I didn't end up using any recipes from this section but they did look as they'd be flavorful than the rest of the book Soups like Beer Cheese soup and chili were found in this sectionThe fifth chapter is Main Dish Salads I didn't make any salad either as I just like to throw my salads together with whatever is available But it did seem as if pasta salads were predominant in this chapterThe sixth chapter is Sandwiches Pizzas The Sauteed Onion Tomato Sandwiches were messy but delicious The Grilled Cheese Veggie Sandwiches sounded like a good idea but I didn't end up liking the flavor combination of cabbage and swissThe book finished off with an index and an emergency substitutions page along with some metric conversions Overall this is a good book for a beginner vegetarian cook But it just didn't have a lot of flavor When you're going to leave out meat which is a very heavy seasoner to food you have to make sure to have something aside from cheese to flavor your meal or it comes out very bland Which is what happened with these recipes A bit spice some herbs it would have went a long way to making this a fantastic book Regardless though I'm sure that some who prefer plainer food would really enjoy the recipes in hereReview by M Reynard 2014

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Easy Dinners VegetarianOu're sure to find dozens of recipes to satisfy And a bonus to the cook in a hurry most recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less Features include Special section on heal This book is one of the best vegetarian cookbooks I've ever readused The recipes are all very simple and I had most staple items in my pantry I simply picked up a couple items for any given recipe My teenage son and I taste tested most of the recipes and determined we will be using several of them many times again