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kindle õ Death in Focus Elena Standish #1 Hardcover ☆ anne perry ☆ [Download] ➽ Death in Focus Elena Standish #1 By Anne Perry – In the start of an all new mystery series set in pre World War II Europe an intrepid young photographer carries her dead lover's final Nd an incident in Berlin where Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich are on the rise It seems the message Elena delivered has forced her into a dangerous predicament and her grandfather's old contacts from MI6 may be the only people who can get her out alive if Elena can tell the difference between her allies and her enemies New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry merges family secrets with suspense on the world stage as darkness bubbles under the surface of a Europe on the brink of change In these complicated times Elena emerges as a strong new heroine who learns uickly that when nothing is certain she can rely only on herself This was a promising start to a new series by the author of one of my favorite series Charlotte and Thomas Pitt I loved the historical detail I studied abroad twice in Germany during college and am fascinated by Germany between the wars She captured the essence of the Times perfectly in my opinion and really avoided anachronistic dialogue and thoughts My favorite character was Lucas Standish by far and also Josephine I did have a difficult time relating to Elena at times She just didn’t seem to be at all how Lucas viewed her I found her blind trust in a series of men Ian Jacob Walter to be baffling especially in light of her past The part of her I loved the most was her photography Her passion and knowledge came across beautifully Overall this was a great read and I look forward to seeing where this series goes Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my free digital copy

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Ian When Ian has to leave unexpectedly Elena usually the practical of the sisters finds she's not ready to part from him and the two share a spontaneous train trip home to England But a shocking seuence of events disrupts their itinerary forcing Elena to personally deliver a message to Berlin on Ian's behalf one that could change the fate of EuropeBack home Elena's diplomat father and her secretive grandfather once head of MI6 unbeknownst to his family are involved in their own international machinations Worried when Elena still hasn't returned from Italy her grandfather starts to connect the dots between her change in plans a I was disappointed I was hoping for a book as well written and compelling as Perry's World War I series which began with No Graves As Yet This novel lacked the great characters and suspense I knew who the murdererassassin was after the second victim died and I expected the book to end as it did I didn't especially care for Elena the main character and there was too much repetition about the secret work Lucas Standish and Peter Howard did during the first war Say it once say it twice and then STOP I think Death in Focus may be the first in a planned series about World War II If I'm absolutely desperate ill alone and have read everything in my house including the cereal box I may read the next one Not recommended

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Death in Focus Elena Standish #1In the start of an all new mystery series set in pre World War II Europe an intrepid young photographer carries her dead lover's final world shattering message into the heart of Berlin as Hitler ascends to powerOn vacation from London on the beautiful Italian coast twenty eight year old Elena Standish and her older sister Margot have finally been able to move on from the lasting trauma of the Great War in which the newly married Margot lost her husband and the sisters their beloved brother Touring with her camera in hand Elena has found new inspiration in the striking Italian landscape and she's met an eually striking man named I rarely give up on a book but I stopped this one—and early on When I first started reading I thought it seemed awfully romance y for a mystery but I am fascinated by the between the wars period so I kept going But then I got to this passage part of the description of the lead character’s date with a man she’s just met“She leaned back and looked up at him He had remarkable eyes Did she see the pain of memory in them or just imagine it mirroring her own? He held her closer again gently Perhaps he had lost someone too Who hadn’t? They should hold each other tightly and dance perfectly drowned in the music”For my taste that’s just way too schmaltzy and overwroughtI read a couple of Anne Perry books many years ago but I’m not much interested in the Victorian era and I think that’s why I didn’t continue; I don’t really remember I know she is a very popular author and I don’t imagine her writing style has changed a lot so Anne Perry fans will probably like this new series just fine It’s just not for me I’m so glad I only borrowed it from the library and didn’t spend money on it