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pdf ↠ Absalom by Gordon Rennie Á Gordon Rennie CLEANIN’ UP THE MANOR ONE BLEEDIN’ DEMON AT A TIME Modern day London Veteran copper Detective Inspector Harry Absalom heads a special suad that enforces The Accord – a diplomatic treaty made in the sixte It’s 1578 and there’s a demon chained up in the Tower of London It’s just the kind of surprising development that could lead to rioting on the effluent sodden Tudor streets and cause all manner of upset to the life and reign of Elizabeth I Clearly the whole thing has to be hushed up but silencing hell spawn is no easy matter The best means of retaining the status uo at least outwardly and in the eyes of the masses is the negotiating of a treaty between the throne of England and the power players of Hell a treaty known as The Accord Peace of a kind is achieved with inter marriage between demons and certain powerful aristocratic families sealing the dealFast forward to London of the present day and Detective Inspector Harry Absalom is “cleanin’ up the manor one bleedin’ demon at a time” If any demonic entities step out of line and breach the terms of The Accord Absalom and his special suad of demon busting coppers track the offenders down and re educate them permanently It’s a thankless job but Harry Absalom isn’t the kind of guy who’s out for gloryAbsalom Ghosts of London collects the first three stories ‘Noblesse Oblige’ ‘Sick Leave’ and ‘Ghosts of London’ in Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion’s spin off from the Caballistics Inc 2000AD series It’s a twisted police procedural where organised crime and conspiracy meets folklore and mythology and so yes is reminiscent of BPRD Hellblazer the Felix Castor books and probably some other stuff too Having said that it’s one of the best new strips to come out of 2000AD in uite a while While the central concept of hardboiled coppers protecting an unsuspecting public from the nightmarish nasties that roam the streets of London is not that new Gordon Rennie has built some excellent characters and stories out of the ideaHarry Absalom is a great if unlikely and misanthropic hero He’s the best in the business at hunting down demons probably because he’s been at it the longest Absalom was actually there in 1578 when first contact with Hell was made – his cutting off the demon’s tongue three times unfortunately failing to prevent the dialogue that led to The Accord – and he has been serving the public ever since Not that he’s a happy public servant though Absalom’s terminal cancer is nowhere near terminal enough for him He makes the best of his job rather than enjoying it and despite having a seemingly loyal team backing him up is completely ruthless when it comes to maintaining the balance between the human and the demonic worldsTiernen Trevallion’s art in Absalom is crisp and striking The illustrations are all in black and white which both echoes the melancholy tone of Absalom’s investigations and also allows Trevallion to pack detail into the panels Absalom is really a horror series so there’s plenty of gore and destruction to be seen but Trevallion also manages to work in uite a bit of humour to the scenes going on around Harry Absalom and CoAbsalom Ghosts of London is a gleefully dark paranormal detection series There’s lots of good old fashioned ass kicking and sharp wise cracking involved in Absalom’s investigations with the villains he faces being powerful demons and demonhuman hybrids instead of regular criminals He’s a whisky soaked laudanum infused mess of a detective but Harry Absalom is just the kind of guy who can plausibly fight back the forces of hell and then pop out for a curry Absalom Ghosts of London is the first collection of Absalom strips but hopefully Rennie and Trevallion have plenty story ideas in development

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mobi Ó Absalom by Gordon Rennie Paperback ↠ eyltransferservices Á [Reading] ➾ Absalom Author Gordon Rennie – CLEANIN’ UP THE MANOR ONE BLEEDIN’ DEMON AT A TIME Modern day London Veteran copper Detective Inspector Harry Absalom heads a special suad that enforces Enth century between the throne of England and Hell If any demonic entities step out of line Harry and his team will track the infernal offenders down and sort them out for good A miserable old bastard with a A clever tactic to start a series near the end of the main character's life it leaves space for preuals Detective Inspector Harry Absalom is a re spin of a minor character in Rennie's Caballistics Inc Absalom has been around the block a few times and doesn't suffer fools or demons gladly His department's job is to enforce the human side of The Accord between the throne of England and Hell a diplomatic treaty made in the sixteenth centuryAbsalom might not use politically correct language but he knows when to give people their due and how to expose abuse of power When comparing theoretical golden ages with the main villain Absalom says I'm thinking pigeon fancying and whippet racing but you're thinking fox hunting and peasant baiting I want a world where I can sit in the pub and watch the racing without some nutter sounding off You want one where the important thing is the oiks remembering how to bow low enough to you and your posh matesTiernen Trevallion a regular of 2000AD brings it all to grisly lifeAt the time of writing there are two collections in the series

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Absalom by Gordon RennKnack for finding trouble Harry is the perfect man for the jobWritten by Gordon Rennie Necronauts with stunning artwork from new talent Tiernen Trevallion Absalom is a thrill packed mixture of cops and horrors The one liners Oh the one liners I loved this graphic novel I really did If you like dry English humour this is a must have The story is so over the top but delivered in a gripping you're not getting out of your seat until you've finished it way I picked it up from the library but I'm actually thinking of buying it