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Croatia is blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and in recent years has become a favorite This historical overview of Croatia is one of a “Traveller’s History” series featuring many different nations although there is none for any of the other former Yugoslav Republics My family is American Croat We say “Croatian American” here and so when I saw this at a Friends of the Library sale I thought it might add some details to what I already know of the subject I have no particular travel plans although certainly I have been to Croatia in the pastThe book is far informative than a typical travel guide but less detailed than an academic textbook – probably about perfect for my purposes It is chronologically arranged and while it emphasizes things and places a traveler might see it also provides analysis of the forces that shaped events presumably some sort of consensus view As we all know the history of this part of the world is very complicated and the thread that the author traces is the inhabitants of the land be they Roman or Slavic or other and the governing empires based outside of Croatia itself It bogs down in the medieval centuries after the Roman Empire and before the Ottoman Empire but probably that is the nature of the highly fragmented period itself The book ends with the current status of Croatia as an EU member stateThe author was educated in the US and resides in the UK While this book was published in the US it does contain British spellings such as “traveller” Not a big deal; there is not a British specific perspective I read the second edition with latest events in the chronology being 2016 Benjamin Curtis has also written a related book The Habsburgs The History of a Dynasty 2013

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A Travellers History of Croatia Tourist destination This handbook takes an inside look at the complex roots of Croatian history from the earliest tim I purchased this before my first trip to Croatia in 2019 It is a great resource that really helped me understand the complex history of that remarkable country and its people from settlement by the Greeks in the 4th century BCE through the 1990s “Homeland War” and the present to about 2015 Engagingly written and remarkably easy to read despite being jam packed with information I can heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia It is part of a series and I intend to read others

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A Travellers History of Croatia Book ☆ 274 pages Download ✓ Eyltransferservices × ✭ [PDF] ✪ A Travellers History of Croatia By Benjamin Curtis ✺ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Croatia is blessed with some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and in E to the present as well as the many influences visitors will see on its towns ports and islands Maps and line drawin So many facts and so much history a little overwhelming actually Starting in ancient times and covering all the kingdoms that dominated Croatia over the centuries it really provides a ton of information I was most interested in the recent past as I remember Yugoslavia falling apart and the wars in the 90s but I was not uite old enough to really know what was going on