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read kindle Ø A Land of Permanent Goodbyes Ô Hardcover ´ atia abawi Á [Download] ✤ A Land of Permanent Goodbyes Author Atia Abawi – In a country ripped apart by war Tare lives with his big and loving family until the bombs strike His city is in ruins HisNger at every turn Tare must find the resilience and courage to complete his harrowing journeyBut while this is one family's story it is also the timeless tale of all wars of all tragedy and of all strife When you are a refugee success is outliving your lo This book made me cry At my desk In public It was every bit of a lovely book that I needed this year

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E out their uncertain futureIn the wake of destruction he's threatened by Daesh fighters and witnesses a public beheading Tare's family knows that to continue to stay alive they must leave As they travel as refugees from Syria to Turkey to Greece facing da The refugee crisis is one that needs to be talked about and despite this book’s many shortcomings it did at least do that It doesn’t do so as well or as powerfully as I hoped but it is one of the few positive things that definitely cannot be discounted It’s just a shame because it could have been so much This is clearly a book that panders to a white audience From the offset the book was obviously invested in creating characters that were human by relating various anecdotes that would make these characters ‘relatable’ I have nothing against this in fact humanizing marginalized characters is something I always support but it was done so transparently and ineffectually here It felt forced and artificial the characters two dimensional and not existing beyond these few characteristics that defined them The writing style doesn’t help either for the most part it’s clunky and painfully detached and doesn’t pack any of the emotional punch you’d expect for all the dark harrowing scenes there are throughout But it doesn’t end there One of the main things that bothered me about how this ‘humanization’ took place was that the characters weren’t particularly religious and it seemed like a decision made to make them somehow easily relatable to show that Islam comes in different shades I just couldn’t see how this was a wise decision here having the majority of the protagonists not do casual things like pray or wear a hijab while having the ISIS characters enforce these things in an extremely violent manner The only time Islam was ever explicitly talked about was through the mouths of these radicalist characters I’m not blaming the author’s intentions here I’m just saying that despite the obligatory claim that ‘ISIS is not really Islam’ that’s slipped in near the beginning all actions and evidence in this novel fail to support this for the simple fact that there isn’t much explicit Islam outside of this and that’s a very poor piece of negligence on the author’s part especially when dealing with an already demonized religion But it doesn’t end there From there I noticed how awkwardly didactic the book would get at times explaining in very transparent ways about the political situation in Syria namely the problems with ISIS and the rebels and the Assad regime The problem is that’s where the discourse stops Every time politics are brought up in any way it stops short of mentioning anything about the involvement of the US or any western powers for that matter the brunt of the blame the brunt of the origin of all the suffering falls on the shoulders of the Middle East and the Middle East alone If a book is going to be incredibly direct in its discussion of politics then there is absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t have come up But it doesn’t end there either And so the pandering continues Moving down to a smaller scale from these large political ideas about who’s to blame for this whole crisis down to the plot itself and what happens to our main characters as they attempt to travel west and escape the tragedies of Syria The blame again continues to fall on the Middle Eastern characters You have the portrayal of the treatment the refugees receive at the hands of the Turkish starkly contrasted against the welcome they’re met with in Greece In one place they are described as being treated worse than dogs there is a literal scene where the main character looks at a dog being fed and says this in case this wasn’t clear enough to the undiscerning reader exploited forced into prostitution through desperation being cheated out of their money and generally taken advantage of In the other they’re welcomed by predominantly white saviours from across the world into a refugee camp given shelter food and clothing But it doesn’t end there In the whole book the author tries to discount some of the misinformation spread about refugees tries to paint them in a different light Tries to show that the suicide bombers and the rapists are an infinitesimal fraction of a larger whole She says all these things trying to justify the presence of refugees in a foreign country while never touching on the treatment these refugees face at the hands of the people they turn for refuge to She never touches on the harassment the attacks any of that She shows the ugly side of the Middle East not even attempting to cover it up bringing forth incredibly incomplete arguments that don’t support the point she’s trying to make without even bothering to show any of the flip side any of the ugliness that exists outside of it And that’s my main problem with the book The way it’s framed the way everything is told it’s like the root of all evil lies at the heart of the Middle East and you have these broken people trying to escape it as best they can while bringing some of that evil along with them I’m not saying this is the message the book is trying to get across I’m saying this is the message that ends up getting across when the author fails to acknowledge half of the issue sweeping it under the rug for whoever’s sensibilities it is she’s trying not to offend And despite the fact that this is a book that talks about such an important issue and tries to portray it in such a realistic and harrowing way

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A Land of Permanent GoodbyesIn a country ripped apart of Permanent Kindle #180 by war Tare lives with his big and loving A Land ePUB #241 family until the bombs strike His city is in ruins His life is destroyed And Land of Permanent Epub #218 those who have survived are left to figur What an astounding book  Though not too violent at its core this book certainly displays an affinity for discussing the aftereffects and reactions to the violence which humanity commits on a day to day basis namely in this book terrorism caused by Daesh in Syria  As we begin to follow Tare we are also allowed insight not only into what used to be his everyday life but into the horrors he now bears witness to and the fears others harbor towards him  Nuanced would be the word I'd use to describe this bookI'll be honest  I live a pretty comfortable life  Even cases of domestic terrorism are pretty far away from me which allows me to be unsettled but still feeling rather safe in where I am  Everything I know about refugees and fleeing one's home is theoretical and likely through the lens of a white journalist  This is why this book felt so important to me because it uestioned what I knew what I didn't know and taught me than I thought it could  Because I don't know the author I can't definitively say what her goal was in writing this book  But if it was to enlighten white readers about the horrors refugees must face she succeeded  If it was to delve into a character's fears and anxieties about being forced to flee from the place he's always know she succeeded  If it was to critiue governments and charities and relief systems' reactions to terrorism she succeeded  This book did a lot of things and it succeededAnother thing I think it succeeded in was the position of the narrator which is destiny  I think it's a wonderful call to The Book Thief and it works so well   The narration wonderfully navigates the fine line between you can't outrun destiny and nothing's set in stone  Overall this book is a wonderful beautiful book that does not shy away from the violence and horrors one must endure due to terrorism  If you enjoy or are interested in learning about other cultures human trafficking homelessness and hard or unpresent goodbyes this book is definitely for youReview cross listed here