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Draco Veritas is the final installment Draco Trilogy Kindle #208 of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire Since it was started before Harry Pot. Well that was super long but excting journeyIt took me FOREVER to read it but when I reached the point of or less 60% I couldn't put it down I had to know what's gonna happen and how it's gonna endMy little fangirl heart is now satifiedTime to breath in breathe out and move on No it doesn't Dude Who am I kidding I will NEVER be able to move onOk Eeva snap out of it Stop daydreaming and do your reviewOk so as I said reading it takes forever It's a serious comitement so if you're not crazy obessed with HP then think twiceI am and I consider reading this fanfic trilogy the best idea I had this year So far I meanAs you may know or as you may not I'm not HarryHermione shipper I'm also not DracoGinny shipper I know rightI was satisfied how HP books ended But if I could change one thing Well I'm a huge Drarry shipper and I was hoping against hope that I will get some of it I did but not in a very satyfing way Oh well girl can't have everything can sheOther parings here are very nicely done YAY for Sirius and Narcissa even if I'm not a fan smaller yay for Harry and HermioneI liked how some characters that we haven't really get to know in the original books were developed like Charlie Weasley Pansy Parkinson Narcissa Malfoy or even Tom RiddleThe most awkward part of this fanfic is Blaise Zabini being a GRIL Blaise Come on It's a guy's name So AwkwardYeah you get my drift That's how Blaise Zabini is It was too weird to look past that even though fanfic Blaise is pretty coolBesides that it was so cool to see al my beloved characters alive and breathing From my previous review you know that Sirius is alive but in this part we get to know that Alastor Moody is as well I don't know the fact that Moody is alive makes me feel like everything in this world will be all rightAll you crazy Draco fans this part is heaven on Earth for all of us All of you I meant to say It's not like I'm crazy Draco fan I'm notHe's so vulnerable and hurt and unsure and scarred both physicaly and emotionally and misunderstood hiding his feeling afraid to show love and affection but feeling them oh so deeplyYeah I know that book Draco is just an asshole But this Draco Yeah He's book boyfriend number oneHarry is or less the same just full of teenage angst And I mean FULL of it I have not seen such an angsty teenager with hero complex since well I don't know if I ever seen it in such scaleHe's still the Chosen One The Boy Who Lived though Hey that's fine by me Just remember he's not the focus point of those storiesHe becomes great friend to Draco and that's something amazing something I dreamed about while reading HP booksHermione is still super cute know it all determined to help her friends in defeating Dark Lord or Dark Lords to be exact Ron has his own great role to play and that's great He's no sidekick herePlot is much interesting that in Draco Sinister but it drags on and on and on even There are bazillion of subplots every one pretty important for the main plotline but sometimes it's getting tiring Scenes tend to be too long my fave kiss scene is like 5 pages long but they're still interesting and super funnyTalking about funnyThis fanfic is hilarious If I wanted to post here every funny comment scene or line I'd have to copy paste 70% of the whole book As I said before Draco is an OBVIOUS prototype for JaceWill And that's fine by me to be honest bc I ADORE Jace and WillThere are a lot of things that you will recognize from TMI or TDIYou want example SureThe falcon story to love is to destroy or Black suits you Looking Better In Black Than the Widows of Our Enemies Since 1500 Draco said It's a Malfoy family motto or David and Jonathan story And it came to pass that that the soiul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David or the story about waiting for the other person at the river and passing it togetherRing any bellsI'd seriously give it 5 stars just because of the FEELS I had while reading it today I was crying at work and I was praying that no one would come into my office but it was too long and that's the only reason why I'm giving it 4The ending is perfect and I'm not talking about how everyone had their love interests and how love conuered all I'm talking about how view spoiler Draco looked into Mirror of Erised and saw himself just the way he was hide spoiler

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Draco Veritas Draco Trilogy #3Ter and the Order of the Phoenix and set after it it is now an alternate universe Draco Veritas PDFEPUB or fic It was very influential in the e. Draco Veritas is book 3 in the Draco Trilogy fanficThis book was longer than the previous 2 put together There were times when I got uite bored and the story sometimes just went on and on with nothing much actually happening I also really hated Hermione and the fact that she just couldn't choose between the boys or how when she was all alone with Draco she'd be thinking about him and so on Draco is the only character that I still liked after finishing the book; all the others seemed so different from the Harry Potter books almost unrecognisable Parts of this book did make me laugh out loud Overall a good end to the trilogy

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SUMMARY ☆ Draco Veritas Draco Trilogy #3 ✓ ☁ Draco Veritas Draco Trilogy #3 PDF / Epub ✎ Author Cassandra Claire – Draco Veritas is the final installment of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire Since it was started before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and set after it it is now anArly days of the fandom but became controversial when it was found that parts of it were plagiarizedIt follows Draco Dormiens and Draco Siniste. Honestly it was amazing It was long but I didn’t mind I just needed to keep reading The story line is amazing and the characters are so deep