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Midwinter Night's DreamNg Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream just before the Christmas break When his venue cancels at the last minute Micah offers the use of his parent’s barn in rural Pennsylvania Leo’s play may be saved but what about his heart Between Micah’s sweet lips his family’s welcoming arms and a devious bulldog who is determined to play Puck Leo may find himself falling under the spell of Christmas magic. 3 Stars

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DOWNLOAD Midwinter Night's Dream í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ ➤ [Epub] ➞ Midwinter Night's Dream By Eli Easton ➮ – Micah is the hippest most chill guy on campus But when he gets the hottest kiss of his life from a cute guy during a game of ‘spin the bottle’ MicahMicah is the hippest most chill guy on campus But when he gets the hottest kiss of his life from a cute guy during a game of ‘spin the bottle’ Micah’s cool turns into a puddle of anxious goo Sure Micah’s always Midwinter Night's Kindle been a little bi curious but he never thought he’d pursue a guy much less a guy who doesn’t seem to be interested in getting caughtLeo is passionate about two th. 25 disappointing stars Review posted November 26 2015I needed 36 hours to finish a novella with 121 pages because I never felt invested in Micah and Leo's storyI devoured Easton's Christmas novellas Unwrapping Hank and Blame It on the Mistletoe So it saddens me even to say that Midwinter Night's Dream disappointed me greatly The only aspect I actually enjoyed about this Christmas novella was catching up with Hank and Sloane MCs of Unwrapping Hank It's rather telling isn't it You just knowHouston we have a problemI mean when I enjoy the secondary characters' cameo than the main couple's presence then something is very wrong The kissing game was ok but from there on the allegedly unresolved sexual tension was incredibly weak the buildup WHAT BUILDUP ANYWAY boring and the romance between Micah and Leo seriously lacking So while the buildup was dull everything felt rushed when they did come together eventually I only skimmed the final 20% because I was past caring at that point Speaking of secondary characters view spoilerYas and Helen hide spoiler

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Ings gay rights activism and acting He stays focused and in control and he never ever dates straight guys When a chance spin of a bottle at a party has him locking lips with Micah Springfield president of the Delts dread headed serial dating straight Micah Leo is determined to forget about it no matter how incendiary the sparks or how gorgeous Micah may beLeo has bigger problems His senior project is directi. 25 starsIt kills me to say this because Eli Easton is one of my favorite authors but this wasn't her best work And GAH what a disappointment after the splendor that was Unwrapping Hank Micah was okay I guess He was laid back but almost too much for my taste His laziness let his psuedo relationship with Yaz go on for too long and his seemingly lack of caring made the sexuality discovery aspect less dramatic He just went with the flow to a level that didn't carry the story wellMy biggest issue with the story was that most of the relationship development happened off page There were very few moments with Leo and Micah alone together and some of their page time was stolen by Helen and Yaz's story totally unnecessary and forced BTW The sexual tension the build up just was NOT there and that is the best part of most of Eli Easton's stories I sad I sad better luck next year Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review