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The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines kindle ↠ Paperback Ú eyltransferservices á [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines Author Jo Ann Yhard – Thirteen year old Grace already has too much going on grieving over her father's mysterious death dealing wiFred Mai and Jeeter like to get away from it all by hunting for fossils near their secret hideaway the abandoned mine they've nicknamed The Black Hole But when Grace receives a strange note regarding her father's disappearance it sets off a chain of events that sees Grace and her friends turning into detect This is a wonderful fast paced mystery in the style of Nancy Drew for those of you who read those The Hardy Boys if you're a boy and most importantly the awesome mystery chapter books of the 1980s if you're meGrace is a wonderful character snarky fearless but secretly very soft hearted especially about her father whose disappearance and presumed death sets the story in motionShe is backed up by a wonderful gang consisting of accident prone Fred extremely organize Mai and the mysterious and cute Jeeter the new kid at schoolAnd on top of all this fabulousness its setting Cape Breton Nova Scotia adds to the atmosphere as the kids go hunting for cool fossils while evading opportunistic environmental piratesThis is a perfect book for all ages

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Ives to solve the mystery behind his suspicious disappearance As the clues and suspects start piling up and the investigation becomes and dangerous Grace and her friends find themselves racing against time through treacherous sinkholes and abandoned mine shafts to figure out what really happened to her fath Reading THE FOSSIL HUNTER OF SYDNEY MINES was like taking a huge step back into my childhood I devoured this book now and I would have then With a solid mystery that had me reminiscing of Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew odd combination I know but that’s what I thought of I was drawn in by the plot and charactersGrace Jeeter Fred and Mai are four friends who spend their spare time sneaking out to their hiding place in an abandoned mine and looking for fossils Grace’s father a fossil hunter himself died a few months previous in a car accident and the mystery starts up fast and furious when Grace receives a note in her locker saying it wasn’t an accident With the help of her friends Grace sets out to find whoever sent her the note and to discover if her father is alive or notIt’s always fun when I can read a book and know the places being discussed and explored so books set in Nova Scotia always make me happy having Jo Ann Yhard be a Nova Scotia writer is just double the awesomeness I have friends from Sydney and Sydney Mines so I was able to connect with the book right away Plus it was incredibly easy to care about Grace and her friends – I loved their dynamics and friendship Grace tries so hard to be brave and tough all the time but she’s lost without her dad and throws herself into solving this mystery in the hope everything will turn out the way she wants it to in the end She’s a pretty smart cookie loyal to her friends wears her heart on her sleeve and is passionate about fossils Fred and Mai are the fun loving uirky smart and loyal best friends and fellow detectives Jeeter seems that way at first but his character flows and changes as the mystery is unraveled And speaking of mystery – so good I was incredibly happy with the way the kids solved the mystery of the note and what it could all mean They didn’t have crazy elaborate plots or smarts – they just used their good old fashioned detective skills put two and two together and had some pretty good luck and people looking out for them Yea they were kind of out running the streets and it probably isn’t the safest to play in abandoned mines but I maintain that kids will be kids and Grace’s mother did ground her at just a hint that Grace had been hanging out at “Black Hole” Since I’m not a tweenteen any and daily look after 30 kids I sympathized with Grace’s mother so much It can’t be easy looking after a headstrong teen when your life’s been turned upside down I think she handles things pretty well consideringTHE FOSSIL HUNTER OF SYDNEY MINES is a genuine well told mystery that I wouldn’t hesitate to place in the hands of anyone even mature middle grade readers no matter their age I was kept reading trying to figure out “who done it” and it’s one of those books that feels like an old friend by the time you turn the last pageOriginally posted at Escape Through the Pages with a 45 star rating

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The Fossil Hunter of Sydney MinesThirteen year old Hunter of PDF #205 Grace already has too much going on grieving over her father's mysterious The Fossil PDFEPUBdeath dealing with her distraught mother's erratic parenting and evading her creepy nosy neighbor Mr Stuckless Fossil Hunter of PDFEPUB #235 just for starters She and her friends Originally posted on forgot how much I loved a great middle grade mystery When I was in grade six I got into Eric Wilson’s Tom and Liz Austin mysteries and started dreaming of being a writer when I grew up Reading The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines took me back to those days and left me with a happy glowy feelingThis was a smart mystery I mean I’m 36 and there was stuff that I didn’t figure out But once things were resolved it was easy to look back and go “Ah so THAT’S what happened” A lot takes place in The Fossil Hunters of Sydney Mines but it was all great I mean getting to read about the tar ponds My Mom lost her grade 8 math book in those tar ponds I love reading books about local placesGrace was a great character In fact ALL the characters were great Her friends were fun to read about each bringing something different to the story And there was much talk of chocolate How could you not love thatOh you know what else The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines reminded me of Scooby Doo It totally had a “those meddling kids” kinda vibe to it Loved thatI know this might not be an uber helpful review but you know how I get when I love a book I kinda go into blathering mode If you enjoy MG fiction or have kids that read go out and buy The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines Just trust me