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MOBI î DOC Vendetta Stone 9781490331522 ↠ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ↠ [Read] ➶ Vendetta Stone ➳ Tom Wood – A VOW OF VENGEANCE How far would you go to find the man who murdered your wife? For Jackson Stone a Nashville advertising executive avid outdoorsman and formerAl comments uickly go viral and reaction is swift from the police to Jackson's family members to his church family from bloggers to victim's right advocates to anti violence groups Everyone takes sides and his comments divide Music City like never before Soon the hunter b InterestingThe true crimenature of thisnovel was what luredmein but much of the way the story played out left me a sceptical reader Still I stuck it through until the end so there's that

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Ecomes the hunted and Jackson's fate will be decided in a suspenseful showdown at one of Nashville's iconic landmarks There to chronicle it all is journalist Gerry Hilliard who recounts his own role in tracking down the killer in his first true crime book 'Vendetta Stone' Reporter Tom Wood’s fictional true crime thriller twistsAuthor Tom Wood has gracefully overcome obstacles to one of the most difficult genre forms and this true crime thriller twists The narrator a reporter following the case plans to write a totally true crime book based on his investigative journalism for the case In his debut novel Vendetta Stone Tom Wood a 36 year veteran sports and news reporter of the Nashville Tennessean leads us on a tortuous cat and mouse chase through the city’s seamiest neighborhoods in pursuit of the killer of a popular recording and country singing star In the plot’s twists and turns Jackson Stone the victim’s husband the protagonist races to discover and catch the perpetrator while his narrator and writer of a true crime novel reporter Gerry Hilliard also must stay one step ahead of his news competitors Hilliard races with internet feeds the blogosphere and television news to be first with the story His challenge is to believe in the innocence of Stone the still suspicious husband of the murdered songstress Stone vows not only to find the killer but to avenge his beloved wife’s brutal murderAs the drama unfolds Jackson Stone follows his gut instinct and inside knowledge of the people involved while Hilliard applies his skills as a crime reporter he sifts through clues contacts leads and interviews suspects Both try to anticipate the killer’s next move When Stone’s next door neighbors a kind and caring couple are found dead in an apparent murder suicide Hilliard smells a rat and suspects it is the work of a deviant serial killer But first he must convince his skeptical editors and publisher to stay with him and his story He tries to outwit law enforcement rival news sources the victim’s husband and the perpetrator to land the both the killer and the biggest story of the decadeStone races to stay ahead of the murderer all the way to a thrilling climax atop a famous Nashville landmark Hilliard follows close on his heels This thriller offers a revealing look at the cutthroat world of today’s news business in addition to matching wits with a serial killer The double suspense is well worth the modest price of admission

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Vendetta StoneA VOW OF VENGEANCE How far would you go to find the man who murdered your wife? For Jackson Stone a Nashville advertising executive avid outdoorsman and former Marine his journey begins with an extraordinary press conference to announce his deadly intentions The sensation I met this engaging author recently at the Southern Festival of Books where he graciously pitched his novel The concept sounded very intriguing unlike anything I'd read before and I love reading books set in Nashville so I bought a signed copy with my remaining cash Had life cooperated I could have easily completed the book in one sitting what a thriller Mr Wood crafted an excellent true crime story in great detail told from the uniue perspective of a local reporter An exceptional job on this debut novel I will definitely read from Tom Wood