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Sn't easyHer visions of a raging forest fire and an alluring stranger lead her to a new school in a new town When she meets Christian who turns out to be the boy of her dreams literally everything seems to fall into place and out of place at the same time Because there's another guy Tucker who appeals to Clara's less angelic sideAs Clara tries to find her way in a I always feel a little bad when I disagree with the majority about a book like there must be something I'm missing or I obviously didn't 'get' it I do understand why a lot of people enjoyed Unearthly and there were parts I liked too but I still wasn't blown away As far as young adult stories about angels go this is probably one of the best only that's not really saying much I found the book okay in many ways I don't have a huge rant to make about girls who are obsessed with boys over everything else or just plain annoying but the most dominant emotion I felt through a lot of this novel was boredomIt seems that my expectations are always going to be ripped apart and tossed aside If I'd opened this book expecting to hate it I'd probably have written a 5 star dazzling review As it happens I was hyped up on all the rave reviews even from some of my hardest to please friends and I kept reading on and on and waiting for the plot or characters to grab me so I'd think yes I definitely see why everyone loves this but it never happened that way It starts with a mysterious vision that sounded potentially very interesting which then leads our protagonist Clara and her family to Wyoming in order to follow the call of her angelic purpose she's part angel From there the story simply seems to spiral off into another high school drama Clara's angelic purpose all centres around the hottest and most popular boy in school and she then of course becomes immediate enemies with his eually gorgeous and popular girlfriend Then we get to an array of proms boy troubles class projects and finally the realisation that maybe mr popular angelic purpose is not the one Clara truly wants to be withIt was all fine I just never got a sense of wow or any particular need to stalk until Hallowed comes out I wanted very much to like it I don't know if my expectations were too high but I obviously missed what makes this book so special That's why I'd still recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of young adult paranormalness not a word?? because I'm fairly sure that the problem was my own Everyone I've talked to loved this book and I'm not entirely sure why I just couldn't get into it The characters were varied and interesting there were some parts I found uite funny it just I don't know The best thing I can tell you in this review is to read it for yourself

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UnearthlyWorld she no longer understands she encounters unseen dangers and choices she never thought she'd have to make between honesty and deceit love and duty good and evil When the fire from her vision finally ignites will Clara be ready to face her destiny?Unearthly is a moving tale of love and fate and the struggle between following the rules and following your heart When I saw that one of my favorite goodreaders Tatiana gave this book four stars I thought she'd gone insane I mean it's a YA book featuring angels for crying out loud Surely it can't be good let alone worthy of four whole stars from Tatiana so clearly she lost her mind But I purchased the audiobook anyway because it was January 13th and I was anxiously awaiting the release of Shadowfever which was still five days away at the time Plus it didn't hurt that this audiobook was reasonably priced Initially I was a little irritated with Unearthly It starts out with a dreamvision that the main character has is it just me or do too many of these books start out the exact same way? But I kept with it because I paid for it dangit Fortunately it didn't take too long for my initial irritation to wear off I'd say no longer then the first few chapters For the next several chapters I didn't have much of an opinion Not that the book was bad because it wasn't The writing was fine good even but I refused to make an official judgment call Too many times I've fallen in love with a book only in the end to hate it than poison I wasn't going to get burned Nope Not me Not again Now all is said and done I'm going to go ahead and say Tatiana isn't crazy This book is good In fact I'm going to go ahead and give this book four stars because I really like it Though in my heart it will always be a five star read because it's one of few YA paranormal romances that doesn't make me want to go on a stabbing spree Also? Unearthly is the only published YA novel featuring angels that doesn't make me want to hunt down the author so I can punch himher in the face repeatedly I know the last few sentences make me seem violent beyond all reason but believe me I have plenty of reason Just read every other YA paranormal romance featuring angels and you'll agree And anyway when I say 'stabbing spree' I really mean 'write a scathing review andor weep for all the trees destroyed in order to publish such atrocities' And when I say 'hunt down the author so I can punch himher in the face'? well I actually mean that Moving onSeeing as most publishers have been saturating the market with badly written ill plotted out basically retarded series about some supernatural something falling in love twuuuuu wuvvvvv with a vapid human I'd begun to believe there was no such thing as a good or even great YA paranormal romance Especially when angels are involved But Cynthia Hand changed my mind with her debut novel Unearthly It's funny but Unearthly doesn't contain some magical new concept or some amazing innovative plot twist that will make your head explode It's just good That's it Turns out Cynthia Hand's secret is actually no secret at all She employs the method of showing her audience not telling That's right Cynthia Hand doesn't assume her audience is mentally challenged Also? Her main character Clara Gardener doesn't have the mental capacity of a boy crazed unmedicated ADHD 'tween hopped up on pixie stix She's normal And by normal I mean Clara's just a regular well adjusted non angry non emo non cutting teen Although yeah she has angel blood pumping through her veins but she's incredibly easy to relate to nonetheless What I love Clara doesn't do what every other protagonist in this genre does inform you she's super intelligent 'cuz she likes calculus n stuff only to prove otherwise as she dithers about like a blind slack jawed yokel the duration of the novel She's better than that Also? She has a healthy yet realistic relationship with her mother They actually talk to each other and are for the most part honest with one another It's uite refreshing actually Clara isn't the the world's only most speshul angel blood evuh She's actually one of many though at first she doesn't know of any others beside her mother and her younger brother She also isn't super good at everything she does Clara doesn't have every boy falling for her at least no then your average teenage girl And like all teenagers she manages to make a fool of herself every once in a while Like I said refreshing What I really love skip this if you plan on reading this book as it is sort of spoiler y albeit hardly view spoilerthe romance It's a real importantly healthy teenage romance wherein the characters actually talk to one another get to know one another before falling in love or even liking each other for that matter The guy in this book? Is normal He acts like a normal teenage guy He's not unintentionally feminine or too good to be true But he's not over the top alpha male either He's just that one guy you went to school with You know the guy everyone liked not because he was the hottest or richest in fact he probably wasn't but because he was funny charismatic and just overall likable despite his flaws though yeah it didn't hurt that he was good looking Yeah That guy And when Clara gets together with him well they aren't obnoxious No gazing into one another's eyes talking about how unworthy they feel No waxing poetic about perfect Adonis like bodies and angel like faces Their relationship contains actual substance hide spoiler

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epub è Unearthly ì read Ù cynthia hand ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Unearthly Author Cynthia Hand – Eyltransferservices.co.uk In the beginning there's a boy standing in the treesClara Gardner has recently learned that she's part angel Having angel blood run through her veins not only makes her smarter strIn the beginning there's a boy standing in the treesClara Gardner has recently learned that she's part angel Having angel blood run through her veins not only makes her smarter stronger and faster than humans a word she realizes that no longer applies to her but it means she has a purpose something she was put on this earth to do Figuring out what that is though i It's been a few months since I finished this book and I'm still swooning You shall be read again soon my precioussssssActual rating Teetering on 45 stars Hush Hush who? Halo what? Fallen huh?After reading the catastrophe Hush Hush I had pretty much given up on reading any books involving angels As far as I was concerned it would be my first and last angel book I resisted the urge mostly thanks to my dear Goodreads friend's reviews to pick up Halo and Fallen even though they still remain on my TBR shelf At first glance I thought 435 pages? This means 435 pages of misery or 435 pages of awesomeness Needless to say I was not very optimistic about this book demoting it all the way to the bottom of the library book pile But I decided to give it a chance And I can honestly say I'm glad I did Unearthly will make you forget all about those sad pathetic excuses for a book about angels Unearthly is the real deal Unearthly tells the story of a 16 year old girl Clara who is 14 part angel blood The book opens with her discovering her purpose in life It appears she is destined to save a young boy from a forest fire So together with her mother and brother Jeffery they pack up their house and home and move from California to Wyoming At first glance you think you have this book figured out You're thinking Ok I know what's going to happen She is going to save this dude and they are going to fall in love yada yada yada And just when you're feeling really clever for single handedly predicting the outcome of the book Cynthia Hand shatters your preconceptions I love a good plot twist and this book exceeded my expectations A few things I LOVED about Unearthly1 No disappearing parent syndrome Clara's mother was very much apart of her life Albeit mysteriously she is always there to help Clara with succeeding in fulfilling her purpose 2 Likeable heroine Not once did I feel irritated at Clara for doing something dumb She isn't overly whinny or a pathetic damsel 3 Healthy relationships You will not find insta love in this book No sir In fact I would say Hand may have written one of the best developing relationships I've read in a long time She let it build up perfectly By the time our heroine actually falls in love it is believable As a result it is much easier to feel Clara's emotions I could feel myself swooning Clara isn't overly dependent on her love interest either She learns to draw on her own inner strength Kudoos to Hand for handeling this very wellIf there is one complaint I have it't that I didn't really like how it ended It felt akward to me like it was imcomplete There are so many unanswered uestion left in the ending that it almost drove me insane And to top it off the next book doesn't come out till next freakin' year AnywhoIn conclusion it pains me to think this book will be compared to Halo Fallen and Hush Hush It's in a higher and better league then them hands down So I've decided to do my own little comparison through a visual story EnjoyOnce upon a time there was a girl who loved life Everything was wonderful Untill one fatefull day she picked up and it left her in a state of After finishing CoFA she sank further into depression The girl felt no one could understand the mental pain she felt Then one day she came accross Unearthly and she saw the heavens open with rays of light The girl was once again happy The endIronicly if you google Angel saving human this pops up as an image Coincidence? I'll leave that up to youMy Hallowed review can be found hereMore reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog