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A Tokyo Romance epub  read ↠ eyltransferservices ¶ [Reading] ➼ A Tokyo Romance: A Memoir ➲ Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A classic memoir of self invention in a strange land Ian Buruma's unflinching account of his amazing journey into the heart of Tokyo's underground culturJoin the circus as soon as possible Tokyo was an astonishment Callow and unformed Buruma found a feverish and surreal metropolis where nothing was understated and everything shouted for attention neon lights crimson lanterns Japanese pop advertising jingles cabarets and PA systems He encountered a city in the midst of an economic boom where everything seemed new aside from the isolated temple or shrine that had survived the firestorms and earthuakes that had leveled the city during the past century History remained in fragments the shapes of wounded World War Two veterans in white kimonos murky old bars that Mishima had cruised in and the narrow alleys where street girls had once flitted  Buruma's Tokyo though was a city engaged in a radical t Great author never disappoints

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A classic memoir of self invention in a strange land Ian Buruma's unflinching account of his amazing journey into the heart of Tokyo's underground culture as a young man in the 1970s When Ian Buruma arrived in Tokyo in 1975 Japan was littlethan an idea in his mind a fantasy of a distant land A sensitive misfit in the world of his upper middle class youth what he longed for wasn't so much the exotic as the raw unfiltered humanity he had experienced in Japanese theater performances and films witnessed in Amsterdam and Paris One particular theater troupe directed by a poet of runaways outsiders and eccentrics was especially alluringthan a little frightening and completely unforgettable If Tokyo was anything like his plays Buruma knew that he had to Ian Buruma is one of the great writers of his generation and here he is at his intimate lyrical best He takes us back to a time of radical cultural change in Japan and shows us our own culture through that distant mirror He also pays loving tribute to Donald Richie one of the greatest observers of Japan whose wise uirky sensibility comes shining through This joyful nostalgic book really is a romance and it made me fall in love with Japan all over again

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A Tokyo Romance A MemoirRansformation And through his adventures in the world of avant garde theater his encounters with carnival acts fashion photographers and moments on set with Akira Kurosawa Buruma underwent a radical transformation of his own For an outsider unattached to the cultural burdens placed on the Japanese this was a place to be truly free  A Tokyo Romance is a portrait of a young artist and the fantastical city that shaped him With his signature acuity Ian Buruma brilliantly captures the historical tensions between East and West the clash of conflicting cultures and the dilemma of the gaijin in Japanese society constantly free yet always on the outside The result is a timeless story about the desire to transgress boundaries cultural artistic and sexua Excellent read A must read for any japanologist