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Today I'm Alice Nine Personalities One Tortured Mind reader º Paperback Read Þ ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Today I'm Alice Nine Personalities One Tortured Mind ❤ Author Alice Jamieson – When Alice was a teenager strange things started happening to her Hours of Re revealed in therapy she discovered how each one had their own memories of abuse and a full picture of her childhood finally emerged As she learned to live with her many 'alters' she set out to confront the man who had caused her unbearable painMoving and ultimately inspiring this is a gripping account of a rare condition and the remarkable story of a courageous woma This book is one of those which you'd expect to be a 'sob story' account of childhood incidents effecting the adult life of someone However instead it is written from a slightly objective point of view; exploring in depth the conseuences and causes of the multiple mental health problems she suffers The story leads the reader to admire Alice through its illustration of how clever and cultured Alice is in spite of her past and present troubles At times it is graphic in scenes which make you physically recoil; but even here it is not a downside but a necessity to the story to give its outstanding impact As can be seen I was extremely impressed by this book I cannot recall when I last came across one so well written and so inspiring

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Through her eyesIn Today I'm Alice she describes her extraordinary journey from a teenage girl battling anorexia and OCD drowning the voices with alcohol to a young woman slipping further and further into mental illness It was only after years lost in institutions that she was correctly diagnosed with multiple personality disorder When her alternative personalities we I want to start this review by saying this is NOT for the faint hearted I love reading tragic memoirs so it's safe to say I'm not so easily shocked by tragic events any But with this book I was completly and absolutely shocked There were times I had to put the book down no matter how much I was enjoying it and do something else to distract my mind of the horrific things described in it If this book doen't touch your soul on some level or if you're not moved by Jamieson's life story I'm sorry to say you are not human Alice has Multiple Personality Disorder MPD and in this book she exposes her life shamelessly providing explanations as to how and why she delevoped this illness And her story will leave you to tears Starting with the very beginning of her downfall her father's constant sexual abuse It is repulsive to think that sexual abuse happens all the time but to think that someone would willingly do it to his daughter? His six month old daughter? Disgusting It sickens me to the core And the writing is so good that you almost feel what Alice was going through what she was thinking the confusion the hopelessness This is rather explicit Jamieson's novel tells the story of how her childhood was taken from her and how the different personalities started to appear within her mind This is a very interesting read if you would like to know about MPD and how it manifests itselfBut what astonished me the most was how she tried to lead a normal life despite the illness And apparentely she did She graduated high school with excellent grades went to college and finished her degree All the while battling this enormous tragic secret At some point she lost control But she got and is getting better which just show us how incredible resilient Alice is A survivor A true inspirationThis is by far one of the best books I have ever read Worth way beyond a 5 stars rating I higly recommend it Although keep in mind this is not a light reading book and it can become overwhelming at times But it is so worth it in the end Brilliant

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Today I'm Alice Nine Personalities One Tortured MindWhen Alice was a teenager strange things started happening to her Hours of her life simply disappeared She'd hear voices shouting at her telling her she was useless And the nightmares that had haunted her since early childhood scenes of men abusing her became detailed real Staring at herself in the mirror she'd catch her face changing as if someone else was looking out Emotionally hard to read but it is worth it Story of struggling to survive after Alice's trust was betrayed by her father in the most horrific ways Heroes and monsters are real