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Read & Download Robot Coconut Trees 104 ´ [EPUB] ✵ Robot Coconut Trees Author Kelsey Horton – Are your writing dreams buried under the weight of Real Life Have you promised yourself that Someday you will write a novel start a blog or publish a book Your Someday has arrivedKelsey Horton helps r Are your writing drTh the worldYou are capable of moving from hiding to Robot Coconut PDF or shining from apathetic to empowered from Maybe I could write someday to I am a writer The world needs your light your heartbreak your dazzling stories and your unprecedented self expression Now is the time to begi. Robot Coconut Trees is one of the better self help books I have read it's funny inspirational it has the right amount of pep talk Some of the exercises suggested are interesting and I find them helpful really enjoyed the I remember one It is focused on freewriting and deals with writing on the general level and simultaneously with the fears and roadblocks connected with being a writer It follows a rather simple rhetoric of I can Write You can Write We are Writing The cover is amazing I loved the title and the story around its origin Did I feel the book was a bit narcissistic Yes But some of the images from the life of the author were beautiful the sitting under trees talking to the dead all the little things of everyday living I was expecting concrete advice about blogging about editing your work but RCT is not concerned with specifics I feel that the book reinforces some stereotypical ideas about writing for instance the idea that we are all somehow hindered from writing by our fears Some people are and I would recommend them this book with all my heart but I feel that the majority of writers are dealing with concrete and aching problems for instance the economy of writing matters of style The book reads easily which is great I wouldn't exactly include in the About the Author section that the author's style has not changed since she was nine years old I understand the sentiment but it still sounds a bit clumsy to me Overall very nice Great for writers lacking inspiration Many thanks for the giveaway copy it was a joy to read

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And writing prompts You'll discover how to• Unleash your creativity• Daydream journal and freewrite your way to fresh new writing ideas• Break through limiting beliefs of guilt doubt perfectionism and writer's block• Finish your writing pieces and unapologetically share them wi. I won this book in a giveaway and it actually took me uite a while to read even though it's only 135 pages I must admit I expected something else eg specific advice The books focuses on inner barriers that make it difficult impossible for us to write like us telling ourselves that we don't have the time to write There is a writing exercise for every topic which I haven't done yet but probably will I think some of these exercises could also be useful for not writing related problems

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Robot Coconut TreesAre your writing dreams buried under the weight of Real Life Have you promised yourself that Someday you will write a novel start a blog or publish a book Your Someday has arrivedKelsey Horton helps readers jump start their creative writing practice through stories exercises inspiration. Robot Coconut Trees by Kelsey Horton is a great for helping new writers overcome the initial hurdles they encounter when thinking about being a writerLike so many endeavors the first few obstacles are usually internally based Horton does a phenomenal job of highlighting these issues and then helping the reader to overcome them This is less about the nuts and bolts of writing and about helping get to where one can actually use those nuts and boltsI am a big advocate of freewriting dating back to my days teaching freshman comp and the exercises in this book are interesting and worthwhile If you don't do them or put off doing them then you haven't been fair to either this book or yourself I would highly recommend this to new writers as well as experienced writers who may need to remind themselves that writing can and should be creative fun no matter the genreReviewed from a copy made available through Goodreads' First Reads