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Abraham Lincoln and Mexico kindle ¾ Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships read ☆ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships Author Michael Hogan – Eyltransferservices.co.uk This book by a noted PhD historian is one of the best bRy from 1846 to the immediate aftermath of the Civil War including Lincoln's role in helping Mexico defeat French occupation forces in the 1860s As such this outstanding book is a welcome addition to continuing discussion about the roles of the United States and Mexico during two of the most controversial and complex periods in American history and how decisions made then continue to permeate the daily lives of citizens and residents of both countri This book arrived to my house so fast and in a good condition The book is interesting also is good for my because I'm interested in EEUU and Mexican History at the same time I am practicing english language

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Th nationally and internationally to both countries the troubling legacy even today and the result of silences that have been pervasive over the years regarding this conflict It examines all aspects of this history based on actual documents in government university and private institutions in both the US and Mexico including citations to these documents and the complete text for many of them in the AppendixThe book coversthan two decades of US histo Abraham Lincoln has been studied than any U S President but this book examines an often overlooked facet of his career Both as a Congressman during the Mexican War and as President during the Civil War Lincoln advocated positions that displayed respect for the Mexican people This is the theme of “Abraham Lincoln And Mexico” although its content extends beyond Lincoln himselfThis work begins with a good background history of Mexico leading up to the Mexican War and the Independence of Texas that set the stage for future conflict between the US and Mexico It then progresses into President Polk’s plan to bring the Republic of Texas that had never been recognized by Mexico into the Union The uncertainty of whether the Texan Mexican border was the Nueces as claimed by Mexico or Rio Grande as claimed by Texas Rivers created an opportunity for either side to precipitate an incident an opportunity which Polk Capt Thornton and Gen Zachary Taylor seized by moving Thornton’s force to the Rio GrandeAuthor Michael Hogan next turns attention to the opposition of the Whig Party and its U S Rep Abraham Lincoln in particular to the War with Mexico Drawing on spot resolutions presented in the House Lincoln’s votes on those and bills that would fund the War as well as speeches and letters the author attempts to discern whether Lincoln’s opposition demonstrates adherence to the Whig Party line politically calculated moves or manifestations of deep convictions and political courageThe segment on the Mexican War concludes with an analysis of the Peace Negotiations and the resulting Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that established boundaries and relationships between the countries and the effect of the Treaty on MexicoThe issue of slavery that had stymied Texan annexation for almost a decade continued to vex the United States into Civil War While the United States was occupied internally European Powers in the end most notably France established a Mexican Empire under Emperor Maximillian of the House of Austria Lincoln is portrayed as being a friend of the Mexican people in their opposition to the French invasion although practical support was limited by the Civil War After Lincoln’s death other actors prominently Generals Grant and Sheridan clandestinely provided arms to Benito Juarez’ Mexican rebels while 3000 former U S Troops including many Buffalo Soldiers joined Juarez as former Confederates offered to enlist with Maximillian’s forcesThe Appendix consists of 18 documents relating to the events described including Polk’s War Message and two Annual Messages to Congress speeches resolutions and letters of Lincoln’s and letters written by others involved in Mexican American relations of the timesIn my opinion this tome is written with a Mexican slant Mexicans are shown as the aggrieved party suffering from an unjust invasion by a stronger and land hungry neighbor The American heroes include Lincoln and Grant who are on record as speaking in favor of Mexico on merits of the case There are several things that I learned about Mexican American relations that helped put things with which I was familiar into context I knew of the Texan War Of Independence but not that Mexico’s instability resulted in revolts in other states Perhaps the distinguishing characteristic of the Texan revolt was its success not it had a revolt at all As I read Polk’s Messages I appreciated the claims of the author and others that the War drums were pounded by one sided American propaganda I found prescient Polk’s statement in his Second Annual Message to Congress of December 8 1846 speaking of Mexico’s then leader that “there is good reason to believe from all his conduct that it was his intention to convert the Republic of Mexico into a monarchy and call a European prince to the throne” A reader aware of Maximillian whose intervention later American leaders opposed may be inclined to accept Polk’s arguments for war Recalling Vietnam era citations of Lincoln’s anti war statements I enjoyed seeing the documents wherein they are found I am intrigued by the author’s explanation that Lincoln remains the most popular American president in MexicoThe author’s writing style is generally good but tends to shift topics to the detriment of continuity I encourage readers to read through the documents in the Appendix as they flesh out lines that we have often heard Readers can view the Pro Mexican slant of this book as either support for or challenges to their own opinions When I first posted a review I cited some historical errors that I found I have been in contact with the author and he reports that the errors have been corrected in both the print and e book editions I respect Michael Hogan for his prompt actions With these corrections of errors in what were peripheral issues I recommend this to readers with some familiarity with the Mexican War who are searching for a broader understanding and challenges to their notions of the War I regard “Abraham Lincoln And Mexico” to be a valuable addition to the literature of Lincoln and the Mexican WarI did receive a free copy of this book without an obligation to post a review

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Abraham Lincoln and Mexico A History of Courage Intrigue and Unlikely FriendshipsThis book by a noted PhD historian is one of the best books available about historical relations between the United States and Mexico It shines new light on reasons for the US invasion of Mexico in 1846 opposition by Abraham Lincoln and other politicians to the unjustified and unconstitutional decision by President Polk to go to war the importance of the ensuing war against Mexico the resulting territorial seizures by the United States the impact bo An excellent book illuminating the link between Lincoln and Mexico Again another part of US history that has generally left in the darker corners of education curriculum The race to annex Mexico by a dishonest President Polk the push to annex Texas as possibly three slave states leading up to the Civil War and invasion of Mexico by Napoleon are some of the historical events that Hogan has ably chronicled Great book