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mobi å Inside the Gas Chambers 229pages ñ Join or create book clubs ñ [PDF / Epub] ★ Inside the Gas Chambers: Eight Months in the Sonderkommando of Auschwitz By Join or create book clubs – This is a uniue eye witness account of everyday life right at the heart of tThis is a uniue eye witness account of everyday life right at the heart of the Nazi extermination machine Slomo Venezia was born into a poor Jewish Italian community living in Thessaloniki Greece At first the occupying Italians protected his family; but when the Germans invaded the Venezias were deported to Auschwitz His mother and sisters disappeared on arrival and he learned at first with disbelief that they had almost certainly been gassed Given the chan It was well written but hard to read It is extremely hard to imagine that a human can treat other humans like what these people had to go through Obviously it has made no impression on the human tragedy of today It is still going on but by other means Such a heartbreaking testimony of human life

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Ing the revolt of October 1944 It is usual to imagine that none of those who went into the gas chambers at Auschwitz ever emerged to tell their tale but as a member of a Sonderkommando Shlomo Venezia was given this horrific privilege He knew that having witnessed the unspeakable he in turn would probably be eliminated by the SS in case he ever told his tale He survived this is his storyPublished in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museu The account of Shlomo Venezia is one of the most striking and above honest from Auschwitz He did not try to sanitize his account claiming Hollywood style heroics He freely admitted that the victims were also competitors They had to fight for each piece of bread in order to survive and he too was forced to steal a piece of bread from another prisoner This was nothing in relation to the horrors he faced in the camp looking into the eyes of live victims who he knew would shortly be dead He didn't just have to deal with dead bodies he had to deal with bodies still warm and in some cases the bodies of his family and friends Shlomo was certainly a victim and yet knowing that through his forced labour he was a cog in the machinery of murder creates in him feeling of complicity or even collaboration in mass murder He feels guilt although he understands he was not responsible He also illustrates that there were prisons who used slightly privileged position to become masters of other prisons and in some cases committing murder were these prisoners still victims or already perpetrators? Shlomo even asks himself if he was forced to kill someone what would he do ? The horrors he describes show that simplistic division of good and evil was totally inadeuate and even monsters had moments proving their humanityThis is a very personal account but also an important historical document

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Inside the Gas Chambers Eight Months in the Sonderkommando of AuschwitzCe to earn a little extra bread he agreed to become a Sonderkommando without realising what this entailed He soon found himself a member of the special unit responsible for removing the corpses from the gas chambers and burning their bodies Dispassionately he details the grim round of daily tasks evokes the terror inspired by the man in charge of the crematoria Angel of Death Otto Moll and recounts the attempts made by some of the prisoners to escape includ I read this book in one day that's how powerful the story is Shlomo describes everything in such detail that you feel as though you are seeing it through his eyes Elie Wiesel is right you will read this document with fear and trembling as you imagine yourself in Venezia's shoesFor those of you who have read Wiesel's 'Night' this book is a way interesting read because while Wiesel was in the camp just trying to eke out an existence Shlomo was in the god damn Sonderkommando at the very heart of the death machine The stories contained within are truly horrible like his descriptions of when the chambers are opened after a gassing or how the initial processing occurred upon arrival into the camp Just imagine yourself in that situation your soul simply cannot fathom the anguish the despair the constantly looming threat of death following you around 247 My God the madness of Europe in that era My heart was beating at an accelerated pace pretty much all day as I read thisBuy this book you will be blown away by its power Best book I've read in agesBy the way I'd like to add that there are some uality images included when key details are being explained David Olere's paintings are reproduced within the book to give the reader a complete understanding of what Shlomo is actually referring to David Olere was a surviving Sonderkommando as well so the images are true representations and not some artist's or scholar's interpretation of a testimony