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I momenti e uelle situazioni a cui nell'originale si fa solo cenno All'apparenza freddo e distaccato Darcy in realtà ha un temperamento passionale possiamo condividere la sua furia e la sua indignazione nello scoprire il proposito della sorella di fuggire con George Wickham la sua buona fede nell'adoperarsi per separare l'amico Charles Bingley da Jane Bennet e il suo disgusto nel dover di nuovo aver a che fare con Wickham che ora insidia “In vain have I struggled It will not do My feelings will not be repressed You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” Mrdarcy's diraies is an excellent read that gives us a brief glimpse into our favourite brooding hero's thoughts and his rich worldWith the Bennetts making only a few brief appearances along the way this book otherwisesolely revolves around Mrdarcy and his relationships with MrBingely his best friend Caroline his best friend's sister and finally bothhis sister Georgiana Mr WickhamI loved the waythe author actually took her readers back to the past to young Georgia's almost envelopment with her dear Wickhambefore gliding into the present while bewitching us with the futureThis book may have lacked the depth I expected Darcy's thoughts to haveBut nevertheless This book is an excellent read for ALL PP fan's craving for a Bit Lizzy and Darcy AFTERthe final proposal sceneYep You read me right This book has the longest epilogue I've ever been delighted to have readgoing far after THE END and into the HEA from where Miss Jane stopped hers RECOMMENDATION This book really deserves to be in your TBR ifyour an Austen fanOne tie read though mostly

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Mr Darcy's DiaryProprio la famiglia BennetMa sopra ogni altra cosa attraverso le parole di Darcy ripercorriamo la sua storia d'a con Elizabeth in tutte le sue sfumature dall'iniziale ostilità all'irresistibile attrazione dal conflitto interiore fino all'indimenticabile lieto fineIl diario di Mr Darcy è un rispettoso omaggio al capolavoro di Jane Austen e un'occasione imperdibile per rivivere ancora una volta le emozioni e le atmosfere che ha saputo crea UGHI've said it before and I will say it again If there is anything PP related I will find it and read it I don't care if it's amazing or complete shit I will probably still end up reading itI was so freaking excited that I go Mr Darcy's Diary because I just love that freaking character Although not as much as my homegirl Elizabeth Bennet Now I'm kind of torn on how to write this review because even though I freaking love PP and I might have a slight obsession with it I didn't really like this book I tried I really did But the writing was so boring and repetitive Not even wine food or puppy snuggles could make this book likable to me I don't know it could be due to a mood or sleepiness or SOMETHING but I just didn't really like it I will of course try to reread this again later this year maybe Maybe in a couple of years I feel like I owe it to my love for PP and I should try to see if I could end up liking it later in life I promise I will try to reread it guys I just have no idea if my opinion would changeI guess I'd just rather read the OG Pride and Prejudice than this

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Download Mr Darcy's Diary Epub ¾ Darcy's Diary ë Amanda grange ↠ [Epub] ➚ Mr. Darcy's Diary By Amanda Grange – Fitzwilliam Darcy è l'eroe romantico che da duecento anni a uesta parte continua a conuistare il cuore di milioni di lettrici in tutto il mondo In uesta coiFitzwilliam Darcy è l'eroe romantico che da duecento anni a uesta parte continua a conuistare il cuore di Mr Darcy's PDF milioni di lettrici in tutto il mondo In uesta coinvolgente e fedele rivisitazione di Orgoglio e pregiudizio finalmente la storia di Darcy ed Elizabeth viene raccontata dal punto di vista di luiPer la prima volta abbiamo accesso ai suoi pensieri e sentimenti più intimi riversati nelle pagine del suo diario e a tutti ue Mildly entertaining to PP fans in a couple of spots but not really worth reading I enjoyed one overheard conversation between Lady Catherine and Mr Collins and I enjoyed Col Fitzwilliam's reaction when Darcy describes the manner in which he proposed to Elizabeth essentially You said what to herBut the writing is terrible Shallow dull and repetitive I hope I never see the word satirically again It's not that great an adverb to begin with; why would you use it a dozen times in a short novel And the author beats you over the head with recognizable phrases from PPThe diary framework was unrealistic and inconsistently crafted Some entries were written as if Darcy were recalling the day's events but others were written as if the action were happening real timeI was annoyed that the author went to the trouble of making Lydia Bennet practically malicious rather than only stupid and thoughtless