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FREE MOBI ½ DOC Hush Hush 9781416989417 ↠ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ✓ [KINDLE] ❂ Hush Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick – A SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was not part of Nora Grey's plan She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school no matteAtch draws Nora to him against her better judgmentBut after a series of terrifying encounters Nora's not sure whom to trust Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know about her than her closest friends She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide And when s UHHUM WHY IS IT THAT ALL I SEE ARE NEGATIVE REVIEWS OF THIS BOOK REALLY REALLY ARE WE EVEN READING THE SAME HUSH HUSHI fell in love with Patch INSTANTLY I mean what's not to loveI also love Nora She is such a refreshing and intriguing heroine Her and Patch suit each other perfectly They bounce off each other and really made me laugh with their witty and sarcy sense of humour They bicker like hell and it's so much fun to read I loved the twist in the end it turned everything I thought was going to happen into something entirely different I never knew what was going to happen next I thoroughly enjoyed and loved this book and I certainly cannot wait to read the next Well deserved 5 stars well fricking deserved

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He tries to seek some answers she finds herself near a truth that is way unsettling than anything Patch makes her feelFor she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen and when it comes to choosing sides the wrong choice will cost Nora her life Top Ten Irrational Points in hush hush Nora’s sex ed class begins with the teacher stating “Human reproductionreuires mature handling And like all science the best approach is to learn by sleuthing For the rest of the class practice this techniue by finding out as much as you can about your new seating assignment partner Tomorrow bring your write up of your discoveries and believe me I’m going to check for authenticityI want to see real interaction and teamwork” This is a biology class Teaching kids how to get to know one another reflects the teaching of the science of human reproduction how The next day class focuses on what ualities each student looks for in a “potential mate” and the nuances of body language when hitting on someone Again this is Bio Not health not well I don’t know what cause I never took a class this ridiculous But I took a lot of sciences and this ain’t it Later on in the book the Bio class is “running a lab on blood pressure” Uh that has nothing to do with high school biology And even less to do with human reproduction WTF Further in the blood pressure lab “Vee is lying faceup on a table” Argh Those lab tables are filthy Chemicals dissections kids are not allowed to sit on them much less lay on them And really unless you are checking orthostatic BP there is really no need to lie down for five minutes before hand All I can say is that Becca Fitzpatrick must have been homeschooled Later Nora approaches her Bio teacher about switching her seat away from Patch because he makes her feel uncomfortable The teacher not only ignores her plea but enlists her to tutor Patch This all takes place right after Patch is seriously sexually harassing Nora in class in front of the teacher and seemingly with the teacher’s encouragement More support for the homeschooled theoryNora is driving home one night and approaches a traffic light The light turns yellow and Nora ”rolled to a stop checked to see that traffic was clear then pulled into the intersection” What the hell Who stops at a yellow light to see if traffic is clear Why wouldn’t it be when the other side still has a red light I’m guessing that Fitzpatrick has never owned a driver’s license Ever A rollercoaster called The Archangel Do people at a park really give a crap about biblical lore Further the car Nora Patch ride in has a “grouping of four paintings” depicting an angels’ fall from grace Don’t all rollercoasters have large flashy graphics that can be seen from a distance look cool when speeding around the track Since when do they sport fairly intricate and thoughtful artwork A local paper reported that Elliot Saunders a 16yr old kid was the last person to be seen with a girl before her body was found and therefore was held uestioned for her murder So in addition to being a non driving homeschooled amusement park avoider Fitzpatrick is clearly unaware of laws protecting minors in this country The article continues to state that Elliot was released after a suicide note was found in the victim’s apartment There are no further news stories regarding this matter Nevertheless Nora persists in believing that there is a “murder investigation surrounding Elliot” And this girl has hopes of getting into an Ivy league school Nora has the police at her house for a 911 call and again to uestion her about an attack on a fellow student Nora’s mother is never informed of the police visits despite the fact that Nora is a minor I shouldn’t be surprised because it has already been established that Fitzpatrick has no understanding of laws pertaining to minors Nora sees Patch’s bare back and notices that ”Two thick gashes ran the length of it They started near his kidneys and ended at his shoulder blades widening to form an upside down V” Is it just me If an upside down V extends from the kidneys to the shoulder blades it will NARROW not widen Right Fitzpatrick could have written that the gashes started at his shoulder blades and extended to his kidneys as they widened to form an upside down V But the way it’s written It doesn’t make sense Further the kidneys are pretty much right below the shoulder blades not further out from them Yeah I’m nitpicking The final irrational aspect of hush hush is Nora herselfShe is naïve spineless and a horrible and chronic liar When she doesn’t want to do something she will make up lame excuse after lame excuse even when she gets called out for her excuses she never has the balls to simply say “I am not interested in having dinnerdatewhatever with you” She just continues to make up excuses never comes clean or sticks up for herself When Patch is attempting to corner kiss her Nora tells him to go When he doesn’t she says “My legs are falling asleep” What Who says that Lord if you want him to go and he doesn’t then TELL HIM AGAIN BUT DON’T MAKE UP SOME LAME ASS EXCUSE No wonder people walk all over Nora and take advantage of her Nora is so frightened of Patch that there is even a scene where he is playing cat and mouse with her chasing her around a parked car until she breaks out in a run only to be caught by him in a matter of seconds But despite her fear she never tells him NO I don’t take issue with Patch Really He is thousands of years old presumably isn’t human and for some reason has developed a crush on a very immature teen So I actually expect him to mess with her a little bit But dumbass Nora actually allows him to manipulate her Not that she deserves it although really she does but Nora does nothing to defend herself against Patch Elliot Vee anyone She loses control of every conversation and interaction she participates in And still manages to come out the “heroine” Whatever Had Nora grown or changed as a result of her experiences I could have forgiven her Or if Nora had suffered some severe conseuences as a result of her stupidity I could have forgiven Fitzpatrick As it isI’m considering destroying this library book and facing the repurcussions of a library black mark or god forbid ban all in the name of saving young impressionable teen girls from thinking Nora is the sort of protagonist to look up to Even Bella Swan is admirable And that’s saying something

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Hush HushA SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was not part of Nora Grey's plan She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school no matter how hard her best friend Vee pushes them at her Not until Patch comes along With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her P NOW WITH SPOILERY RANT BOTTOMHush Hush is the story of Nora Grey an average high school student going about her business as usual until her Biology teacher rearranges the class seating and places her next to the dangerous looking new kid Patch Cipriano  Nora gets a weird feeling from Patch and things just keep going from bad to worse as Nora becomes convinced that she is being stalked and may even be the target of murderous intentions  Add to the list Nora's strange feelings about the Archangel ride at the amusement park and her constant near death experiences and well Nora's life is becoming anything but averageWhen I finished reading Hush Hush I had to mull it over for awhile  I really wasn't sure what to say  I am absolutely enthralled by the cover athletic looking darkly mysterious fallen angel contorted in mid air in grayscale  What's not to like  I had to have it because of that cover  But I had a sneaking suspicion that a cover that good had to be masking something  Yep  It's a bright light to dazzle the eyes and make you ahem overlook any faultsIt didn't workInside was the most confused schizophrenic piece of writing I've read in some time  Becca Fitzpatrick didn't seem to know uite what she wanted only that it had to be Ominous and Scary and Dangerous and Titillating of course and Mysterious and Sexy  So with those buzz words in mind she threw a bunch of things together and let her narrator Nora sort them out Nora understandably had some trouble with this and the result is a thoroughly frustrating heroine who jumps to insane conclusions based on inane evidence one moment and the next goes blithely along into obvious dangerPatch is intriguing and perhaps the most consistent character and I was fully prepared for an 'anti hero as the hero' story  I wanted a little boundary pushing and a not entirely likeable or trustworthy male lead who may or may not redeem himself but who gives you the dangerous and alluring in spades  For the most part Patch wasn't a let down in this regard and as screwed up as it is to like him he was the stand out character for me Not to say I didn't have issues with him tooBut it wasn't enough  Patch's bad boy antics couldn't save this book from itself  It was self indulgent cheesy melodramatic in the worst sense and confusing I wanted to like it; I loved the fallen angel premise the idea of an anti hero and bits and pieces of the writing throughout  But Hush Hush suffered from too many villains and too much shock and awe and not enough thought and follow through  Maybe Fitzpatrick can pull it together for round two and with some strong convincing by trusted like minded people I may be willing to give her another chance  never gonna happen But this was a monstrous let down for me  You've been warnedWe all know how that whole so pretty I just had to thing works out  See my guest post on Jo's blog about thisAnd by 'consistent' I mean he was consistently a douche Vee was pretty consistent too and was a lot of fun but she started to get annoying and a little strange You're still going to read it aren't you  Damn you James Porto and your beautiful beautiful coverHERE THAR BE SPOILERSIf you haven't read Hush Hush and intend to or if you don't want me dissing the melodrama that is Patch and Nora look awayNOWCommence rantYou already know I had issues with this book I think a lot of people are going to take offense to the idea of Patch as the hero as teen girls' fantasy just as they did with Edward in Twilight Patch goes beyond the simple term bad boy in that yes he does actually mean Nora harm ConsistentlyI'm not going to go into that because frankly I don't care He can be an anti hero all he wants whatever If that's where the story's going fine Most of my issues but not all lie with NoraHere's the thingNora is that girl you yell at in the horror movie the idiot that goes up the stairs instead of out the door or reaches to turn over the downed bad guy just to make sure We all know that's frustrating but we've come to expect it in movies and that dumb big breasted scantily clad girl normally gets killed offNora is so much frustrating than that The many sides of Nora She continually suspects Patch and Elliot and just about everyone else in this story and with good reason However she then continually ignores her instincts and puts herself in danger In fact she can't seem to agree with herself She will think to herself that Patch is stalking her and trying to kill her and then within pages think 'Oh but he could never hurt me' This just cycles and cycles throughout the storyAlso throughout the story Nora makes insane jumps in logic whether they turn out to be true or not it's not believable when she immediately jumps to the most bizarre conclusions and then acts on them At the same time she will be directly confronted with some piece of real evidence something that would make a normal non fictional person take notice and say something's not right here and she will completely ignore it It's like she's being willfully obtuseExamples Earlyish in the story Nora hears a voice in her head and thinks Patch has breached normal communication methods and could at will speak to me without ever opening his mouth Naturally she thinks she's delusional Hearing your name and a few inane comments would make one think they are imagining things and this I could buy Even Nora not being exactly sure what happened and being creeped out I could buy But she proceeds to ask Patch how he's able to speak directly to her mind making her look like a loon I wouldn't be even all that bothered by this if it was consistent throughout the story; if Nora either consistently thought that she was going crazy because of all the implausible things that are happening I could buy it; if she wanted to prove she wasn't crazy and kept confronting Patch and sleuthing I could buy it It would be 1 solid choice on Becca Fitzpatrick's part She could be the ultra paranoid girl who thinks she's going crazy and jumps to conclusions about everything Annoying but doable But to present this as if it's normaland I'm out Conversely near the near the end of the story when the shit's really beginning to go down and nearly everyone has become a villain Nora and Patch walk out of a movie theater to find that both the tires on the driver's side were flat 'I can't believe it I said I drove over two nails' OO She thinks she's being stalked she thinks her best friend has been kidnapped by a teenaged murderer named Elliot and by this point she thinks she's the target of not one but two murderous angels and yet all she can come up with is that she ran over two nails Come on If Nora will jump to conclusions on the barest of evidence how in hell does she not comprehend the obvious Throughout the story Nora thinks everyone's out to get her she's right but I'll get to that especially Patch Patch is Ominous capital 'O' and yetAnd yet no matter how much Nora thinks he's badbadbad she trusts him Why Weirdest of all when Nora confronts Patch about his intentions he admits he wanted to kill her ; her reaction 'I know Patch could never hurt me' and she trusts him implicitly from that point on Really The whole story you've suspected him and been insistent that you should stay away on the barest of evidence but once he's confessed his albeit previous intentions of murder you trust him Really Her sudden bizarre trust of Patch comes too late for any real belief in their romance Or her sanityThere is no consistency in Nora's thinking I just can't understand why Becca Fitzpatrick couldn't pick one Nora to write and sti