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Verify Verify #1And prosperity over which the government presidesBut when Meri’s mother is killed Meri suddenly has uestions that no one else seems to be asking And when she tries to uncover her mother’s state of mind in her last weeks she finds herself drawn into a secret world full of facts she’s never heard Nice promising new series I have to know what happens next to the main characters and the plot I did not like the insta love and some plot holes but otherwise the book was fine

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Meri Beckley lives in a world without lies When she turns on the news she hears only the facts When she swipes the pages of her online textbooks she reads only the truth When she looks at the peaceful Chicago streets she feels the pride everyone in the country feels about the era of unprecedented hope 3 35 Of course the end of the book was the best

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mobi Ù Verify Verify #1 í Hardcover read à eyltransferservices ✓ [BOOKS] ✮ Verify Verify #1 ✸ Joelle Charbonneau – Meri Beckley lives in a world without lies When she turns on the news she hears only the facts When she swipes the pages of her online And a history she didn’t know existedSuddenly Meri is faced with a choice between accepting the “truth” she has been taught or embracing a world the government doesn’t want anyone to see a world where words have the power to change the course of a country and the wrong word can get Meri kille This was an interesting book to read I think there were a few strong points that stopped me from knocking it down a star but overall it was a very basic dystopia with a few plot holes you just couldn't ignore The Setting This book takes place in Chicago but very different from the one we know This one is nice and idealistic with only screens and pretty scenes or is it? Overall in the beginning I found the book really preachy about the dangers of not reading any books outside of online ones and I could have taken that as just a little uirk of the author but there are some major plot holes that make their preaching completely ineffective We are expected to believe that in just 70 years people are just not using words any? I can't believe that even the oldest of Gen Z would only be 90 years old and that's a generous estimate on when Gen Z starts people would still be using words and frankly I think if the word verify fell out of use the world wouldn't end why? Because that's not how life works The Main Character Every book will eventually fail if their main character is really unlikable and even though I didn't hate the MC too much she still really got on my nerves Our main character is a girl named Meri who is so so stupid I figured out every attempted plot twist before they could even get off the ground with it and she was just lacking in so much common sense The entire story happens because she becomes obsessed with a guy she randomly saw get arrested by the police nobody pays attention to things like that if I see someone getting arrested I notice and steer clear and that the most thought that ever goes into it In the beginning of the book she was legitimately angry at her father for being sad her mother died guess what girl she was his wife The world doesn't revolve around your suffering and he is hurting too She is a major Mary Sue and it gets worse around the end of the book she puts the lives of her and Atlas in danger because she wants to save someone and gets praised for it? It felt like a cheap grab to try and make her seem super cool and brave but the plot line never goes anywhere and is just left dangling so it feels very rushed The Romance It's not a dystopia YA novel without some romance and even though I don't like that aspect of the genre I can identify when it is done well in this book it wasn't From the second she got obsessed with Atlas being arrested I knew we had a love interest abound there is no love triangle so I give it props for that but it was such a rushed romance They basically went from just joking around and being friends to seeing how far they could shove each others tongues down their throats it was weird and honestly made me kind of dislike the characters as a whole I got really excited when romance started to not play a role because I thought hey maybe I've finally found a book where a male and female character can be just friends with no romantic tension but oh how wrong I was The Revolution There isn't much to say about the revolution because they didn't do much during it Let me give you a little daydream a person in a hoodie and cap runs up to you from an ally shoves a copy of a dictionary in your hand and runs off while screaming to read it Are you going to read that entire dictionary word to word? Of course not that would be stupid and yet that's the exact revolutionary strategy that they use there must have been an easier way Just focus on some of the words that you know were removed and send out papers about them it would be easier and if someone got caught they could say that the paper was given to them but no logic could save their stupid revolution