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FREE READ The Dead Hour 107 ↠ [Read] ➳ The Dead Hour By Denise Mina – Paddy Meehan thought she'd be farther along in her career as an investigative journalist by now But three years after breaking a big story she's still on perpetual night shift chasing police calls for Paddy Meehan thought she'd be farther along in her caLp and the well dressed ingratiating man at the front door tells Paddy everything's fine and that she should leave And then he asks her to make sure nothing appears in the paper slipping cash into her hand before he closes the door The next morning Paddy sees the lead TV news story the blonde woman had been tortured beaten and left to die The untraceable man was neither her boyfriend nor her husband and Paddy can't understand why the victim passed up the chance to walk through the door and live Far from the spoiled trophy wife Paddy assumed her to be the victim was a prosecution lawyer with. Aged 21 and suffering under the gloom of the Thatcher years Patricia Paddy Meehan is the only wage earner in her Glasgow family Her job is as a very junior reporter on a fictional Glasgow newspaper the Daily News; her main task is to cruise the city at night with a driver listening to the police radio and checking the hospitals and cop shops in search of an interesting story One night she witnesses a pair of cops being bribed not to investigate what looks like an extremely nasty domestic incident; the following morning she discovers that the woman in uestion a prominent lawyer and Amnesty activist was tortured to death The next day the dead woman's ex fiance commits suicide and the cops choose to assume this is an admission of guilt for the murder even though Paddy knows they must know this cannot be true This is the second of Mina's books that I've read the other being Deception which I enjoyed while I was reading it only to feel let down by the ending which seemed to me an artifice rather than a resolution I felt let down by the ending of The Dead Hour too which leaves several plot strands unresolved and seems to be setting things up for a seuel I've since learned that my suspicion was probably correct there's another Paddy Meehan book after this but also that it had a Paddy Meehan predecessor In other words in terms of what's gone before the novel works just fine as a standalone; in terms of its ending not so wellI was less captivated by Mina's writing this time round I kept noticing odd little bits of description that didn't seem to make sense Someone made a little figure of eight gesture with their head which sounded reasonable until I tried it Someone else walked along flapping their hands behind them which is far easier to do but would be completely abnormal And so on There was also a sex scene that must surely have been at least nominated for the Bad Sex Award This isn't to say that the novel doesn't function as a pageturner it does just that I felt it lacked the narrative drive of Deception as evidenced by the very fact that I was noticing these thingsAll in all then an interesting book but one that failed to kindle my passions

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A social conscience that clashed with her privileged background Soon Paddy begins to make connections no one else has seen and after she witnesses the body of a suicide being pulled from the river she finds surprising links between the two deaths It's the story Paddy's dreamed of but she'll lose all credibility if word gets out about the bribe The police who attended the call are twisting the evidence for reasons of their own and her boss at the newspaper is impatient with Paddy's unproven hunches Only Paddy cares enough to pursue a dark and brutal truth that could make her career or kill he. The second book in the series is just as good as the first A horrific murder the ties that bind families police corruption coming of age women in the workforce discrimination against Catholics in 80s Glasgow It’s all there Plus her ongoing obsession with Paddy Meehan And her own dysfunctional family Terrific

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The Dead HourPaddy Meehan thought she'd be farther along in her career as an investigative journalist by now But three years after breaking a big story she's still on perpetual night shift chasing police calls for a story that will promote her out of a twilight existence that makes candy bars and coffee a medical necessity With her father and brothers unemployed and her family perilously short of money she needs the work The domestic dispute at a house in a wealthy suburb seems like nothing unusual at first The elegant blonde in the shadows bleeding from a The Dead PDF or head injury doesn't want any he. Damn I love these books I adore Paddy Meehan She is one of the best series protagonists I’ve come across in years In her era late 80s and her particularly conservative religious community women don’t work – they marry So here’s Paddy charging full speed ahead into the “unnatural” life of a professional unmarried woman She’s tough but insecure Hot headed yet kind And she’s totally badass No plot summary for this book but suffice it to say that she gives as good as she gets She screws up and falls down and she gets right back up again ”The smiled at each other these two working women both keeping jobs from needy men betraying nature by escaping the kitchen sink these two women who were out in the world active not passive subjects not objects” Boom